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  1. Question for the squad: I already did my final out with my current base and am on leave in the local area. Can I still visit the finance office to process paperwork or do I need to wait until I arrive at new duty station? It’s a BAH waiver that was just granted by AFPC. I’m instructed to submit to servicing finance office ASAP.
  2. I don’t think it will work. They have tightened the screws on PPM moves as of late. You need weight tickets, registrations, rental contracts (which you wouldn’t have if you did a full service carrier), etc. The last thing you want is to pay out of pocket for a full-service move and then your reimbursement comes up short, or worse, comes up empty. I would just try for expedited TMO....try harping on them to get you to the front of the line on account of your time table.
  3. The LAF O-5 board is moving fast....credit where credit is due on that one. Not sure what's up with the O-4 board being stuck in reverse....brutal.
  4. Thanks pawnman. Same to you amigo.
  5. I’d put myself in the 30-40 percent range...which I think is a pretty decent shot at it. Have A DG, not multiple. Have been an ADO, not a DO. No WIC. En route to CGSC in Res. Been a Wing Exec for a Colonel, not a GO. Have 2 MAJCOM CGO OTY Awds. Bottom line of PRF is “1/3 BPZs....blah blah blah”. PRF signed by Army O-6. Have a couple good 1 of 100 something Wg and Jt O-4 strats. I know I’m still below 50 percent but I think it will be close. I wouldn’t be surprised either way. Hey and IPZ I only gotta come up with 2 lines....how card can it be? 🙂
  6. I’m with you Pawnman — there’s at least one more dude on here (me) that wants to get promoted. 1BPZ this year with a DP....cautiously optimistic. I was put in for a few FGO awards in my time as a Major but have never won anything. I’m at a Joint Command...I sense the awards go to the people who they think may need the help but that could be incorrect. What I do know is I don’t have so much as an FGO of the quarter to my name. Hope that doesn’t burn me IPZ if I don’t make it this year.
  7. Just got the guidance for those needing an N-O En route to school. You can’t get stratted by promotion zone but you can get stratted by peer group. In other words, N-O PRFs will only have one strat, not 2. Additionally, for those already at school, guidance has been sent for those to be rewritten.
  8. MyPers showing results reported to Air Staff and SecAF with an estimated late June release date for the last O-5 board. Hopefully, at least for those of us that want it, we get some good news next month.
  9. Just took that memo to my boss and got a "What the is this?" There are no additional instructions on mypers as Gen Kelly indicates in the memo.
  10. Anyone have any gouge if you’re heading to school this summer what to do? My NO has already been written 9-line format. Am guessing my command will need to re-accomplish with new format.
  11. Good thing I just spent all that time on my narrative only PRF then
  12. Non-concur. I was a P on my major PRF, no SOS DG (or any DG), not a school select off my O-4 board and in my third look for school I got selected for CGSC and heading to my 1BPZ O-5 board with a DP. The first change CSAF made for IDE selection directly helped me by elimating school selects off the O-4 board and broadening the candidate pool (not sure about this recent DA change though). Of course, there are still made guys who are on the way to multiple BPZ promotions, command and in-res school programs...but I'd like to think this track starts around year 12 or 13 now instead of year 7 or 8. I'd also like to think its highly possible, if not highly probable, that a lot of those made guys are actually really solid....of course a few douche canoes get through....would be the case in any system in any org.
  13. Also, if you're en route to school your OPB will list "IDE....SELECT". In such cases the board won't even have to scroll -- they'll know you're headed to IDE in residence. Ipso facto...one more data point to prove that in-res vs distance is easily identifable to the board.
  14. As someone who got picked up last year, third look non-select, I can only hope SRs use their DA on their best non-select. This would be a sure-fire way to ensure SRs got their top 2 folks into school. If you're stratted number 3 or worse, odds will be extremely low...maybe you could pick up alternate and be a late bump to Maxwell.
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