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  1. Herkman

    Security Clearance questions

    Honestly, she had nothing on his wife at the time
  2. Herkman

    Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Just make pilot officers AGRs, everyone wants the points.
  3. Herkman

    Security Clearance questions

    A pilot buddy of mine has been waiting on his TS clearance. Finally he sees progress but the problem is an investigator has contacted both of his exwives. One he’s not worried about, but he does not get along with the other one, at all. Can this hurt his chances? The only thing I think that can be brought up against him was a prior investigation about 2 years ago that was done on an unprofessional relationship with a girl (Senior Airman) that happened during their marriage. He was wrong and took his punishment and has bounced back from it. Now holds a leadership position. Does this hold any weight?
  4. Vetter, if only I would have known that...
  5. Scott has some sweet IMA gigs for the Os
  6. Yeah whose going next? Any word? I better not get tagged
  7. Herkman

    Mustache March

    I'm 10 days in, wife is pissed, probably won't make it much longer