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  1. All,

    Phone apps are a work in progress again. You may have intermittent or complete lack of connectivity for the foreseeable future. Recommend using your phone's browser until I get it resolved. Thanks!


  2. I've got a car for rent at Nellis. Prefer to get longer term rentals, but flexible. Check it out below. Message me for deals... I will beat DTS rates whenever I can, if the trip is long enough.


  3. 9 hours ago, Toro said:

    I don’t know that we got it answered, we just locked down the troll account that took his over.

    This. Never got confirmation of who the "real" gearpig was. Disabled the offending account and combed the logs to make sure there wasn't any other funny business going on. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Guardian said:

    How did you find that out?

    Because in the admin logs I can see that Gearpig was merged with another account and then both were deleted. Either the individual that is Gearpig had decided to create a fake account and then merge both and delete all previous content, or somebody was able to gain access to his BO account and then performed the merge and delete operation. The reason I'm trying to get a hold of Gearpig is to warn him that if somebody was able to get into his BO account, there's a high likelihood that it's because they already had access to his e-mail account.  Or to see if he had some kind of reason for doing such a strange thing and then leaving BO.

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