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  1. History of strabismus surgery is waiverable. I suggest you do some research in the Aviation Medicine subsection.
  2. “MP2’s Garmin smart watch indicates that MP2 was alive on the surface of the ocean from approximately 0145 until approximately 1130 (nine hours and 45 minutes) in 68 degree Fahrenheit water.” ... "Resilard’s body was brought on board a Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ship, the JS Setoyuki, at 12:22 p.m., the report states." https://www.stripes.com/news/pacific/marine-pilot-survived-in-sea-for-nearly-10-hours-after-deadly-midair-collision-smartwatch-shows-1.607406
  3. Check your messages. DM me if you want source doc. For some reason it won't let me upload the PDF here on the main thread.
  4. I am post UPT, but pre B Course complete. I meet all the eligibility requirements and did some calling around about this bonus and I am met with: "Why would they give a bonus to someone in the training pipeline?" On paper, I meet all the qualifications, but I don't know why this would apply to someone within their initial 10 year commitment? Am I missing something here? Also, one of the contingents on bonus eligibility is to not currently be AGR or ART. The question I asked was if I was to be hired in an AGR/ART position within the 4 year "commitment," would I have to repay a pro-rated am
  5. If a brand new CFI signed off a student to take a checkride and they failed four in a row, I think the CFI would almost certainly be subjected to a 709 ride. Only ever saw one imposed on an instructor and they came out on top sts. Anyone know how these are initiated? Is it by discretion of the FSDO when they process the same student/instructor retake paperwork? For reference: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/49/44709
  6. ENJJPT 18-08 F35x2 Norway F16x2 Norway F22 A-10 F22 Guard EA-18G F-15C EC-130 A-10 Guard T-6 B-1 F-15Ex2 U-2 F-16
  7. Before jumping into an eval with the doc, I suggest you "get smart" on everything they will be looking for knowing you have a history of the condition. E.g., phorias, stereopsis, microsuppression, double vision, etc. It would be wise of you to know the medical jargon associated with things directly or indirectly affected by your condition so you can ask the right questions. Those things can be found throughout that waiver guide I mentioned above.
  8. lph1235, First of all, good on you for being as proactive as you are at such a young age. That will pay major dividends in your future. I believe having the surgery on your record does require a waiver, but is given so long as you meet certain eye alignment criteria. You can read up on these things in the Air Force Waiver Guide 2017. My advice to you is to get an updated evaluation done by an ophthalmologist who specializes in this surgery (mostly pediatric doctors) and make them give you every test they can, see what they say and compare that to the standards. I
  9. Placed an order with Mardon 3 weeks ago. Was told 3-5 weeks for production plus 7-10 business days for shipping.
  10. Check the Guard/Reserve Timeline to UPT thread. It's typically 4-6 weeks after FC1/MFS you'll receive paperwork stamped approved. Then, expect another 4-8 weeks for NGB packages to make its way through the loop. For me, OTS dates were scheduled about 4 months out after hearing back from NGB. So yes, it is all a waiting game. YMMV.
  11. Warning: Redband trailer - lots of grown up words. Really looking forward to this movie mainly because I'm pretty sure Frances McDormand's character is based off my mother's behavior.
  12. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/14202/usaf-reveals-mysterious-crash-occurred-just-days-before-two-a-10s-crashed-in-same-area Just came across this article. Rough week for sure.
  13. Take out a loan, get your PPL, and if your PCSM is still low, retake your AFOQT? (You didn't post your scores, so I'm just assuming it's below average?) If a few thousand dollars and some longer hours spent studying are the only thing standing in my way of achieving this goal, it's a no-brainer....
  14. Study more and retake the AFOQT. I mean, why not? I would say your age doesn't give you the luxury of time to go through all the not-so-timely hoops involved in the application/interview/notification processes. If you want this, do anything and everything you can to give yourself the best chance.
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