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  1. Did the PC-12 already do this back before the transition to the U-28? I’d imagine it’s more expensive now though than the 208, but could still be a good option.
  2. Liberty University offers a flight program as well as an AFROTC detachment, knocking out both of your concerns. It is a private school, and therefore pricey, but it’s what you’re looking for in Virginia. You could look into AFROTC scholarship opportunities to help offset the cost, too. *Edit* Feel free to send me a PM if you're interested in the above. Virginia also offers a 2+2 program with community colleges (like engeguy posted below). I've got some experience with that stuff, so just let me know.
  3. CAFB 19-03 T-38 A-10 MI ANG 3x B-52 Barksdale 2x F-15E Seymour-Johnson B-1 Dyess T-6 FAIP 4x F-16 TBD T-1 3x C-130J Dyess C-130J Little Rock KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 PA ANG KC-135 OH ANG MC-130J Hurlburt HC-130J Moody 2x KC-10 Travis T-1 FAIP C-17 Elmendorf C-17 McChord C-17 Dover
  4. A friend of mine currently in T-6s has said they do a mix of area work and instrument approaches. It seems like it’s similar to the T-1 transition phase, just obviously with much shorter sorties.
  5. CAFB 18-15 (T-1 only) 3xC-17 Hickam, McChord, NC ANG C-130J Ramstein C-130H IL ANG 3xKC-135 MacDill, Fairchild, NH ANG T-6 FAIP RC-135 Offutt
  6. I was wondering if there was anything to update about the C-12. How is the ops tempo, fam life, morale, etc looking now for new copilots? Thanks a ton in advance!
  7. Keep in mind that you'll get contracted to the AF upon completion of Field Training (unless you're already on scholarship). Getting out of that contract will have repercussions (I'd do some digging into it/speak to cadre to get the full scoop). I can only speak to going through AFROTC to get a pilot slot, not rushing guard/reserve units, but if you're passionate about it and willing to put in hard work, you'll have pretty good chances. Also keep in mind that completing AFROTC and commissioning will, at the very least, get you a job of some sort in the AF, which could help you get a pilot slot later down the road, whether it's through networking or funding a PPL for experience. Just my two cents, but I really enjoyed my time in ROTC and would recommend it.
  8. CBM 18-11 (T-1 only) C-17 Hickam C-17 Dover 2x C-17 McChord C-17 Charleston C-17 Travis C-17 McGuire 2x C-130J Dyess C-130J Ramstein KC-135 Mildenhall 2x KC-135 Fairchild T-6 FAIP C-17 Wright-Patt AFRC C-130H IL ANG C-130H Puerto Rico ANG KC-135R Nebraska ANG WC-130J Keesler AFRC KC-135R New Hampshire ANG KC-135R Grissom AFRC
  9. CAFB 18-09 T-1 C-130J Little Rock AFRC C-130J Ramstein C-17 OH AFRC C-17 Dover C-17 Elmendorf C-5 CA AFRC C-5 Travis KC-135 TN ANG 2x KC-135 HI ANG KC-135 KS ANG KC-135 McConnell KC-135 Kadena KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 March KC-135 Mildenhall KC-10 McGuire U-28 Hurlburt T-38 2x F-16 TBD F-35 Luke MC-130J Kadena KC-135 Kadena C-130J Dyess T-38 FAIP Columbus
  10. KCBM 18-07 T-38: 2x F-16 TBD C-130J Ramstein C-130J Yokota A-10 Davis-Monthan T-38 FAIP to Laughlin F-22 Tyndall T-1: KC-135 Fairchild RC-26 (Iowa Reserve) C-17 Charleston C-17 Hickam T-6 FAIP 2x C-17 McChord 2x C-146 Duke Field (Reserve) C-17 MS ANG C-130J Dyess KC-135 McConnell T-1 FAIP C-130J Ramstein KC-10 Travis
  11. CBM 18-05 T-1s C-146 Duke Field C-17 Elmendorf C-17 Dover (USAFR) C-17 McChord KC-135 Scott KC-135 McConnell KC-10 McGuire AC-130J Hurlburt Field EC-130 Davis-Monthan C-130J Keesler (USAFR) C-130 West Va ANG C-130J Little Rock (USAFR) C-130J Ramstein C-5 Dover T-38s Saudi F-15 2 x F-16 TBD C-130J Yokota T-6 FAIP F-22 Tyndall
  12. CBM 18-12 Track 8 x T-38 (2 Int'l) 11 x T-1 2 x TH-1
  13. CBM 18-04 T-1s: KC-135 ANG KC-135 AFRC KC-135 Mildenhall C-5 Dover C-5 Travis C-17 Dover 2 x C-17 Charleston 2 x C-17 McChord C-17 Travis 3 x C-130 ANG U-28 Cannon T-38s: F-15C Kingsley Field 2 x Saudi F-15SA U-28 Cannon F-15E Seymour Johnson F-16 TBD A-10 Davis-Monthan
  14. Columbus T-38 x1 T-38 FAIP x1 F-15E x1 B-52 x2 F-16 x1 A-10 Columbus T-1 x2 U-28 x1 MC-130 x1 E-3 x1 E-8 x2 C-17 (maybe more) x2 C-130 (maybe more) x3 KC-135 x1 T-1 FAIP x1 T-6 FAIP x1 LC-130 I don't remember the rest
  15. Good stuff, thanks for the info! I grew up near Langley and never really knew what those guys did.
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