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  1. Does anyone know a good officer recruiter in Virginia, for USAF active duty? I keep getting routed back to a particular recruiter. I've worked with her before, and I want to work with someone else.
  2. Haha, that's awesome. It sounds like I haven't given FD enough consideration. It's also good to know there are guys older than me still pursuing this dream. I was starting to feel like the old guy, especially when considering doing ROTC (I'm almost a decade older than some of these kids). I agree, I rushed an F-15 unit and felt like a very small fish in a big pond. I was the only guy without at least a PPL, and most guys had their commercial and/or were flight instructors, airline pilots, etc... it made me feel like perhaps I'm being unrealistic about the ANG fighter dream. What about active duty infantry? I was actually considering giving up the flying dream altogether and going all-out Army. I think I'd enjoy Ranger school, but I'd miss the flying. I do know of a fellow VT-grad who became a green beret officer, but his career ended in a horrible friendly-fire incident. Stories like that give me a lot of doubt. Another angle I could take is use the ROTC to pay for my degree and then just do 8 years of Army reserves with no active duty. Would this stop me from applying to ANG/AFRC units for a pilot slot? I thought about asking my recruiter these questions, but honestly I don't trust him. I'm not even sure I believe him in regard to my ability to get a scholarship... he said "I can get you a scholarship," but I've heard the deadline to apply for a 2-year Army academic scholarship was April 15th (which I missed). Right now I'm slated to spend a month in Basic Camp before really knowing if I have a scholarship. And this is a good month I could spend flying. If I go, I'll also miss the entrance exam for a really good police department I was looking at in Texas. I agree - part of me just wants to go back to school for the experience. I didn't have the best college experience, so it would be a chance for a do-over. But I did manage to finish school with no student loans, so I don't really want to make that mistake while getting my master's. I'm considering just moving to Tallahassee, staying there for a year to get residency, working odd jobs and flying ... then if I like the place, get my master's, all while applying to ANG/AFRC and PD/FD positions in Texas and other areas. I feel like I probably overthink my decisions, haha. Thanks for all the info! You guys are a great help.
  3. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I think the general consensus is that the Army could be a mistake (at least as an officer). It's great to hear that several of you got picked up at age 28... I had pretty much decided I would either do active duty USAF or ANG fighters, but maybe that's kind of silly. I started rethinking active duty after reading a lot of the "Leaving for the Airlines" thread on this forum. STOIKY, was that for a heavy unit that you got picked up at? FDNYOldGuy, it's awesome to hear from someone who has lived in both places. What are the chances of that? Haha. From the sound of it, you would suggest going to Tallahassee to get the degree and finish my flying, but not do the Army? Then move to Austin later... that sounds like a viable option. I have an assistantship offer through the school of Communications, so my degree is more or less paid for either way (barring out-of-state tuition, but at least it will pay for most of it). I've found a flight school in Tallahassee that has a fleet of Piper Warriors, which I prefer flying compared to the C152/172s that most schools have. It's also pretty unique in that all of the flight instructors are either ex-military or highly experienced instructors. I think having an experienced flight instructor really helps... I did notice that the airport in Austin was pretty far away from town, with no real brick-and-mortar flight school available. The most immediate concern is money, considering that I've been throwing my flight training on loans. I figured with a PD job (or at least one lined up), I could help pay for the flight training and living expenses. Doing ROTC doesn't really fix the money problem, since they would only pay me $450 a month for the 2 years I'm at FSU (besides paying for the degree). I had even considered moving to NYC a few years ago, but the cost of living there is even higher. I've considered FD as well, but maybe not as much as I should have. How does the pay compare to police? I'm still kicking myself for not applying to the Navy for a pilot slot before I was 26... hindsight is 20/20, I guess. Thanks again.
  4. Age: 28 (will be 28.5 in October 2018) AFOQT: 1st Try: 82 Pilot / 72 Nav / 64 Acad Apt / 83 Verb / 45 Quant TBAS: 2nd Try: 68 (up to 92 at 201+ hours; currently at 21 hours) LORs: 1 Retired Air Force pilot, 2 College Professors, 2 Former Employers GPA: 3.63 (Dual B.A.'s from Virginia Tech) I applied active duty USAF as pilot only in 2016 and was not selected. I have been applying to ANG fighter units with no luck. Now the Army is offering me a scholarship to get my master's as long as I do it before I turn 31. I think I'd rather have a non-flying Army job than Air Force. My options: 1. Go to Florida State University and do Army ROTC. Upsides are that I'll get my master's for free, hopefully have fun at FSU, and get to commission as an officer. The downsides are that I'll have to give up flying, Tallahassee kind of sucks, I'll have to commit to 10 years with the Army (2 in school, 4 active, 4 reserve), and the degree is a somewhat worthless Master's in Communications. 2. Go to Austin or Dallas, where I've found several police jobs that I think I have a good chance of getting. I've always wanted to be in the military or be a cop. The pay is better than the Army (up to $63k starting). I could fast track my PPL next month and apply for a few more units before I'm 29. I could also pursue my MBA online at Liberty University (got accepted for the MBA there, but not for the MBA at FSU). In case you can't tell, I'm leaning toward Texas. But part of me feels like if I don't do something in the military, I'll always regret it. Then again, I want to finish up my PPL. I hate quitting stuff and flying is in my blood (3rd generation pilot, haha). Questions: Is Army aviation as an officer worth pursuing? I've also considered enlisting, but it seems dumb to do it at 28 with two degrees. I've searched around about ANG age waivers, and the general consensus seems to be that they are long shot. Correct? I still have one AFOQT retest available. But is this a waste of time now? I'd almost certainly be 29 by the time a board meets. Thanks in advance for any advice / wisdom. I know this is a very personal choice, but maybe you've had similar.
  5. I've gotta have this signed (or not) by tomorrow, can anyone provide a yes or no if they had to sign something like this for an officer commission? It looks to me like if I sign this, I could be legally held at MEPS until I accept an enlistment contract and take an oath. See attached doc: MEPS Brief (Group).pdf It's just strange to me that I didn't sign anything like this before.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm applying active duty for the 2nd time. My first time was pilot only. I'm on the fence about whether to apply for all officer positions or pilot only again. My recruiter is really pushing for me to apply for all officer positions. I'm not sure I want to. Anyway, I have to redo my medical at MEPS and she has a new form for me to sign before I get there. It says, "I understand that I am going to the MEPS to join the Active Duty Air Force, take the oath of enlistment, sign a contract and I will enter the Air Force Delayed Entry Program (DEP)." I never had to sign a contract or take the oath of enlistment while at MEPS last time I applied for a commission. I asked her about this and she says "this only applies to enlisted applicants." If that's the case, why am I signing this? I'm paranoid about signing things after having been ripped off in the past, so if anyone can ease my mind about this, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
  7. It's mid-January now... anyone heard anything else from Jacksonville?
  8. My first time around with the TBAS, my PCSM was 52 and 201+ hours score was 87. After retaking, my PCSM is 68 and 201+ hours score is 92. I studied my ass off for the TBAS. Planning on retaking the AFOQT as well.
  9. 162nd just announced it was an Iraqi pilot (1 on board). https://twitter.com/162ndFW
  10. I would never consider going in as RPA in the hope of being upgraded to pilot - but that's just me. Retake the test! You should be able to raise all of those scores, especially verbal. Yes, the PCSM matters a lot for pilots. 80 is good, 90 is better. You don't need to post your topic 3 times, once is enough.
  11. We're in the same boat, OP. I'm 27, turning 28 soonish. Just retook the TBAS and probably will retake the AFOQT. The fact that you'll already have your PPL is a huge plus. Still working on mine. Anyway, if you quit trying, the chances of selection are nil. Have you taken the TBAS yet? Might as well get it out of the way... Good luck!
  12. Judgesmails: Speaking as someone who started studying/applying to boards 1.5 years ago and has yet to get picked up, I think you need to stop "considering applying" and start applying. Apply Navy, USMC, USAF, ANG - everything. Apply for pilot only, if you like. Take your best offer. In all likelihood, you'll have to apply more than once to get anything. I waited a little too long on the Navy and just hit the 27 year age limit, so don't make the same mistake. That being said, a lot of the guys on this board are/were active duty pilots in the USAF, USMC, etc. - I'd take their opinions over your gut feelings. I too was initially more interested in the Navy, but the more I read, the more I realized USAF is probably a "better deal" if you just want to fly jets. And ANG is the "best deal." When a USMC pilot like VMFA187 tells you that the Air Force generally has more proficient pilots and might fly more - as well as that prioritizing the ANG is a good idea - I think that should be enough to make you reconsider your preferences. Or at least, it should make you consider applying to multiple branches. After all, if you're like me, your initial preference might be based on what color of wings you get, the movie Top Gun, and that letter by Bob Norris that everyone has already read. I just checked your profile and it looks like your 19 years old and don't have your bachelor's? In that case... apply as soon as you can, I guess. Time flies.
  13. Thanks guys, I'll call my nearest ROTC unit and schedule the TBAS. The more I think about it, the more ANG seems appealing. But I wouldn't be opposed to applying all positions as a last resort...
  14. Reviving my dead topic again. I was planning on applying for Active Duty again, last month. My recruiter said it was too close and to wait for the next one. Now it's time for the next one, but she basically has told me that she won't work with me unless I apply for all officer positions (not just pilot only). She said she cannot "make me a priority" if my goals do not align with the "needs of the Air Force." I tried contacting Air Force recruiting and they routed me back to her. I'm weighing my options. I know I can get my PCSM up by retaking the TBAS. Can I retake it without a recruiter? I'm considering going along with her BS just so I can retake the TBAS, then apply to ANG units. I should have my PPL soon - then I might retake the AFOQT as well. But I'm 27 - turning 28 next April. If I do want to go active duty, this may be the AD last board I'm eligible for without an age waiver (correct me if I'm wrong). If I apply for all positions and decline a non-pilot position, I'm assuming this looks bad for ANG units as well. Any input is appreciated.
  15. Thanks, I ended up sticking it all in an air mail flat rate mailer. Just wanted to make sure people weren't getting theirs bound and embossed with leather covers or something, lol.
  16. Hey all - dumb question: when applying for an ANG unit, what should I put the required documents in? A manila envelope? I've applied Active Duty before, but this is my first time applying ANG. Everything was done via email for AD. Thanks in advance!
  17. Is there any chance of the 192nd FW hiring, ever? Because they're right on my doorstep... and they fly F-22's... Should I call these people, or am I wasting my time and theirs? Location isn't the end-all for me. I do have this conception (perhaps incorrect) that it would be a lot easier to go AD and get paid to go anywhere they tell me, whereas if I go to a specific base for ANG / Reserves, I'd have to pay my own way to get there and have to worry about getting a day job at the new location. I can totally understand doing that to fly fighters, but ANG doesn't really pay much, correct? So if I go that route, I've got to forget doing this as a career?
  18. Thanks for the info. I wondered why I wasn't seeing much in the way of Reserves discussion on this board. There don't seem to be many ANG opportunities in Virginia (where I currently live). I'm not sure how viable it would be for me to relocate to a state to be in an ANG unit. Do units offer any kind of help with that? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  19. Just got off the phone with a Reserves recruiter. She told me point-blank that no Reserve fighter units are hiring (i.e., Hill AFB, UT or Homestead AFB, FL - both F-16). I'm guessing this means Elmendorf, AK (F-22's) and Carswell NAS/JRB, TX (F-16) are not as well. She did say if I wanted to fly Reserves, these are the units hurting for pilots: Westover AFB, MA (C-5's) Pittsburgh ARS, PA (C-130's) Dover AFB, DE (C-17's, C-5's) If this info is true, I guess ANG / AD is the only way to go if your heart is set on fighters? Obviously not a guarantee either way, but I'd like a chance. She encouraged me to send in letters to get interviews, but mentioned that the Reserves only hold boards in May and November, and that I would need to have interviewed with a unit and gotten sponsorship. She said that if a unit told me I would have to apply unsponsored, I should just forget about applying... and that even if a Reserve fighter unit had an opening, I shouldn't waste my time applying - because the slot would go to the son of a General or something. If any of this sounds fishy, please correct me / her.
  20. Rycast

    Gun Talk

    I was considering buying an "Urban Carry" holster as well, until I saw that video. There are a shitload of Kydex holster-makers to choose from, but these guys offer endless options: http://www.huckleberrytacticalshop.com/category-s/141.htm They're one of the only places to offer a light-bearing XDM .45 holster (for a Surefire X300, among other options), IWB or OWB. Multiple mounting options, including G-Code clips... RMR optic cut optional, threaded barrel cut, level II retention options, etc...
  21. FishBowl, what were your scores like, out of curiosity? I finished and submitted a pilot-only application in June. My recruiter finally came around. I'm supposed to hear back on August 31st (this Wednesday). I'm excited, anxious, conflicted, etc. What is the notification process for civilians? I searched the boards for info; a lot of guys mentioned MyPers, which I've never used.
  22. Hey everyone, I managed to convince my recruiter to let me apply pilot only (I thought I did, anyway). Apparently she didn't know it was allowed. I just interviewed with a colonel; he said I did well and that he would recommend me. He seems to think I should put down enlisted jobs as well, but he said he wasn't sure how this works with OTS, since he did ROTC. However, my recruiter is now saying that I should list 4 non-rated jobs along with the 4 rated choices (or just list pilot and 4 non-rated choices). Any advice on this non-rated stuff? These are choices that are tacked onto the end of the AF56 form. She just emailed all of her OTS candidates and told us to list jobs. I'm guessing I should stick to my guns on this. Thanks again.
  23. Well, I let her know I wouldn't apply with these scores unless it was for pilot only. I haven't heard back from her. I didn't realize it was an automatic disqualification from a future board if I declined a selection that I put down. I'd definitely rather apply with more hours. ... I'm hoping Table 1.1.27 in that giant wall of queep you linked me to (p. 19, "Requested withdrawal of application") doesn't disqualify me, either. I didn't exactly finish it, so that doesn't count as a withdrawal, does it? Now I'm being paranoid. Anyway, thanks for the info. I'm trying to find a decent flight school that won't break the bank and that actually has flight instructors who can find the time to fly. It's cool to know that you managed to move from CSO/Nav to pilot. From the sound of it, I would rather do that than RPA any day.
  24. Viper, out of curiosity how long did you get to fly manned before being assigned to RPAs? I've been reading in the "Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines" topic and I'm now re-evaluating my active duty desires. My recruiter already scheduled my MEPS physical and got me an interview contact. Part of me would like to go forward with the application with all 4 jobs down, but I also feel like it would be risking a non-pilot selection -- more so than if I waited to retake the TBAS and got more flight time. I'm assuming turning down a selection narrows your chances for a future board, so I'll probably pass on the June board. Thanks again for the input.
  25. Thanks guys. I had a hard time finding an officer recruiter at all. Apparently there are none in my area. I'm having to drive 3 hours every time I meet her or take a test. The first recruiter I talked to was an enlisted recruiter. I asked him about pilot slots and he said, "how does that work?" Maybe I can find a new recruiter in Florida after I (hopefully) move this fall.
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