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  1. CBM 18-11 (T-1 only) C-17 Hickam C-17 Dover 2x C-17 McChord C-17 Charleston C-17 Travis C-17 McGuire 2x C-130J Dyess C-130J Ramstein KC-135 Mildenhall 2x KC-135 Fairchild T-6 FAIP C-17 Wright-Patt AFRC C-130H IL ANG C-130H Puerto Rico ANG KC-135R Nebraska ANG WC-130J Keesler AFRC KC-135R New Hampshire ANG KC-135R Grissom AFRC
  2. CAFB 18-09 T-1 C-130J Little Rock AFRC C-130J Ramstein C-17 OH AFRC C-17 Dover C-17 Elmendorf C-5 CA AFRC C-5 Travis KC-135 TN ANG 2x KC-135 HI ANG KC-135 KS ANG KC-135 McConnell KC-135 Kadena KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 March KC-135 Mildenhall KC-10 McGuire U-28 Hurlburt T-38 2x F-16 TBD F-35 Luke MC-130J Kadena KC-135 Kadena C-130J Dyess T-38 FAIP Columbus
  3. KCBM 18-07 T-38: 2x F-16 TBD C-130J Ramstein C-130J Yokota A-10 Davis-Monthan T-38 FAIP to Laughlin F-22 Tyndall T-1: KC-135 Fairchild RC-26 (Iowa Reserve) C-17 Charleston C-17 Hickam T-6 FAIP 2x C-17 McChord 2x C-146 Duke Field (Reserve) C-17 MS ANG C-130J Dyess KC-135 McConnell T-1 FAIP C-130J Ramstein KC-10 Travis
  4. CBM 18-05 T-1s C-146 Duke Field C-17 Elmendorf C-17 Dover (USAFR) C-17 McChord KC-135 Scott KC-135 McConnell KC-10 McGuire AC-130J Hurlburt Field EC-130 Davis-Monthan C-130J Keesler (USAFR) C-130 West Va ANG C-130J Little Rock (USAFR) C-130J Ramstein C-5 Dover T-38s Saudi F-15 2 x F-16 TBD C-130J Yokota T-6 FAIP F-22 Tyndall
  5. CBM 18-12 Track 8 x T-38 (2 Int'l) 11 x T-1 2 x TH-1
  6. CBM 18-04 T-1s: KC-135 ANG KC-135 AFRC KC-135 Mildenhall C-5 Dover C-5 Travis C-17 Dover 2 x C-17 Charleston 2 x C-17 McChord C-17 Travis 3 x C-130 ANG U-28 Cannon T-38s: F-15C Kingsley Field 2 x Saudi F-15SA U-28 Cannon F-15E Seymour Johnson F-16 TBD A-10 Davis-Monthan
  7. Columbus T-38 x1 T-38 FAIP x1 F-15E x1 B-52 x2 F-16 x1 A-10 Columbus T-1 x2 U-28 x1 MC-130 x1 E-3 x1 E-8 x2 C-17 (maybe more) x2 C-130 (maybe more) x3 KC-135 x1 T-1 FAIP x1 T-6 FAIP x1 LC-130 I don't remember the rest
  8. Good stuff, thanks for the info! I grew up near Langley and never really knew what those guys did.
  9. The ADAIRs help train raptors for combat against non-stealthy enemies, right? And, if you drop 38 ADAIR out of UPT, does that guarantee you a raptor after a couple years?
  10. Not really sure, others here will have a better guess than me though. Sorry man
  11. Pretty sure T-1 guys get to see "what's available" for drop night (airframe, location), but T-38 guys basically make a dream sheet. As far as how many of each option are available, I don't think that's stated. So it could say "C-17 Charleston, C-17 Dover, etc" but not how many 17s to Charleston or Dover.
  12. Has being non-vol'd to -38s happened before? If so, do those guys end up loving it and getting fighters, or have there been cases where they were non-vol'd -38s and "non-vol'd" to fighters? Just curious.
  13. 17-10 Drop CBM: C-17 Hickam C-17 MS ANG A-10 Davis-Monthan KC-135 MacDill KC-10 McGuire AFR KC-135 McConnell F-15C Kingsley Field C-130 WV ANG RC-135 Offutt MQ-9 NY ANG C-17 Charleston B-52 Barksdale KC-135 ME ANG C-17 McChord A-10 ID ANG T-6 FAIP RC-135 Offutt F-16 Tuscon IAP RC-135 Offutt B-1 Dyess AFR HC-130 Davis-Monthan C-17 Charleston F-22 Tyndall
  14. Any word on Vance or Laughlin drops?