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  1. Disco_Nav963

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Well, when I said that I was alluding to my own particular experience of 8 years in BUFFs where of my AD wing commanders I had many B-2 pilots, 1x B-1 pilot, and 1x B-1 WSO. Didn't have a BUFF wing king until I became a Reservist. Just switched to Reserve B-1s and my wing king is the same BUFF dude as before (because GSU of same Reserve wing), and the AD wing/CC is... a BUFF guy. In any case, they have all been proficient in the bomber mission... Just not our particular bomber. Not like AMC with tanker dudes commanding mobility wings and vice/versa. (Of course, I started my career in AWACS with a wing commander from... The B-1. So there's that.)
  2. Disco_Nav963

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    They're a necessary desirable evil when the wing commander only has a senior officer qual in the MDS his wing flies.
  3. Disco_Nav963

    STRATCOM Has a Sense of Humor, but No Balls

    Jesus you're dense. His Ph.D. is in clinical psychology. All his refereed publications are in psychology. To the extent any of them touch on politics, it's on the personality traits of liberals and conservatives. He has no peer-reviewed publications in history, economics, or political theory. To the extent he has any formal education in those subjects it's a B.A. in Political Science... So did my high school soccer coach. His own statements show he is hardly "exceptionally educated" about those subjects, or Marxist thought in particular. Of course there are Marxists in academia. There are also postmodernists/poststructuralists in academia, which is his real bête noire and what he means when he says "cultural Marxism." The two groups do not overlap. They believe very different things about basic epistemology. Saying "cultural Marxist" is like saying "Malthusian infertility medicine"; you're conflating two schools of thought or fields of study that not only don't overlap, but are actually fundamentally contradictory. Marx made specific claims about economics, politics, and history (claims that were severely wrong by the way) based on an underlying belief in epistemological realism—that is, that objective reality exists. Post-modern critical social theorists (like the gender extremists that hold gender is entirely socially constructed) believe the opposite. The targets of Peterson's ire disagree with Marx on epistemology, and they also don't care much about economics either. But "cultural Marxism" sounds scary and taps into people's concerns about contemporary academia. Ultimately it's a meaningless pejorative like Neo-Conservative (which the Left stripped of its domestic policy meanings to use only to refer to a particular subset of foreign policy thought on the Right, because it conveniently sounds like Neo-Nazi), Neo-Liberal (which once had a particular meaning in international economics, but socialists have co-opted to attack liberals), or "Globalist." It appeals to people whose knowledge of political theory comes from owning but not actually reading/understanding Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism." Dishonest oversimplification and claiming to speak as an expert about subjects outside your field is not what academics do. It's what hucksters do.
  4. Disco_Nav963

    STRATCOM Has a Sense of Humor, but No Balls

    I was referring to his moonlighting beyond the scope of his field to opine about scary sounding things like "Cultural Marxism" (which, btw, is not a thing). I'm not scoffing his actual academic work in his field (Chomsky was a great linguist, but also a terrible historian and political theorist—that's my point), or the substance of "12 Rules." But at the same time there are scores of people and books you could go to for good life advice that aren't also hucksters selling fear for profit.
  5. Disco_Nav963

    STRATCOM Has a Sense of Humor, but No Balls

    Testing the lines for a new method of EAM dissemination.
  6. Disco_Nav963

    STRATCOM Has a Sense of Humor, but No Balls

    Jordan Peterson is the Noam Chomsky of what passes for conservatism these days. He may have once been a reputable academic psychologist, but at this point he's just another outrage salesman telling people what they want to be pissed off about.
  7. Might need to jump on one sooner to negotiate your way out of Dyess! Otherwise they might keep you at the FTU until you're hot for one.
  8. Disco_Nav963

    The Next President is...

    If that was the choice before you, I'd completely agree. The reality is that we were 100% able to say "The United States does not recognize any unilaterally-declared Kurdish state and will not support the Kurds if they try to do so. At the same time, the United States believes governance of NE Syria is a matter to be resolved through negotiations between the inhabitants of NE Syria and the government in Damascus. Any attempt by Damascus, non-state actors, or external parties [i.e. Turkey, but left unsaid] to change the status quo east of the Euphrates will be strenuously opposed and met by whatever response the president deems necessary." In other words de facto autonomy for the Syrian Kurds similar to what the Iraqi Kurds enjoyed under the umbrella of Op NORTHERN WATCH backed up by calculated ambiguity regarding the means by which we would respond (presumably defensive but not offensive support for the SDF against the Assad regime, continued military support against ISIS or any ISIS 2.0 that rises up), and unspoken diplomatic/trade consequences for Turkey who need not even be named in the statement... While our crack State Department diplomat nerds negotiate a better long term framework. Of course, Trump doesn't do nuance or anything that doesn't benefit him personally, so I'm not surprised we are where we are.
  9. Disco_Nav963

    How do you feel about your airframe and mission?

    Classic associate with 9th Bomb Squadron (Active Duty)... Strong TFI relationship. In the past 345 BS/CC has had G-Series authority over the garrison 9 BS folks during 9 BS deployments, and on one Guam deployment the 345 BS/CC actually commanded the 9 EBS for 2-3 months. 345th has participated with other 307 BW players (93 BS/343 BS BUFFs) on a couple of EUCOM trips and I believe was also the lead squadron as the 345 EBS for a short TFI Fairford deployment in conjunction with the 9 BS and 7 OSS. Anecdotally there is (or at least has in the past been) an expectation that members either deploy for half of every 9 BS deployment or all of every other 9 BS deployment, but I think this is managed through carefully controlled mobilizations so dudes get dwell protection. YMMV based on needs of both units. At home station I know the AGR, ART, and trougher types are generally making RAP (4 sorties/month inexperienced and 3/month experienced)... Don't know about the true TRs, but I imagine it could be a crapshoot depending on aircraft availability. Anecdotally the participation expectation is at least 6 days/month, which I understand is in line with other CAF-affiliated Reserve units. I'm not smart on average sortie duration, so can't help you there. When the 9 BS is in garrison they only fly 345th-only lines (callsign CROOK) during UTAs and fly as part of rainbow crews with the 9 BS during the work week.
  10. Disco_Nav963

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    ^ Two. No break in service = 6 months of free Tricare via TAMP. A $1,440ish value, yours for only $0 dollars.
  11. Disco_Nav963

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Pretty good T-38 drops after a bit of a drought...
  12. Disco_Nav963

    1st female Air Force combat vet in run for congress

    Perhaps because McSally hugged Trump/MAGA hard and Ducey did not?
  13. With all due respect, go fuck yourself. It wasn't a loophole, it was part of the AFI. "The deal" was 3 years... not to exceed your UPT or UCT commitment. There is nothing disingenuous about it. Had Big Blue wanted "the deal" to be a full 3 year payback, they would have done that. This year they decided that was what they wanted and they made the change. You have no moral authority to shit on people who volunteered for those programs under the earlier set of rules. That'd be like shitting on the last set of pilots who only got tagged with 6 or 8 year ADSCs (or whatever it used to be) for not staying for 10 voluntarily.
  14. Pile on to the pile on... The recent AFI changes most acutely affect CSO/ABM/RPA; the Intel/Cyber/Space/ICBM/etc. grads never had a "can't extend you past your initial skills training AFSC" get out of jail free card to start with.
  15. Agree, agree... I feel like it does have some ramifications in my corner of the world (BUFFworld) where instructor CSOs collectively outnumber IPs; plus in the past we've had a disproportionate number of older pilots go through (e.g. 15B had two FAIPs, 16B had a FAIP, 17A had a FAIP; we've had an O-4 IP go on a waiver after coming back from ALO; in the next class we have an elder IEWO going through on a waiver after returning from the ADAS at Nellis, although given he's already past his initial commitment Big Blue probably has him for life anyway). To the extent this deters applicants of any specialty, it hurts us collectively since all nearly all of our W-Coded jobs are specialty-agnostic (Wing EWO is an exception, but then again we don't always fill that with a patch). I also care selfishly as a Reservist because it's easier for me to recruit AD patches to PALACE CHASE/PALACE FRONT than it is to season an off-the-street guy from n00b to instructor/ML and then get him/her in the one AFRC slot a year we get under 11-415. Sometimes I think RegAF would rather be manned at 50% with people they can fully control & not have enough TFI help to pick up the slack vs being at 75% and trying to keep AD free agents happy/staying and TFI partners happy/motivated to keep volunteering.