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  1. Lasik/PRK Recommendations

    I had Lasik done five years before getting picked up for a rated slot. All I can suggest is don't just use the cheapest surgeon you can find on Groupon, because there's different kind of Lasik machines and the older ones aren't quite as good (hence the discount from surgeons who spent $400k on them and don't want to upgrade). Find a surgeon who does 20 or 30 a month and you'll be fine, statistically. They can tell you beforehand how you rank on complication risks. As far as getting the FC1 goes, I had more problems convincing MEPS that I still had eyeballs than I did getting my Lasik waiver done in Dayton. Like 3-4 extra tests, tops.
  2. Lasik/PRK Recommendations

    If you need Lasik to be qualified, then you're going to have to get it on your own dime before you apply. They won't accept an application from someone medically unqualified, or put you through OTS if you still require a successful surgery to pass an FC1.
  3. UPT Chances

    I also had my LORs written generally and no one seemed to mind. I applied to like 20 units, I'm not going to bother my letter-writers a total of 60 times just to update the heading and re-sign.
  4. Published list of OTS start dates?

    For what it's worth, apparently during Reserve UPT selects' inprocessing week in San Antonio, you have an unscheduled day that you can use towards the pre-req CBTs. And I didn't think it took anywhere near 30 hours to knock them out.
  5. North Korea at it again

    Hey, Pakistan's had a whole one electoral transfer of power not get derailed, they're definitely up there with Athens and the Continental Congress in terms of democracy. Pay no attention to the fact that their intelligence agency is basically a terror organization.
  6. UPT Chances

    Get a PPL and you're solid for the heavy unit of your choice, pretty much. Fighters might be tough with the age, I usually see the cutoff at 28.5 years.
  7. North Korea at it again

    Don't blame anything but US foreign policy to explain why the North Koreans are going full-tilt in their nuclear program, consequences be damned. Gaddafi ended his nuclear program at our behest and he ended up getting stabbed in the rear with a bayonet and summarily executed, with our blessing. You think we'd have bombed Libya and let it get overrun by militias if they had nukes? Ukraine got the other end of the stick, giving up their nukes post-independence in exchange for territorial guarantees from Russia, the US, and the UK. How's that working out? The last twenty years or so have just reinforced the fact that there are two kinds of countries, those that have nukes and those that don't. The Kim regime is completely rational in pursuing them. The best way for them to ensure their continued reign is a dozen nuclear-armed ICBMs. They can't use them unless they want to be annihilated, but they take the conventional regime change option 100% off the table. No one cares enough about North Korea to risk ten million dead civilians.
  8. This is probably something that could be answered by using the site search feature, or Google, but I'll bite. OTS (basic training for officers, basically) is eight weeks. Technical school is on top of that. If you're trying to become a pilot (this is a pilot-centric website), expect ~18 months of training.
  9. Published list of OTS start dates?

    Seems like they're trying to get away from scheduling OTS classes in a way that requires a break. Which, with the program only eight weeks long versus the thirteen it was five years ago, should be a lot easier to do. People who got this September for a class date and are Guard/Reserve are getting to do SERE in early December instead.
  10. http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_a1/publication/afi36-2205/afi36-2205.pdf Section 1.1.6.
  11. No, the age requirement is that you must start UPT by your 30th birthday. The worst cases of waiting for class dates is like 18 months, you should be fine to just apply for pilot.
  12. Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    Anyone know what the turnaround time is lately? I'm at six weeks and still radio silence, with nothing but a Lasik waiver to complicate things. Edit: Just got the call from my recruiter an hour ago that I've been approved. So just under 6 full weeks turnaround time.
  13. Flying in ANG - Asthma

    Yes, it's waiverable provided you don't have a history after age 13. See page 83: http://www.wpafb.af.mil/Portals/60/documents/711/usafsam/USAFSAM-Wavier-Guide-170601.pdf Don't self-disqualify yourself by assuming you're out of luck. Recruiters might try to tell you something different but keep pushing.
  14. UPT Chances

    Good lord. You probably scored literally as high as possible without any flight hours.
  15. UPT Chances

    You're probably going to need to get your PPL before you are competitive for Guard/Reserve fighters. Your PCSM is absurdly high for someone with 0 flight hours, what's your 200+ hour score look like, 99? Don't sweat your GPA if you have a good explanation of why it sucks and why you're different now. The sports participation is a good check in your box for fighters, they like that sort of thing. If you want to fly fighters in the Guard/Reserve, you are definitely young enough to spend the time to visit/apply to units you want to join multiple times. Even if you get rejected in the first few boards, keep coming back to the same units and build relationships. It's definitely doable for you (provided, of course, that you aren't a tool).