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  1. If you travel a lot, CSR is an excellent deal, even with that fee. Like you say, the fee is really only $150, because who doesn't spend at least $300 on some kind of travel in a year? But then you get 3x points on the travel, and then on top of that they count 1.5x when you book travel with those points. I only use my points to book hotels and flights, so to me the points are worth a lot more than most other cards. I travel a and eat out lot so my overall average point per dollar spent is around 2, and then every time I book stuff I'm getting 1.5x, so in the end I'm sitting around 3 points per dollar spent, which is around $2000 worth of points per year for me. On top of all that, you get airline mileage and hotel points on stuff you booked with points, which I never got with my airline cards that just give straight miles.
  2. Do they waive them forever after that, or just as long as your orders state? Obviously the intent of the program is to waive fees for as long as you're active, but I feel like the overhead of keeping track of that is way too much for the bank to actually care.
  3. Yeah, I guess for lower level retail jobs and working fast food they might ask. For jobs an actual adult would want, not so much.
  4. I've never once had an employer ask me about my DD-214. As far as I can tell, the only ones that give any s about whether you got a DD are government jobs.
  5. At my board there were a couple that applied with no prior service and needed age waivers. I think one of them actually got it. The other guy was a coastie, I dunno if that counts as prior service but he got it too. All three of us needed the waiver though.
  6. He's a civilian, so he probably doesn't have a med group to actually go to.
  7. Do they still waive fees for people who had the card before they joined? I've had the CSR card for a couple of years now, and I'm waiting to join right now.
  8. I nearly cut my finger off, and had to have huge zig-zag scars in my finger where they were searching for the pieces of tendon to stitch back together. It said it was good to go on my MEPS paperwork and the doc at FC1 didn't care at all. I brought the paperwork but he never asked for it.
  9. Thanks! Yeah I asked the lady there if it was cool if I ate a big dinner and she said the limit is "like 240 or something", but I didn't get specific because I weighed in at 170.
  10. Maximum retirement age for officers is 62. I have 4 years active duty Marines already, so I'll reach 20 years when I'm 50.
  11. I'm 34 and had one approved by the Reserves recently. Guard units I talked to specifically asked about age waivers to NGB and were told they shouldn't be a problem. I talked to a Col. while I was at Wright Patterson for the flight physical and she said she's sat on boards that gave slots to 39 year olds. You just have to convince the squadron you're worth the extra paperwork, and they can justify the waiver to their wing commander.
  12. For anyone that reads this in the future, they don't care how much you weigh, as long as you don't bust the limit for flying the T-6, which is like 240lbs or something. That's what the nurse there told me. But, if you are even a little bit off in height, you are looking at a waiver. This girl with us last week had to get one for being 1/10th of an inch too short.
  13. Thanks. I'm pretty sure I'll be under, but I'm training for a marathon, and a couple days ago I ran 20 miles and then ate a shitload of food right after, which hasn't quite left me yet, and when I weighed myself this morning it made me nervous.
  14. So they found it because you were a dependent and used on-base doctors I guess?
  15. Yeah I read that post. But that post is 14 years old, and since then the Air Force adopted circumference measurements instead of height/weight. So I'm posting this question in the "recent FC1" thread to get more recent info.
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