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  1. Wouldn't be the first time the 340th told people one thing and did another, probably won't be the last.
  2. For Reserves, the squadron in charge of the training pipeline told me it was having earned your PPL within the past three years (i.e. presumably if I had earned mine five years ago and not flown significantly since I'd have to go to IFT).
  3. I'm at OTS right now, at least half the class is prior enlisted. Not sure what the numbers are like for applicants though, there could be a ton more prior-Es applying, making the process more competitive for them. There's at least one 40 year old prior-E here, so it's not impossible. Just difficult, and you're gambling an enlistment on everything lining up perfectly for you.
  4. Yeah, GS-9 is not super exciting. Once I finish the training pipeline I'm looking at an $8,000 effective paycut going from O-1, <2 years, to GS-9. More, if what I've heard is true about having to take local residency while an ART and I lose my current no-income-tax-state residency. It's even worse when comparing O-2, >2 years, something like $20k difference. Guess it's a nice incentive to volunteer for lots of trips and deployments early on?
  5. Rush squadrons, don't be a tool, and you should easily get picked up by a tanker / transport squadron. Some might not want to do age waivers, but I'm guessing most will.
  6. Columbus AFB Information

    Eh, I'd rather have ~$1200 a month tax free (collecting based on my HOR rate) and a small studio apartment, than a house and no money.
  7. Columbus AFB Information

    From the 340th FTG during inprocessing at Randolph a few weeks ago. Due to being Reserve and having a spouse and lease elsewhere. I know it seems contrary to the what the regs say, but they were firm that it would be allowed.
  8. Columbus AFB Information

    Good to know, just making sure. I'm told that I can live in the UOQ and collect full BAH, so it's not a matter of renting a room off base to save money. Weekend trips are definitely planned, but I'm operating on the assumption that there will be times when it would be nice to see each other but I won't have the time to get away.
  9. Columbus AFB Information

    At the risk of deviating from transport-related questions here, what's the current situation for overnight visitors in the UOQs at Columbus? I'm married, planning on doing UPT unaccompanied, and am told that I'll be able to collect BAH while in the UOQ (since I'm a Reservist with a lease elsewhere), but I'd prefer my spouse be able to visit on the occasional weekend. Seems like it's prohibited by the AFI unless otherwise authorized. Is it allowed (officially or otherwise), or should I just expect to spring for an off-base hotel when she visits?
  10. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    The very first line he caveats that it's an unfounded theory with no evidence. Not much onus for a citation after that.
  11. Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    I don't think it's a consideration. They know that a certain percentage of selects are going to not end up going to OTS/UPT for medical or other reasons. I'm not even sure they'll send you to get your FC1 until board selected, I'm a little hazy on it but for me the ball didn't start rolling until after.
  12. Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    You shouldnt wait (why would you?), but you only need to have MEPS cleared to make the board.
  13. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    Yeah, it's not like these guys have a record for brutality against, well, really anyone not in their immediate group, going back since before Elphinstone started marching out of Kabul in 1842.
  14. PRK and LASIK Information

    You can try to get an Exception to Policy, but it ain't gonna happen unless you've got some pull with a US Senator or the President to push the right buttons for you.
  15. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    I'd guess you probably aren't going to get an interview for fighters without a PPL and a better PCSM. You don't have to be the best qualified on paper to get hired, but you do probably need to be among the top twenty or so applicants.