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  1. Update: March and Syracuse are definitely open (currently at March, friends at Syracuse) and sounds like they will keep pushing AD through for the foreseeable future.
  2. Another update, my class dropped 4 March spots, 3 AD and 1 Guard. We had a bunch of guys drop Syracuse too, all AFSOC guys heading to Cannon. Looks like Holloman is pretty backed up and they are trying to get people through IQT any way they can.
  3. Update for anyone interested. Just found out through the chain that March is in the works and should be active in the future but no ETA. Syracuse is already up and running. Each location is supposed to service the follow-on bases in its region. (if your orders are to Creech don't expect to attend training at Syracuse)
  4. Was wondering if anyone has heard of active duty guys heading to March for MQ-9 FTU. I heard that a few people have been getting sent to Syracuse instead of Holloman but haven't found anyone that has been sent to March, other than guard folks.
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