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  1. Say I leave active duty to join AFRC under PALACE FRONT. My HOR & SLR are currently Texas, and I move to Louisiana (from North Dakota) using my JTR relocation entitlement for separating from active duty. While on terminal I close on a house in Louisiana, and then join AFRC the day after my DOS. A few weeks later I go on long term MPA orders. (1) Is my SLR required to change to Louisiana by virtue of the fact I moved there during a break in AD service? (2) Does my HOR change from TX by virtue of the fact that I re-entered AD on MPA orders from a residence in LA? (3) In short, do I gain a LA state income tax liability, either all the time or only for periods when not on orders?
  2. Leadership at the 'Deid

    AFGSC is trying to develop the initial leadership cadre for the B-21 by cross-pollinating bomber dudes. What the MAF does would be like taking a dude out of ICBMs, sending him to the B-1 for 4-6 years, and then putting him in command of a B-52 squadron. There are many things wrong with AFGSC... This isn't one of them. (Also, people bitched for years about how there were no career broadening options for bomber dudes besides ALFA tours if you didn't want to go to WIC and didn't want to or couldn't go to TPS. Now there's Vista. Count our blessings.)
  3. ABM slot

    Reference the linked thread below. Going forward, please use the search feature to look for existing threads that cover your topic before creating a new one. It's one of the business rules that keeps this forum useful by ensuring good information is consolidated instead of getting lost in a thousand separate threads. To your questions, I'm not an ABM but I used to read maps to people that drove them around (i.e. AWACS nav) before I switched airframes... Stressful yes, but so are all rated jobs. Becoming a good ABM is probably more stressful than some rated jobs because it requires you to learn the technical details of your own platform (AWACS/JSTARS/CRC), the art and science of controlling (e.g. prioritizing comm based on what's happening, the comm plan for your fight, whether datalinks are working, etc), and the TTPs of our CAF fighters (how you do business changes significantly based on the fighters you're controlling, their sensors, their datalinks, and the kinematics of their missiles... and ditto for the bad guys' characteristics). If you take the slot, embrace that stress, take it as a challenge to master the knowledge/skills, and be proud you get paid to do something most people in the Air Force don't have the mental capacity for. Not a lot of civilian careers utilizing their training/skillset? Not to the same degree as pilots... You're not going to go be an ABM for Delta... But lots of former ABMs go into industry jobs (think program and project management or technical writing for Boeing and other contractors that support weapon systems with ABMs), contract instruction (e.g. those that support academic/sim training at Tyndall, Tinker, as well as companies that teach CRM), civil service (AF/DoD civilian), and management jobs in the corporate world that utilize the leadership/management skills all AF officers should theoretically be learning/using. Not to mention, within the Air Force a lot of ABMs wind up working in air defense roles, as Air Liaison Officers (ALOs), and as datalink managers, all of which open other doors. ABMs get deployed a lot? It was true in my day, probably more true now. Everybody in the Air Force deploys a lot. In the rated world, those that don't "deploy" a lot are probably either on the road more than those that do (e.g. AMC bubbas) or wish they could deploy (e.g. RPA drivers). Big picture: Don't say "No" to any rated job. If you want to be a pilot, try to work your way onto the alternate list for pilot/RPA/CSO. Take the best thing you can get out of your commissioning source. Then excel at your assigned job. Then as soon as you are eligible (2 years into your career field), apply for the active duty UFT board (I know several ABMs that became pilots). But I would imagine most people on this forum would agree, any rated job is better than every non-rated job.
  4. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Here's a "Leadership at the Deid" worthy story. The SecAF and CSAF were here a few weeks ago, and at one point during their dog and pony show, they asked the rent-a-crowd "Are you getting everything you need here, with the embargo and everything?" And someone from either HNCC, Protocol, or Services (can't remember) straight up lied and said "We're good, we even have fresh milk." My buddy that works in the wing front office just about shit a brick. (Same friend was of course dispatched into town prior to the visit to pick up Diet Cokes for the VIPs since FSS is out of them and Diet Pepsi just ain't the same.)
  5. North Korea at it again

    I can bring you 16 CBUs and 8 JDAM to boot... Got to use those CBU-103s and 104s while they're still street legal.
  6. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Looks like 15 volunteers for the 18X pipeline to me.
  7. IIRC it was 24 12Bs overall... Take out two that belong to AFMC, and adjust for the fact that the B-52 community has 133% as many squadrons as B-1s and 150% as many 12Bs per crew, I could easily see there only being 4 bonus-eligible B-1 WSOs.
  8. Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Not trying to take this off on a whole other tangent, but anyone else feel like this bureaucratic construct we're operating (in both OIR and OFS, albeit under a much tighter leash in OFS) under was a giant counterdoctrinal mindfuck by the land component to take over not only CAS, but interdiction as well? e.g. Back when I was a hardened nuclear warrior who only did "CAS" in imaginationland, I'd hear stuff like "They have CAS on a tight leash out there because can't have CIVCAS and 'no one target will win this war' and dangers of relying on indigenous forces for targeting" etc. And then I get out here and what I see is: (1) deliberate targets developed well outside the 72 hour ATO cycle tasked by the land component via 9-Line as "CAS" with little/no visibility by the CAOC, (2) clearly offensive targets (i.e. interdiction masquerading as CAS) assigned under defensive ROE in order to circumvent CAF TTPs for avoiding CIVCAS, (3) JTACs who want me to ignore what my sensor is telling me and be a BOC machine because some Army 1-star standing over their shoulder staring at an FMV feed (pushed by a contractor whose idea of a far scan is to go WFOV) must have more SA than I do, and (4) occasionally actual CAS. Oh yeah, (5) Laser JDAMs and SDBs for terrain denial. Watching what the Army mentality has done to both our strikers and ISR makes me both more convinced than ever about the foundational need for airpower to be controlled by airmen... and also more SMH than ever at our so-called leaders that over a decade later still haven't learned how to say "No" to terrible ideas from the land component.
  9. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Also I'm not personally aware of any B-52 O-6s without combat experience... That would be the exception to the norm for the demographic. Young O-5s that came into the community after 2006, sure. But the few times I've gotten to have indigenous BUFF O-6 leadership (as opposed to the parade of B-2 pilots) it's been dudes that flew Kosovo and OEF and OIF.
  10. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Why in the name of all that is holy did they accept Article 15s? The reprimand is probably coming regardless of the outcome given lower standard of proof, why not go to court for your reputation?
  11. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Can someone fill me in on what constitutes an unprofessional relationship in a UCMJ sense? An E-7 & an airman they don't supervise counts? If I had bagged a Major from the Med Group when I was a 1LT because maybe I liked cougars at the time, would that have been illegal? Very confused.
  12. Promotion and PRF Information

    Checks. If a rated officer can lead crew comm or AFE troops in the OSS, he can lead maintainers or finance folks. ... Which reminds me, whatever happened to our old inside source, Finance_Guy?
  13. Upcoming Boards

    Coincidentally I just saw a PA story about the interesting place one guy on the unsponsored track wound up...
  14. Doesn't this fall under JTR para. 5066, relief from active duty? I would imagine that you're entitled to the cost of transportation to your HOR or PLEAD, whichever is further, and doesn't have to be on your orders because it's a JTR entitlement. Can any Reservists speak to this? I'm curious myself as someone that plans to be a Reservist in a year.
  15. Goldfein advocating FAA 1500 hour rule change???

    Not my thing, can't claim it, someone else here said it, but bears repeating: AFPC is scheduling if schedulers weren't bros that have to look you in the eye when they fuck you.