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  1. Have a few million to spare? popular mechanics.com/military/aviation/a33916883/twin-mustang-fighter-for-sale/
  2. Could not say for certain, but I'm sure the In-Service ANG or unit recruiter could provide those answers. BTW, my entire process took approximately seven months for processing to make it to SEFAF's desk for approval. Retired in July and joined ANG in August.
  3. You sign a waiver basically that you forfeit your retirement pay while in the ANG, but once you finished with your service your guard time adds onto your AD time ( plus promotion ) when you start receiving your retirement pay.
  4. Was active for 23 years and then went ANG for additional 10 years. Had to get SECAF approval, but the Guard unit had openings so it was approved. While in the Guard I did not receive an AD retirement, but was orders more often not and received active pay w/BHA while I attended grad school. Got to fly without all the extraneous AD nonsense and go to school, for me it was a win/win, ymmv!
  5. One need only look at political advisor Colonel House advising President Woodrow Wilson on matters of state or Truman's "Kitchen Cabinet" when addressing MacArthur's insubordination and it would play politically and most significantly when Robert Kennedy (although appointed Attorney General) considered the political angle above all else, even during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Politics cast a giant shadow regardless the arena.
  6. Although enlisted I was a victim of an FEB at my 9 year mark. Took me 10 years to renter Flying AFSC after it was overturned by Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records. Though I never received back Flight Pay, I was able to resume flying duties for 15 more years in both active and ANG status! It can be done!
  7. Based on "Masters of the Air", great book! http://worldwarwings.com/wwii-planes-will-get-a-new-show-and-its-as-real-as-it-gets?a=mk&var=ww2-mighty-eighth
  8. I just recently left the ANG after serving 10 years following 23 years active duty retirement. Upon entering Reserve/ANG following retirement from Active Duty you DO NOT draw your retirement pay until you separate from the Reserve/ANG. However, you are eligible to be promoted in the Reserve component and increase your retirement pay accordingly, but you Will Not begin to receive the increased rank retired pay until age 55-60 depending how many months you serve active on duty status. For myself, I retired as an E-7, but fortunately was promoted to E-8 before retirement and will begin receiving
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