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  1. A friend from my unit got a pilot slot strait out of ROTC into the guard. I am not sure this is the same program and they may have let her off of her active commiment because they commissioned to many that year. PM me if you want me to get you in touch with them
  2. I am down at Laughlin for UPT. There are some army guys a few classes back that were C-12(and i think rotor as well) for the army but now going to a guard or reserve unit and they are going back through all of UPT... I don't think they had to go back to OTS though. I would just go to the unit and talk to some of the pilots if you are interested. If you can find a past hiring board announcement you could start with the hiring POC. Going to a friend of the wing commander is maybe to much...
  3. Just spitballing here but is there anyway that she can work remotely? Is she able to travel, how about her visiting you on the some weekends? Sounds like money might not be too much of issue but if you were married you cant get a waiver to receive dependent rate BAH for where you spouse is living if you got to UPT as an unaccompanied married officer. So you would get your home zip code BAH (they normally just take this at UPT) on top of your LT salary that might help pay for some tickets. You can look that up here.
  4. Are you AD or Guard/Reserve? AD you will got to OTS and then PCS to your UPT base and be on casual status(you sort of work) tell your class starts or you tell you go TDY to IFT. Sounds like most people right now have about a month form OTS graduation to IFT start. Guard, you will go home tell your orders say that you go to your UPT base. I graduate OTS beginning of March and start UPT at the end of April so I will be home for a month not on orders. Reserve, I think you stay on orders and go straight to your UPT base in between classes but I am not 100%. The time line is
  5. Dude, Your packet is way stronger then mine was. I had a great pilot score but less on everything else. Didn't have my PPL but was getting close and had 30 hours. My PCSM was only 60 at the time. I got interviews at 3 Herk units and hired by one of them. You will be fine
  6. More importantly rush the unit. Your Masters and work experience will help will help your packet stand out. Apply to every unit that interests you, but people have more luck with local units. If there is a pilot POC listed on a board announcement call them, if it is not call them and get the number or email for the who ever is heading up the board. Get in touch with them and tell them about yourself. Guard units want solid folks that get the job done and then have a good time afterwards. In my experience the guys that run the boards will be more then happy to chat with you. The units that I go
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. I get issued PT gear, which is too bad because I was looking forward to sharing junk mesh with those who came before me.
  8. I am heading down to TFOT and TFIT at Maxwell in January and I am a non prior UPT ANG select. My unit will only issue me ABU's and most of the Blue's but not the Blue's Coat, Pants Shoes and some of the other essential accoutrement and non of the Mess Dress that is included on the reporting instructions. Finance just informed me that I don't get the 400$ for officers to buy clothing because I am not an officer... I can probably get that later but still a pain. Also stopping by the BX i am sure that all the stuff I need will cost way more then that. Any body have any recent experience wit
  9. I got hired in April 2015 and will be in UPT in April 2016 for an ANG slot and had a delay for the Security Clearance system being down . I was non prior, no waivers and a PPL. So you can definitely get there prior to turning 30. Also your unit should be able to rush your stuff through faster, I know they did that for one of our guys who is back on seasoning orders now.
  10. Just got some dates. Seems like they are trying to get stuff going quicker. Hire: April 2015 Swear in: June 2015 FC1: July 2015 TFOT: January 2016 Del Rio: April 2016 No waivers. No Prior Service.
  11. I just got picked up by an ANG board and I went through MEPS after i got selected... Do they want you to go to MEPS before the Board date?
  12. I was told this same thing but about ANG and AFRC. I don't believe it. Are you prior service? Is the recruiter trying to schedule you for FC1 or anything?
  13. Have you sent in packets to any ANG or AFRC sponsored boards yet?
  14. I don't really see this being an issue. In both interviews I went to I was asked about old trouble with the law. I didn't have any MIP's but I think the right unit wouldn't care... The unit that did hire me had the real interview at the bar that night, the unit that didn't hire me was a little more uptight. Most units have you fill out the AF Form 24 so put it on there. I don't think you need to bring it up in CV or any where else in your packet. Rush the unit, try to talk to the person in charge of pilot hiring. They may or may not ask about legal trouble. If you are really worried as the
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