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  1. EN 18-01 Active F-22 x 1 F-35 x 1 F-15C x 1 F-15E x 2 A-10 x 1 B-52 x 2 C-146 x 2 RC-135 x 1 E-8 x 1 Guard/Reserve F-16 x 1 Foreign Danish F-16 x 2 German Tornado x 1 German T-38 FAIP x 2 German Eurofighter x 1 Belgian F-16 x 1 Belgian NH-90 x 1
  2. EN 18-01 drops tomorrow and had to put the growler on their dreamsheets. Today they were called in by the SNR and told to not expect great things at their drop. They had to reorganize their dreamsheets with emphasis on non-fighter options.
  3. EN 17-08 Active F-35A x 2 F-15E x 2 A-10C x 1 F-15C x 1 T-38C FAIP x 1 B-52 x 2 B-1B x 1 Guard/Reserve A-10C x 1 F-22A x 1 Foreign Danish F-16 x 3 Norwegian F-16 x 5 Italian Tornado x 1
  4. One of them was my flt cc at usafa for a short time. He said they Q3'd the crew and they moved out of the 17. That was his last assignment before getting out and he now flys for the airlines.
  5. This is still the case unfortunately, there have been at least 3 instances in FY 17 drops here at Sheppard so far. In one case the student wanted the C-17 but was so low in the class the three C-17s available were already taken and the stud ended up getting a Viper because that's all that was left...
  6. EN 17-06 Active: F-22 x 2 T-6 FAIP x 1 F-15E x 2 A-10 x 2 F-16 x 3 F-15C x 2 T-38 FAIP x 1 B-52 x 1 (not fighter/FAIP qual'd) Guard/Reserve: F-16 x 1 Foreign: Italian Eurofighter x 1 German Tornado x 3
  7. The T-6 FAIP had that at #1 on his sheet. From what I understand, only 1 of the 3 C-17s was not by choice. Interestingly enough the dude who got the C model didn't have it in his top 5, he had the C-17 as #4... fun fact, the guy who dropped the raptor in the last class is the identical twin brother of one of the raptor's from this class.
  8. EN 17-04 Active F-35A x 2 F-22A x 2 F-16 x 8 F-15E x 1 F-15C x 1 A-10 x 1 T-6 FAIP x 1 T-38 FAIP x 1 C-17 x 3 Guard A-10 x 1 Reserve C-130 x 1 Foreign German Eurofighter x 1 German Tornado x 1 German T-6 FAIP x 1
  9. Still somewhat early but are there any F-35 pilots or folks in the know here that can speak to life in that jet? This forum has been awesome, especially for another fresh UPT stud.
  10. EN 17-03 Active F-22 x 2 F-35 x 1 F-15C x 1 F-16 x 6 A-10 x 2 E-3 x 1 F-15E x 3 KC-10 x 1 C-17 x 1 C-130 x 1 T-6A x 1 Guard F-15C x 1 German Eurofighter x 3 Tornado x 2
  11. EN 17-02 Active F-35A x 2 F-15E x 3 F-16C x 2 F-15C x 1 A-10C x 1 B-1B x 1 T-38C FAIP x 1 T-6A FAIP x 1 Buff x 2 B-2 x 1 Guard/Reserve F-15C x 2 Mass, Louisiana F-16C x 3 Foreign Canadian CF-18 x 2 Danish F-16 x 1
  12. EN 17-01 Active F-16 x 10 F-15E x 1 B-1 x 1 T-38 FAIP x 1 Guard F-16 x 1 F-15C x 2 Foreign German Eurofighter x 1 Belgian F-16 x 1 German Tornado x 1
  13. Single Seat or Strike Eagle?

    Thank you all for the insight and opinion, it's been entertaining and quite informative. I look forward to learning more and more as I advance through the program, I'm pumped to have the opportunity! Another question I've thought of during this discussion is what are the likes/dislikes you have about the A/A and A/G missions?
  14. Hello, I am very green here and am looking for advice on the topic subject everywhere I can find it. I was hoping to gain insight from those with experience in/retired from the CAF about the pro/cons of flying a single seat fighter vs. the Strike Eagle, specifically on the individual vs. crew aircaft aspect. I've been able to get small bits and pieces of opinion from people around base, but nothing polarizing for either option. I am a UPT student and realize this may be moot as needs of the air force will ultimately be the deciding factor in the assignment I receive, but if granted the opportunity to choose, I'd like to be as informed as possible. Thank you in advance for your time.