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  1. Have a buddy with a 160hp Super cub on alaskan bush wheels that I get to putz around in once in a while. That is an amazing aircraft. Its a breeze to fly and is extremely capable with the 160hp on it. He'll put it down out on the bay when it freezes over and go ice fishing. Definitely recommend flying one, low and slow. I think being able to open the whole side of the airplane is the greatest. They also own a Stearman....Keep it in a hangar at the house coupled with a 2500' grass strip. Talk about heaven. Haven't been lucky enough to go up in that yet though.
  2. I just had to be persistent calling the recruiter at my states ANG base. It took a while and a lot of me saying no to enlisting first, but after several phone conversations I got the test scheduled at a MEPS location. I dont remember the frequency of testing there, but I was the only one taking it when I did.
  3. I know pretty much nothing yet, so take this with a grain of salt as I'm still in the applying/interviewing phase myself. But...have them write the recommendation letter based on qualities that you have. Don't have whoever is writing it say you have X or Y qualities just because that's "what a unit is looking for." What happens when you land an interview and the recommendation letter does match up to the person? There are specific things every letter of recommendation should attest to, but they should be legitimate and reflect the person they are recommending accurately. If you have great leadership qualities, make sure they touch on that. If you are a hard worker and have showed it in the past, they can touch on that. But if you dont have the "qualities" and unit is looking for and someone says you do, that could not go well for you I would think. Units look at the whole person concept from what I've seen at my interviews and from what I've read on here.
  4. Pre-cursor; I haven't been hired yet so I effectively know nothing. Get your AFOQT and TBAS done ASAP. Those are required to apply to anything.
  5. To me it would make sense to keep it. They are legally obligated to have a job for you when you return (I think so at least). It doesnt have to be the same job, but a job of equal position/responsibility I believe.
  6. Fighters I would assume based on context. The tanker application window only just closed on Monday.
  7. Not sure it was the right thing or not, but I had several questions prepared to ask them about the unit and the mission. They seemed to like that I had some thought out questions to ask. In my opinion it shows that you are genuinely interested in them and what they do/ more in-depth knowledge of what you may be doing in the future.
  8. Just got an email today from them. Did you?
  9. Anyone have a copy of the Aircrew Applicant Questionnaire for the Selfridge KC-135s?
  10. This was from the pub detailing requirements for applying to TPS "1.2.10. AFRC/ANG officers may apply if they meet the requirements of Table 1 and the following: Use the Total Federal Commission Service Date (TFCSD) in place of the Total Active Federal Commission Service (TAFCS) date for computation of time in service limits. To establish eligibility to compete, applicants must submit proof of eligibility to return to and remain on active duty for the entire Active Duty Service Commitment (ADSC) period from HQ AFPC/DPSIPR with their application package. If selected, AFRC/ANG officers shall return to and remain on active duty for the full period of the TPS ADSC"
  11. Thank you to you both. I definitely agree on the flight hours. I plan on getting my PPL this summer after I finish school and start up work full time. I have a funky school schedule so its hard to get up in the air sometimes. I think I could do better if I took the TBAS again since I know even more what to expect this time. However, like was stated, just takes a bad day to screw it all up permanently. I'm going to ask the pilots at the base when I go down for a meet and greet what they think as well. Thanks again!
  12. After my TBAS and AFOQT, I ended up with a 93 Pilot, 75 NAV and 52 PCSM with 0 flight hours. 200+ Hours puts me at 90. I have 2 now so Im bumped to a 57, but it seems like the newer format really focuses on flight hours. I'm young so theres a decent chance I'll see 200 hours before im too old to apply for boards. However, does anyone have a decent understanding on how the scoring works? Would it really be worth it to go back and take the TBAS again? Any input is appreciated.
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