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  1. There are no post op standards for corneal thickness? So If I was dq’d for FC1 with no chance of a waiver for corneal thickness then could I in theory get lasik and be good to go? @stuckindayton
  2. I'm planning on visiting a unit this weekend that I'm applying to. I was told drill starts at 0700 but was unsure when the best time to show up would be and how long to stay? Show up at 0650 and stay all day or a few hours later and stay a couple of hours? I deifinitely don't want to step on any toes while trying to meet everyone and get my name out there but I also don't want it to appear that I'm not interested.
  3. Anyone heard if the 138th in Tulsa is planning on hiring this year?
  4. I'm applying to the same board and I was allowed to pick and choose whatever. I'm applying for everything but RPA and was told if I want, I can apply pilot only (chose not to because my boss is a retired colonel who has been a board member who advised me against it).
  5. Are y'all talking about the OTS board (16OT02) or the upt board for those who have already commissioned in another AFSC looking to pick up a pilot slot?
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