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  1. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    Yeah, it's not like these guys have a record for brutality against, well, really anyone not in their immediate group, going back since before Elphinstone started marching out of Kabul in 1842.
  2. PRK and LASIK Information

    You can try to get an Exception to Policy, but it ain't gonna happen unless you've got some pull with a US Senator or the President to push the right buttons for you.
  3. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    I'd guess you probably aren't going to get an interview for fighters without a PPL and a better PCSM. You don't have to be the best qualified on paper to get hired, but you do probably need to be among the top twenty or so applicants.
  4. UPT Chances

    Yes, a lot of squadrons will let you apply when you're withing a year of graduation.
  5. Painful and Honest Opinions for Fighters

    Definitely agree. Scores are not good enough right now to get you an interview. But you can get an interview in other ways, and if you do your scores won't be what holds you back.
  6. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    They charged him as if he deserted in peacetime, so that the death penalty was off the table.
  7. Not exactly ideal, but shouldn't you be able to mil-comp your CPL and go tow banners or something along those lines?
  8. It'd probably take a flag officer flying around basically reenacting the role of the Bobs from Office Space ("What is it you'd say you... do... here?"), but it could be done. I'm surprised the Navy doesn't have something similar for alleviating their shipboard manning problems, just a rear admiral going from shore posting to shore posting finding the manpower that's been squirelled away for some reason or another.
  9. Age Waivers

    Don't know about the age waiver, but as I understand it Lasik/PRK only has a six month wait now.
  10. Seeking Feedback - chances for Pilot or CSO

    How many hours to get your PCSM into the 80s? I'd say if you can get it there you have a much better shot. Retaking the AFOQT and TBAS after you get some hours might help your scores as well. Especially since you're going to need an age waiver, and a relatively "big" one too (you'll be 33, at least, by the time you start training).
  11. We've been under a state of emergency for the past 38 years due to the Iran hostage crisis. Last I checked, those hostages were returned a while back. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Emergency_Economic_Powers_Act#Current_subjects_of_IEEPA_emergencies
  12. Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    The technician at Wright-Pat told me that so long as you weren't significantly over the height-weight standards, you'd be fine. I busted my limit at MEPS (by 1 pound!) so I was sweating it a bit. Seems like they really only weigh you to make sure you're within the T-6 weight limits (I think 245 lbs?).
  13. Brutally honest opinions please about my chances

    I've seen some squadrons that allow applications as far as a year out from graduation, so you've got some hope there I suppose. I'd definitely be taking summer classes and trying to graduate ASAP so that you avoid as much of an age issue as you can.
  14. Chances for heavy unit?

    Asks advice on Friday, gets hired on Monday. That's a pretty fast result! Congrats.
  15. Chances for heavy unit?

    Agreed, your scores are more than good enough to not be the thing that doesn't get you hired, if that makes sense. Interview well, hang out with the squadron for a bit and be cool, and emphasize that your PPL will be done very shortly, and you'll do fine. People are getting interviewed by heavy squadrons with zero flight hours, so don't sweat it, really.