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  1. Or you can just plan a route that takes you past supercharger stations right? Will definitely add time to the trip, but its an option.
  2. Make sure you check to see if you're allowed to bring boats from other states wherever you go. Sometimes places have laws against this as to not cross contaminate invasive species or something. And try to figure out a storage location.
  3. My local Class D was like this for most of the covid times during 2020. It was weird turning the lights on myself and making pattern calls there, but it was pretty cool. They're pretty much back to normal ops now though as far as the tower goes.
  4. Ahh gotcha. I had never heard of having to retorque on head studs. Aluminum heads? I had steel (class rule) so maybe that makes a difference. After break in makes sense to me though. Nothing like firing up a new engine for that initial break in. New to me! I had some aftermarket stuff too, but I dont remember them requiring any re-torquing. But they also didn't have a dedicated stud kit. I wonder if that's just a stud kit thing in general?
  5. Agreed, but people want fuel economy, and naturally aspirated and electronically controlled shifting are how we get there. That and it's just easier to adjust how a car runs throughout the year, i.e. in the cold months or something similar. There just isn't a demand for manual cars anymore, so it doesn't make sense from a manufacturing standpoint. They used to be cheaper to make, but with lower demand, it's simply more expensive to tool up a line for such a low volume. But that's why we build cars! It's not dirt cheap, but building a SBC can be incredibly economical (relatively). Sure yo
  6. Not that it would have solved the problem, or maybe it would have, but just for added coolness since you're not putting out wicked high HP (still a good amount though), there are some fairly economical head stud kits out there. I found one that was significantly cheaper than an ARP head stud kit, and was very impressed with the quality of it.
  7. Off the street hire at a Guard Tanker Unit. March 2021 Update: inching closer. again....again AFOQT/TBAS: July 2016 Board: November 2019 Hired: November 2019 MEPS: Passed April 2020 amid the 'rona outbreak. Enlistment: June 2020. FC1: September 29, 2020 FC1 Stamped Approved: November 2020 NGB approval: March 2021 OTS: ??? UPT: ??? FTU: ???
  8. I've also heard that if you already had covid, the first shot is usually the hard hitter, and for those who didn't have covid, the second shot is the hard hitter. But I'm only an engineer so I dont really know.
  9. Pretty much my experience with it. Arm soreness kicked in a few hours later, next day had the chills and body aches. Subsided 90% by the next day. Second shot pretty much the same thing. Body aches were a little more present the second day after, and my fever broke hard at night. Woke up drenched in sweat twice. But not bad overall. Mild inconvenience at best.
  10. My college isn't either. Dealt with that for 5 years, its surviveable haha.
  11. I mean, I wouldn't necessarily expect it to surpass the handling and interior of a BMW, since they're typically excellent on both of those fronts.
  12. I was in student flight (still am? They're dissolving ours I think) but the pilot hires just sign in at student flight for roll call then dip out to the squadron instead of staying there all day.
  13. Pretty much nothing. Get to know everyone in the squadron, sit in on any briefs/meetings I can. Get some stuff out of the way like computer access, getting uniforms and flight suits ordered. But otherwise typically just about nothing.
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