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  1. Dream Sheet Advice

    Hello folks, I'm a T-38 stud and my dream sheet is due next Friday. I wanted to ask for advice from some of the seasoned dudes around here who have experience doing the mission and know the ins and outs of combat aviation and what it really means to be an operational fighter pilot. There are a few things I know with absolute clarity: 1) I want to be a fighter pilot, period, dot , the end. 2) I want to have a kinetic impact on whoever it is we fight, i.e. rain hate on bad guys. 3) There is an incredible amount that I don't know that I don't know. Given those conditions, I want to ask the question, if you had to go back and talk to your ~24 yr old self about to fill out your dream sheet, what advice would you offer to best accomplish those goals knowing what you know now about the reality of fighter aviation. Thank you for helping out in advance!
  2. The Shep C-17 was by request, however the 130J wasn't. Everyone is most excited about the return of the Viper!
  3. Only things missing are: Canadian CF-18 x 2 Italian Tornado x 1
  4. T-38 Down @ DLF

  5. EN 18-02 drops on 1 December
  6. Was that Viper active?
  7. EN 18-01 Active F-22 x 1 F-35 x 1 F-15C x 1 F-15E x 2 A-10 x 1 B-52 x 2 C-146 x 2 RC-135 x 1 E-8 x 1 Guard/Reserve F-16 x 1 Foreign Danish F-16 x 2 German Tornado x 1 German T-38 FAIP x 2 German Eurofighter x 1 Belgian F-16 x 1 Belgian NH-90 x 1
  8. EN 18-01 drops tomorrow and had to put the growler on their dreamsheets. Today they were called in by the SNR and told to not expect great things at their drop. They had to reorganize their dreamsheets with emphasis on non-fighter options.
  9. EN 17-08 Active F-35A x 2 F-15E x 2 A-10C x 1 F-15C x 1 T-38C FAIP x 1 B-52 x 2 B-1B x 1 Guard/Reserve A-10C x 1 F-22A x 1 Foreign Danish F-16 x 3 Norwegian F-16 x 5 Italian Tornado x 1
  10. One of them was my flt cc at usafa for a short time. He said they Q3'd the crew and they moved out of the 17. That was his last assignment before getting out and he now flys for the airlines.
  11. This is still the case unfortunately, there have been at least 3 instances in FY 17 drops here at Sheppard so far. In one case the student wanted the C-17 but was so low in the class the three C-17s available were already taken and the stud ended up getting a Viper because that's all that was left...
  12. EN 17-06 Active: F-22 x 2 T-6 FAIP x 1 F-15E x 2 A-10 x 2 F-16 x 3 F-15C x 2 T-38 FAIP x 1 B-52 x 1 (not fighter/FAIP qual'd) Guard/Reserve: F-16 x 1 Foreign: Italian Eurofighter x 1 German Tornado x 3
  13. The T-6 FAIP had that at #1 on his sheet. From what I understand, only 1 of the 3 C-17s was not by choice. Interestingly enough the dude who got the C model didn't have it in his top 5, he had the C-17 as #4... fun fact, the guy who dropped the raptor in the last class is the identical twin brother of one of the raptor's from this class.
  14. EN 17-04 Active F-35A x 2 F-22A x 2 F-16 x 8 F-15E x 1 F-15C x 1 A-10 x 1 T-6 FAIP x 1 T-38 FAIP x 1 C-17 x 3 Guard A-10 x 1 Reserve C-130 x 1 Foreign German Eurofighter x 1 German Tornado x 1 German T-6 FAIP x 1