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  1. Do we know what what percentage of pilots the USAF intends to promote using this system? I fear next year's promotion board is going to be a bloodbath in terms of pilot promotions to O-5 given we are unveiling two brand new, mostly untested, systems; split categories and two line PRFs.
  2. Does anyone know how to access "As Met" records on Talent Marketplace? I tried PRDA, but there were no longer folder icons from which to choose.
  3. It's not about your record, it's about your bottom line strat and DP. Nothing else matters.
  4. For those who are at school or have been at school - just heard that official guidance states all PRFs are required to be re-written. Memo with details coming out soon.
  5. A pointless measure. All this does is validate what we already know. PRF's are an inaccurate means of identifying real leadership potential. This measure simply promotes the self-licking ice cream cone that is our USAF promotion system. You can literally do F*@#& all for 12 years, take an exec/aide gig working for a general and end up on top of the pack. Side note: Word on the street said mock boards that were conducted using an officer's record without a PRF yielded drastically different results than mock boards conducted using 2 line/9 line PRFs respectively. Hmmm...
  6. Since most people like to reference the proverbial "made-man", I can attest that the opposite is also true. I.e. I have seen cases where someone with DG's from every level (USAFA/ROTC, UPT, SOS), #1 strat's at the sqd/grp/wg level, high-level awards, selected 1st look for school to a highly competitive fellowship program loses out, on BTZ promotion board to O-5, to a pretty decent "average" officer sans all the glitzy stuff mentioned above because the average guy was an exec for a GO just before the promotion board. These examples highlight that the "made-man" theory is less about DGs/strats/awards than it is about who you know and when you knew them. Bottom line: I believe a lot of our frustrations can be traced to a mismanaged meritocracy. However, I have a hard time believing it could be less subjective in the civilian sector.
  7. Absolutely agree we need to break our operators from support in terms of determining promotion. It’s ridiculous to expect a finance/contracting officer to understand the nuances of growing up in ops and vice versa. With regard to 2 line prfs, the usaf already has a hard time getting it right when it comes to understanding an officer’s pedigree in 9 lines. With only 2 lines, we might as well only promote wing execs, aide de camps and the like.
  8. I was able to get it working by resetting google Chrome and using the owa address. This past summer it was the owa address that died on me and that is why I started using the other URL (cp.mail.us.af.mil), which I saw someone post about earlier last year. Thanks all for the help. Cheers!
  9. Thanks. no luck with that either.
  10. Question for computer savvy folks out there: Every time I try to access webmail via https://cp.mail.us.af.mil I keep receiving the following error "cp.mail.us.af.mil’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" This link was working fine up until a couple of days ago. I am using a Mac with OS Sierra 10.12.6. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. I have witnessed several instances where officers with only 4-6 years of active flying were promoted below the zone. A couple were late rate folks and others had managed to attend multiple special programs that took them out of the jet. I am not sure how missing out on gate months isn't considered a bad thing. Also...I don't want to paint too large of a picture, but senior leadership tends to promote those that are of similar pedigree. It's an easy comfortable decision and it self-validates their own career choices. In reference to the article, there are more non-patches than patches so I am sure that is at least a contributing factor.
  12. My general observations: dudes assigned to the USAFWC absolutely love their jobs and are there for the right reasons (build, teach, lead). Also, their sacrifice of time/family life etc. in order to train the next generation is beyond compare. However, I have seen plenty of 57 WG folk, especially patches, get surpassed by folks at "normal wings". I can't imagine how a static closeout would affect them even more.
  13. Has anyone here gone through a Special Selection Promotion Board for missing documentation etc.? It was discussed on the AFPC webinar yesterday. Also, a couple of people asked questions about processes out of their control holding up OPRs/DECs, which seems likely those folks should meet a Special Selection board.
  14. I was referring to dudes who were 1 BTZ. I wanted to clarify if the above statement referencing the colonel applied to IPZ folks or BTZ.
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