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  1. The original vision for the association was mixed support to FTU and ops, and we had half the squadron aligned with and actively flying the FTU mission. But RegAF asked us to support the combat squadron exclusively, and at that time most of our FTU augments pulled chocks because they weren't looking to deploy at that stage of their lives. The billets that came from the 9th/28th were vacant UMD billets that hadn't actually been filled by AFPC in some time. It cost the 28th zero actual personnel, the requirement for the 28th to maintain some people CMR to support 9th deployments went away, and s
  2. There's been RegAF interest in an ARC presence at KRCA for years... There is Reserve B-1 crewdog interest in an ARC presence at KRCA for the obvious reasons (Ellsworth is awesome). When I directly asked the previous 307 BW/CC about it 3-ish years ago, he made it sound like it was stuck in HQ AFRC feasibility study purgatory. Concerns over whether the ARC pilot lifestyle was sustainable with folks having to commute somewhere that isn't a hub and has few direct flights a lot of the year. (Also true of KABI, but Dyess is a 2 hour drive from DFW.) Seemed to me like they were underestimating the am
  3. If the Foundation goes under... Odds someone else keeps their F-4 flying? Because if I ever found myself with $15K to blow I was definitely going to treat myself to a ride someday.
  4. Says a bunch of "POWs Were Left Behind" conspiracy theorists who weren't there. Could you find a few people out of the 500+ that were prisoners who didn't like him? Sure. Bud Day campaigned for him. That's all you need to know.
  5. Reportedly the backstory on this is that the services were authorized to go up to X for flight pay by Congress, the Air Force chose to go up to less than X, and the other services chose to not go up at all. DFAS was incapable of processing one ACIP table for the Air Force and one for the other branches, hence the "fix" was to keep paying us what the other services get and then issue top-off payments a week later.
  6. Pictured below: me, an AFRC CSO, reading this thread. But seriously, no shame in only putting down what you want. The AF is a giant machine that will use you as another cog in the wheel... You don't owe it X number of years doing something you don't want to do like it's your wife or something. The process of joining is where you have max leverage over your own fate. 2 on everything jice said, and 2 on going Reserve or Guard...
  7. What status is the dude on? IMA? I've never heard of someone in AFRC flying an MDS that didn't have an AFRC unit before.
  8. @hindsight2020 Didn't MT use to be longer to accommodate a longer Title 10 seasoning period, and weren't MT tours reduced in conjunction with the creation of the TDART program? Speaking for my own little slice of life (the bomber world), it used to be two years, now it's (I want to say) 260 days between MQT proper and seasoning. In fact WSOs still get two years thanks to a drug deal between units, the FAM, and AFRC/A3 because there isn't yet a WSO TDART program. I had a vague awareness of these issues from hearing about them in my B-52 unit, and when I crossflowed to the B-1 I actually ca
  9. TIL the people at Robins think we're still operating B-52Gs (ref. pg. 2). When man thought he could burn water...
  10. Since we're doing decade+ thread bumps today, GoogleFu reveals this former Lt is now a press spokesperson for Boeing's space division: https://twitter.com/kellykgeorge?lang=en
  11. ^ That, with an emphasis on a smaller logistics tail than the strategic bomber fleet... That combined with unrefueled range lends itself to dispersability and unpredictability.
  12. First question from skimming the article: Why did Australia have a beef with the Indonesians? 😂
  13. I think the rub is that the military is inherently political, but isn't supposed to be partisan, and people often mistakenly conflate the two. Every time a service chief or a legislative liaison goes to the Hill for budget stuff, it's political. When we make tactical, operational, or strategic choices, it's political. War is politics. Clausewitz etc. etc. The issue is when you mix service with promoting a partisan candidate or cause. Likewise, impeachment is inherently political (see Federalist 65) but isn't intrinsically partisan. The founders naively thought political parties wouldn't b
  14. Citing a thread by some rando begging to be RTed by Pensacola's retard congressman Matt Gaetz and a Q-Anon conspiracy theorist? Yeah, that's credible.
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