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  1. I had 2 consecutive #1/150 Majs from Wg CC plus #3/270 CGOs and #2/80 Jt O-4s at a Joint Command, finishing behind only an Army infantrymen on the way to Battalion Command; same push, no commission DG, no SOS DG and I did not make it 1BPZ. If there was such thing as a late bloomer, it would be me -- truth is you can't make BPZ as a late bloomer. Fine by me. 7 more years until check of the month club.
  2. Pawnman, did not expect PRF to be that good. Big blue 100% did you dirty. This, to me, illustrates 2 things: - the inflation of strats in circulation right now. #2/8 I/APZ is top 25 percent. If promotion rate is 71 percent, how is that not good enough for promotion? The answer is STRAT INFLATION out in the ranks. Awful 2. A lot of strats in middle of C Zone that aren’t among rank, peer group. Not saying that’s your fault, but it shows the important of CGO and O-4 strats vice position strats. In any case, this PRF from my time as an exec esp with a Super P I would’ve bet a lot of money would’ve been picked up. There must have been a ton of illegitimate Super Ps on the board this year and that diluted its power. It frustrates me you obviously have done a good job for our service for 14+ years, have checked all boxes, and they still did you wrong It also makes me nervous for my IPZ Next year. Hang in there amigo
  3. ATZ though. ATZ non select feedback is different than IPZ feedback and BPZ feedback. Maybe they’ve said it’s to be treated the same as IPZ abut it’s not, no matter their newfound ATZ “intent”.
  4. Shack. A large percentage of people get a 1 or 2 strat on an eval. Mathematically, can that many people be truly ranked 1 or 2? Of course not. But commanders manipulate those numbers and if you aren’t a beneficiary, it looks like you’re an average Joe. If a commander actually has the wherewithal and ethical conscious to strat appropriately, and a good officer gets a #7/50 or something in the range, which SHOULD be a good strat, it somehow doesn’t look good. But it is good.
  5. Damnit Pawnman are you F’ing serious? What a joke. Sorry man.
  6. Sorry man. Never fails, not seeing your name on the right list always stings even if you somewhat expect it. Don’t worry, when you leave the Air Force, whenever that is, none of your friends or family will give a shit what rank you were. Be proud of your service.
  7. O-5 board. No BPZ possible to O-4.
  8. Got the gouge. 1BPZ with a DP. My name wasn’t on the list. Here I come IPZ 2020!
  9. Anyone hear anything on bro network yet? I have not.
  10. Seems like a longer dead period than normal for the release roll-out. Normally Wing Exec gets the list early....but not two weeks early.
  11. As Met records for 2019 LAF O-5 board are showing in PRDA.
  12. Question for the squad: I already did my final out with my current base and am on leave in the local area. Can I still visit the finance office to process paperwork or do I need to wait until I arrive at new duty station? It’s a BAH waiver that was just granted by AFPC. I’m instructed to submit to servicing finance office ASAP.
  13. I don’t think it will work. They have tightened the screws on PPM moves as of late. You need weight tickets, registrations, rental contracts (which you wouldn’t have if you did a full service carrier), etc. The last thing you want is to pay out of pocket for a full-service move and then your reimbursement comes up short, or worse, comes up empty. I would just try for expedited TMO....try harping on them to get you to the front of the line on account of your time table.
  14. The LAF O-5 board is moving fast....credit where credit is due on that one. Not sure what's up with the O-4 board being stuck in reverse....brutal.
  15. Thanks pawnman. Same to you amigo.
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