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  1. Are fighters a hard stop for you? What about heavies? Sure its not pointy nose, go fast, shoot bad guys flying, but its still an important mission set. I guess you need to make the choice between fighters or bust or just flat out being able to fly in the military. Start tossing out apps everywhere. Have you rushed any units you've applied to? If they allow it, that can help out with the age thing. There are 7 fighter UPT postings on bogidope right now. Have you applied to them all? Like everyone else is saying, dont stop until they tell you to. And then keep trying some more.
  2. I think you've kind of answered this one for yourself? Being that you've interviewed at a guard fighter unit I'd say your shot is pretty good? Just follow their advice and be yourself and answer honestly. The interview is for them to get to know you better. They basically get your package and the interview to figure out if they want to fly with you for the next 10-20 years. Getting the interview is the hard part. That means they are seriously considering you, out of all of the applicants. Which for a fighter unit, is typically very high.
  3. According to the minimum requirements for officer appointment I found (could be out of date too), I believe you can get a waiver granted if your GPA is under 2.5 since your AA score is above a 55. No idea how often its done or what the other requirements are for the waiver. That's what some quick googling said at least. Get your PPL done. That will help sell your lower GPA. But, you also need to be able to explain why the low GPA. Computer science is not an easy degree I'll give you that, but they are going to want to know why its so low and why they should pursue the waiver. Otherwise just start applying. Make them tell you no.
  4. Just my $0.02, but it looks like the boom is pretty well contracted in this specific video. That might put the wing close enough to the jet. If it was during development as @@Homestar said, might have been testing and different points of boom extension? But idk, I dont really know shit.
  5. I see you said you dont have you're PPL. Have you had any flight training in the past? I would definitely get some in if you haven't. I know the unit that hired me wanted to see that I was flying and making significant progress towards my PPL while I was applying. You dont want to get far into this and sink a whole lot of money and come to find out you dont actually enjoy flying an airplane. Not saying it'll happen, but its always a possibility. Flying a 172 isn't the same as flying military, but it'll let you know if you have the aptitude and desire to fly. I know its becoming more common to have a PPL be an unwritten requirement.
  6. Off the street hire at a Guard Tanker Unit. AFOQT/TBAS: July 2016 Board: November 2019 Hired: November 2019 FC1: ??? OTS: ??? UPT: ??? FTU: ??? Feels good to finally start this timeline.
  7. Anyone else on here get an invite to the 171st ARS in MI?
  8. The ones in the books worked fine for me. Just set a timer for the allotted time given per section and go at it. The practice books should say how long you are given per section.
  9. Not that my opinion means jack, but suppose your timeline works out, if your at basic and tech and all of the other stuff right up until the next board, you wont get any extra time (probably less actually) to get to know guys. On the other hand if you visit during UTA's you have 2 years to get to know guys. Just a thought.
  10. Yea. The pilot had a good write up on Reddit about the whole incident. Plane came away virtually unharmed too. Had to replace something on the left main gear but other than that he did a good job saving it.
  11. Have a buddy with a 160hp Super cub on alaskan bush wheels that I get to putz around in once in a while. That is an amazing aircraft. Its a breeze to fly and is extremely capable with the 160hp on it. He'll put it down out on the bay when it freezes over and go ice fishing. Definitely recommend flying one, low and slow. I think being able to open the whole side of the airplane is the greatest. They also own a Stearman....Keep it in a hangar at the house coupled with a 2500' grass strip. Talk about heaven. Haven't been lucky enough to go up in that yet though.
  12. I just had to be persistent calling the recruiter at my states ANG base. It took a while and a lot of me saying no to enlisting first, but after several phone conversations I got the test scheduled at a MEPS location. I dont remember the frequency of testing there, but I was the only one taking it when I did.
  13. I know pretty much nothing yet, so take this with a grain of salt as I'm still in the applying/interviewing phase myself. But...have them write the recommendation letter based on qualities that you have. Don't have whoever is writing it say you have X or Y qualities just because that's "what a unit is looking for." What happens when you land an interview and the recommendation letter does match up to the person? There are specific things every letter of recommendation should attest to, but they should be legitimate and reflect the person they are recommending accurately. If you have great leadership qualities, make sure they touch on that. If you are a hard worker and have showed it in the past, they can touch on that. But if you dont have the "qualities" and unit is looking for and someone says you do, that could not go well for you I would think. Units look at the whole person concept from what I've seen at my interviews and from what I've read on here.
  14. Pre-cursor; I haven't been hired yet so I effectively know nothing. Get your AFOQT and TBAS done ASAP. Those are required to apply to anything.
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