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  1. Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    Placed an order with Mardon 3 weeks ago. Was told 3-5 weeks for production plus 7-10 business days for shipping.
  2. State HQ and NGB Approval Process

    Check the Guard/Reserve Timeline to UPT thread. It's typically 4-6 weeks after FC1/MFS you'll receive paperwork stamped approved. Then, expect another 4-8 weeks for NGB packages to make its way through the loop. For me, OTS dates were scheduled about 4 months out after hearing back from NGB. So yes, it is all a waiting game. YMMV.
  3. Latest Movies

    Warning: Redband trailer - lots of grown up words. Really looking forward to this movie mainly because I'm pretty sure Frances McDormand's character is based off my mother's behavior.
  4. F16 Training Crash (from the 162nd)

    http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/14202/usaf-reveals-mysterious-crash-occurred-just-days-before-two-a-10s-crashed-in-same-area Just came across this article. Rough week for sure.
  5. Retake the AFOQT? Help!!

    Take out a loan, get your PPL, and if your PCSM is still low, retake your AFOQT? (You didn't post your scores, so I'm just assuming it's below average?) If a few thousand dollars and some longer hours spent studying are the only thing standing in my way of achieving this goal, it's a no-brainer....
  6. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    Study more and retake the AFOQT. I mean, why not? I would say your age doesn't give you the luxury of time to go through all the not-so-timely hoops involved in the application/interview/notification processes. If you want this, do anything and everything you can to give yourself the best chance.
  7. Latest Movies

    Never would I have thought...
  8. Spine/spinal issues and waivers

    Go see a doctor. Unless the doctor finds something pretty extreme/degenerative, then you will be fine.
  9. Wow. That was quick...
  10. What's wrong with the Air Force?

  11. USAF / USA / USN / USMC Vision

    100% anecdotal (data based off a dozen or so people 6-9 months ago), but it's usually about 3 months between being hired and Wright-Patt.
  12. USAF / USA / USN / USMC Vision

    Air Force Waiver Guide 2017 http://www.wpafb.af.mil/Portals/60/documents/711/usafsam/USAFSAM-Wavier-Guide-170601.pdf
  13. Chances at an ANG Fighter Squadron

    If you still have any math classes left in school, my best advice is to schedule your AFOQT directly after taking that class while the information is still fresh. That's the easiest way to knock out two birds with one stone IMO. Good luck!
  14. Guard/Prior Interview/Selected: November 2016 FC1: February 2017 (took 5 weeks to receive paperwork stamped approved) NGB: March 2017 (took 7 weeks to receive dates) OTS: September 2017 ENJJPT: February 2018