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  1. MARSRADIO frequencies are in the PDF.



  2. For current Nav's that get a UPT slot... Are the Class I physicals always done at Wright-Patt? Or has that requirement eased up so that you can get them at another base?
  3. Thanks, CH47. In your opinion, how can a Guardsman get a 2020 UPT slot... if at all?
  4. Rumor control: I heard that active duty pulled (not sure how long ago) all of the 2020 UPT slots allocated for the ANG. Looking to see if anyone knows if that's true or not.
  5. Question for those in the know: Will a Guardsman that is from a heavy unit be able to go to Sheppard for UPT? Can be done? Slim chance? No chance?
  6. Is anyone here familiar with Guardsmen going full time to AFIT, or to an AF-sponsored civilian university program, for a Master's degree program while on full-time orders?
  7. When on Title 32 AGR orders for over 30 days, is your BAH based on your unit's zip code? Or on your residence zip code? Or something else?
  8. 3 x U-28 1 x AC-130U 1 x JSTARS 1 x EC-130 3 x F-15E Plus 2 x Guard C-130's Nice!
  9. I was just told that 140 days or more in the Guard constitutes a PCS... versus 180 days for Active Duty. I'll check the JFTR, but can anyone verify that is what they have actually seen?
  10. Questions about the C-130 initial qual courses have you start at Little Rock for 4 months (TDY), and then have you go elsewhere to finish up: Do they authorize you the travel days, and you bring your own car? Or does the AF authorize you a rental car? And, being there only 4 months, any specific recommendations (or Wing restrictions) for lodging?
  11. Are some of those attacks using CBU? Or is that just what the strafe looks like?
  12. http://www.jointbasemdl.af.mil/library/biographies/bio.asp?id=18577
  13. Good luck. If your experience is anything close to the experience of my close relative, you'll find the Guard has no idea what to do with you. You need to be VERY proactive. I wish you the best. And know the regs.
  14. What are some opinions on the next 4 years at Channel Islands and Moffett?
  15. If anyone approaching graduation is on here, would you send out what the grad schedule is the week of graduation? I'm guessing there are tours for the families, and other possible events. And having the schedule for the day of graduation would be helpful too. Thanks.
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