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  1. I did my FC1 in September 2020. Once my unit submitted for the FC1, it only took about a week to get it scheduled, but it was a 3 month wait from scheduling to actual FC1.
  2. Yep, spot on from everyone. Just be respectful and listen to directions very carefully. Lots of kids didn't when I went. Its not a hard day. I was done by 10-11 when I went. I had a different colored folder because I was enlisting to commision, so I think I was treated as "commissioning" and not enlisting. Seemed to get me through things quicker. Also if you can, drive yourself there. You have to get on the bus when you get there because some guy has to give a speech about not being dumb and bringing knives and shit in. Overall, keep your mouth shut 90% of the time and just answer the qu
  3. I think you need to be 33 by the time you enter UPT. It can take about 2 years from date of hire to entering UPT (trust me, it certainly isn't a quick process). So, you've got 3 years to get a degree, and preferably a PPL. It's not too late, but you need to bust your ass to get there, and get stellar scores on all of the tests. With the amount of applicants these days, age waivers may be less popular of an option if a unit doesn't have to deal with it, but if they like you enough, they'll consider it. In short, you've got time, but not an abundance. You're going to be 33 in 5 years anyway, so
  4. Not sure how the VA works, but I needed some files from a surgery I had. I just had to file a information request at the surgeons office, and wait for them to get the paperwork. They legally had like 30 days I think to obtain it. I told them it was urgent, and the process went a little faster.
  5. I was hired in Nov 2019, didn't go to MEPS until April 2020. Its slow, even before COVID was getting in the way lol.
  6. Just an FYI, but you dont need to have a MEPS physical completed to apply for guard units. Not sure how it works on the AD/Reserve side, but its definitely not needed for Guard applications. Typically. Maybe some units do. But I'd focus on getting the AFOQT and TBAS done if you haven't first off.
  7. I think it depends on how recent your MEPS physical is. I'm not prior-e, but I'm fairly certain the prior-e that was hired with me didn't have to go through MEPS again. You will have to get a copy of your MEPS physical to send to Wright-Patt when you are scheduled a FC1. They send you an email with all the the docs needed to be filled out/provided. You're ascensions recruiter should let you know what the deal is with MEPS.
  8. Off the street, you're probably going to be doing a lot of hanging out and doing nothing of substance while you wait for training. They'll put you in some AFSC for purposes of enlisting, but it may be completely unrelated, and not even in your hiring squadron. Just depends. Even then you'll likely still do nothing. Thats been my experience at least. I just use drill weekends as a time to continue to get to know the pilots. There are a lot of briefings you won't be able to sit in on at this stage without a TS clearance. I've never heard of units giving new-hires rides. Those are typically reser
  9. Oh no doubt. I know this is the way. But, on the bright side, one less obstacle to cross. So there's that.
  10. They change things all the time so it may be, but from what I know in my state (MI), we have to get our FC1 stamped approved, then include it in an ascensions package that routes up to the MI State Air Surgeon or just the MI Surgeon Gen or something along those lines. Once that is approved, then my unit can submit to the NGB for OTS/UPT dates. Which could have happened sooner. FC1 was stamped approved for 02NOV, I didn't find out until 16NOV because the techs at Wright Patt didn't have computer access during a contract negotiation......so that's neat.
  11. Off the street hire at a Guard Tanker Unit. NOV Update: inching closer. again. AFOQT/TBAS: July 2016 Board: November 2019 Hired: November 2019 MEPS: Passed April 2020 amid the 'rona outbreak. Enlistment: June 2020. FC1: September 29, 2020 FC1 Stamped Approved: Nov 2020 OTS: ??? UPT: ??? FTU: ???
  12. Once we applied for my FC1 date, it was roughly 3 months. I had some time in between MEPS and applying for FC1, dont remember why. I think my unit had to wait until I swore in to do it.
  13. Did you have to get your package approved by NGB first before you applied for OTS/UPT dates? This is definitely confirming my suspicion of a late 2021 UPT date for myself.
  14. Yep. I was hired Nov 2019, still waiting to get my FC1 back from AETC. I was at Wright Patt at the end of September. Im probably not going to know dates until 2021, and I'd bet I wont see UPT until late 2021. Its a long ride, so just prepare for that.
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