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  1. Washington DC Metro area significant increases at the O-3 through O-5 levels.
  2. I agree. I'm a bigger dude. 6'1'' and 218 lbs and I do about a 3 month prep period for each PT test with a real strict 1 month diet rolling in to make sure I can get the waist points. Pushups, situps, 1.5 mile run and amazingly a lot of people of all shapes and sizes still fail. Such would be the case with any assessment. I think the components are fine and even as someone who doesn't max the waist every time, I'm fine with that too. Also people forget it was 2 minutes pushups, 2 minutes sit-ups, 2 mile run fairly recently. 1 minute, 1 minute, and 1.5 miles is an easier test. A lot of t
  3. Affirm. Wearing my O-5 rank today. Now let's get this pay raise flowing...
  4. Can you take TERA if you have an ADSC remaining?
  5. The anti-vaxers not wanting to get vaccinated for COVID is the ending 2020 deserves. Bravo.
  6. No new info but reasonable to expect a delay given the SCOTUS nomination and the election timing. However, SASC can "voice vote" whenever they please after President sends his concurrence over to the Senate....so it theoretically could happen at end of month. Often times, they'll voice vote last day of the month for large lists.
  7. Copy all. Still going forward with my ceremony this Friday aka....about 8 people, one flag and several beers.
  8. I supposedly pin on 1Nov....no way this list is approved by Senate by then, right? Anyone know ROE if Senate approves mid-Nov? First tranche of promotees pins on the next day or waits until 1st of the following month? First world problems i know...but want to get the folks in from out of town for a ceremony...which is difficult with no firm pin-on date.
  9. Hey, a line number is a line number. Only reason it matters to me is I'm in DC and could use the cash. The rent is too damn high.
  10. Well, that answers everyone's question about line numbers. You are ordered for pin-on based on merit within your functional category, and the pin-on increments are broken out by functional category accordingly. Makes sense -- would've been hard to order the entire list 1/n. Also, this table has the first pin-ons taking place 1Nov (Senate pending) so I would expect to see some line numbers popping up on VMPF very soon (couple days at most).
  11. You already got your line number? Are they uploaded somewhere already?
  12. Sorry man -- that's baffling. Sadly on these Air Force boards there are always a handful every year that make zero sense. AFPC.DP2SPP.OfficerPromotions@us.af.mil
  13. Line number should also flow to MILPDS (and subsequently to your VMPF dashboard) 24-48 hours after public release. Will be interested to see if they implemented merit-based line numbers on this board....I know they said they were going to but who knows.
  14. Haven't scrolled back through to check so I hope I'm not intruding here but if you know you didn't get selected and your "leadership" allows you to check the list tomorrow and not see your name, then that is an epic failure and pisses me off. Too much of that going around in today's Air Force.
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