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  1. Disco_Nav963

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Mixed feelings: I agree it's unseemly. I also usually take advantage of early boarding for the overhead bin space reason. I think it's downright weird when the gate agent specifies "military in uniform," because IMO you've got to be dumb (begging for that lone wolf ISIS sympathizer's attention) or attention whoring to be traveling in uniform. (I understand the other branches might require you to travel in uniform on official travel. If so, those branches are dumb or attention whoring.) And I think the airlines do it for the same reason the NFL pays for patriotic symbolism—making us their damn mascots. I have no sympathy for the feelings of that first class passenger since I often pay for first class upgrades myself or get them for "free" with a mileage program, and I'm usually the only one traveling in a blue blazer and slacks while everyone else in first class is in sweat pants. At least in the armpits of America we base our bombers in, first class does not directly correlate to "the respectable bourgeoisie," rather it's "more of the unwashed masses, only with more money." The airlines brought this on all of us when they made air travel a Hobbesian state of nature—a war of every man against every man—by nickel and diming us over luggage rather than a pleasant experience one looks forward to. I'd prefer it if the airlines got rid of the early boarding thing altogether, but as long as I live at least one connection away from the rest of the world, and as long as my checked bags only have a 0.9 Probability of Arrival, I'm going to take a carry-on with the essentials and I'll do what it takes not to have to put it where my feet go. Completely agree on the license plates. I imagine for most veterans there's an inverse correlation between the degree to which a decoration was earned for legitimate heroism and their eagerness to put it out there for public display.
  2. Disco_Nav963

    CSO drop nights

    The class the BUFFs fell on...
  3. Disco_Nav963

    Fighter CSO/Navigator Reserve/ANG Units

    ^ What he said. Barring a non-FTU F-15E unit getting stood up, the next closest thing would be whatever the Light Attack program turns into... or bombers. Or become a mercenary and fly F-18Fs for Australia.
  4. Disco_Nav963

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    The bases are certainly better in AWACS.
  5. I'm going to go with "Yes" seeing as my separation move got scheduled before my 1288 was even fully complete, and your JTR entitlement is based on your separation from active service, not based on the fact that you are being gained by ANG/AFRC unit X. On the paperwork I filled out with TMO there were containers for (I'm paraphrasing from memory) "Authorized Delivery Location" and "Directed Delivery Location." The former was the HOR or PLEAD as designated on my separation orders as the place I was headed to; the latter was the address I chose which was a shorter distance from my final AD base than was my PLEAD (it could have been more and I simply would have owed the government the difference in costs). Nothing on there about the installation my AFRC unit is at.
  6. Disco_Nav963

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    The once in a blue moon T-1 to B-52 pipeline resurfaces...
  7. Disco_Nav963

    Wing Re-Org Test

    He was my OG when I was in Nav skool. Even then, on an AETC base replete with HQ queep, it was obvious he had his priorities straight.
  8. Disco_Nav963

    B-1 (Bone) questions

    I don't disagree, but the requirement exists to do your own scan regardless of who else is out there... in addition to the times we were just flat on our own covering deliberate targets and DTs (e.g. the war against oil) away from the urban CAS stacks. If I have to do it, I want the best tools for the job. The CFACC SPINS were somewhat good about delineating what a TGP player could reasonably be expected to see or not see, and in my experience the GFC didn't really want us scanning anyway. The biggest buffoonery I saw was TET guidance that contradicted the SPINS re: scan for things we acknowledge you can't reliably PID, and oh by the way we didn't MAAP you to overlap with any players that can help out. Gee thanks. Big picture... Agree with extreme prejudice, it felt like Air Component leadership was handing our lunch money to Army by the fist-full... especially on counter-doctrinal, peanut-butter spread apportionment of ISR.
  9. Disco_Nav963

    B-1 (Bone) questions

    As a BUFF guy, dual sensors would be tits... Would have been extremely helpful in OIR both for simultaneous near/far scans in the villages/'burbs, and for scanning ahead of/behind movers. Even moreso in OFS where you have less assets around to help. We have a powered pylon between our left engine pods identical to the one on the right we strap SNIPER/LITENING to that right now we're only using for ACMI pods at FLAGs. Even better would be if they put it below the jet where it would never be fuselage masked. I understand the B-1 SNIPER is mounted on one of the external hardpoints they would have put an ALCM pylon on in the pre-START Treaty days, so theoretically there is another such hardpoint on the left side of the jet?
  10. Disco_Nav963

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    You forgot to mention you're deployed hacking the mish right now as well... Worthy also of the "Leadership at the Deid" thread.
  11. Disco_Nav963

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Along the lines of what BeerMan was saying, hours counts can be misleading when it comes to ABMs since they can do hard time in CRCs and air defense. In her case, she didn't make it to a flying assignment until year 10 of her career. That lasted for two years and not counting episodic flying at the Weapons School (which for ABMs I believe only happens during ME/WSINT) she didn't have another one until she was an OG/CC. Yet she was absolutely in the ops mainstream of her career field for that first decade... Unlike (to make a negative comparison) Gen Klotz, the first AFGSC/CC, who bounced around different fellowships, advanced degree programs, and exec gigs before he made it to a missile squadron.
  12. Disco_Nav963

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Robinson is/has always been an ABM and has never been Space/Cyber. Most of this discussion is mental masturbation.
  13. I'll let others chime in, but trust me, CRM and rapid accumulation of flight hours are both "things" in the bomber community. I'm a Reserve bomber WSO; feel free to PM me if you want to know about the units at Barksdale. (FYSA: You've got 2 AFRC B-52 squadrons at KBAD, 1 AFRC B-1 squadron at KDYS, an ANG B-2 unit at Whiteman, and rumor has it they may start an AFRC B-1 unit at Ellsworth in the next few years...)