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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    With these numbers and forecasts I'm surprised stop-loss hasn't happened already.
  2. USAF Gulfstream V info

    Also interested. Voluntarily flying a desk since Fall 2013. Former C-17 IP. At least one assignment after this one before I hit 20. Never flew a white jet. Interested C-37 (MacDill) and C-40 (Scott).
  3. Two categories, Long (>5 years) and Short. There are roughly and equal number of both for the FY17 contracts, but those numbers combined are dwarfed by the early-signers. With less than 70 days in FY17, it doesn't appear that the new bonus had any effect, unless people are just waiting for the last minute.
  4. They moved where they post the numbers, but you can still look them up with a CAC. It looks to be a little worse than last year, but the numbers are padded with the early-signers. Since there is no early option for FY17, the real effects probably won't be seen until FY18.
  5. More Uniform Changes!

    Are the OCP/2-piece flights suit approved by AETC? I have a few from my MC-12 days and would like to put them back in the rotation. Is the OCP boonie hat authorized in CONUS?
  6. Wouldn't the lack of any bonus ADSC on your SURF send the same message? If you have a 1-2 yr PCS ADSC might as well take the money.
  7. Looks like the AF Res and ANG programs are on mypers, just search "aviation bonus program". Short version, choose 1-3 year initial contract at $30K/yr. Still waiting on the AD program specifics.
  8. I pieced together a good deal that minimized my exposure to BS. The bonus was part of the equation. I was also late rated, which put me a couple years closer to 20 than other pilots at the decision point. I'm in the "it's not just about the money" crowd.
  9. 123 days remain in FY17, still no ARP. I wonder how many fence sitters have punched out rather than take another PCS ADSC waiting for a decision on the bonus amount.
  10. Promotion and PRF Information

    ... and it was just posted.
  11. Promotion and PRF Information

    They were supposed to post the list to myPers by 1400 yesterday and I still haven't seen it, so I wouldn't expect to see vMPF updates anytime soon.
  12. Promotion and PRF Information

    11M made it IPZ with a P from the AETC student MLR. ACSC by correspondence. Avoided staff assignment by getting my PHD in applied physics, currently teaching. I missing flying, but not interested in returning for a monthly 1/1/1 local followed by 50-60 hr weeks of meetings and PowerPoint. What is a super P? Sent from my SM-P900 using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  13. Promotion and PRF Information

    It's part of the fuzzy AFPC math. 10% of the promotions are given to BPZ, but 10% of the total promotions are only ~3% of the BPZ eligibles.
  14. Promotion and PRF Information

    These stats don't make sense to me. From 2016 there were 1411 IPZ eligibles, with a 74% IPZ select rate meaning roughly 365 IPZ non-selects from 2016. Last year there were almost 3500 BPZ eligibles (includes both 1- and 2-yr BPZ). Assuming we limit BPZ to 5% and IPZ to 65% and promote 100% of last years non selects that results in a 28% overall promotion rate across the entire BPZ+IPZ+APZ pool. edit: (0.65*IPZ+0.05*BPZ+0.3*APZ) / (IPZ eligibles) ~ 85% overall selection rate I think this is what was meant by 85% promotion rate.
  15. More Uniform Changes!

    Assuming your MAJCOM/A3 approves, by the letter of the law "Convenience stops are not authorized..." I wore these on my last deployment and liked them. They are way better than the ABUs. With the current restrictions I don't think it's worth the hassle. I'll stick with the green onezie.