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  1. you guys sound as if you will be great canidates for the "missileer" career field....
  2. Seems to me that a lot of the stuff put together for the UPT classes came from www.squadrongraphics.com including shadow boxes...might give it a look.
  3. Another one from their AR work.... one more....
  4. Here is one my daughter sent me when they were supporting our allies....
  5. I appreciate the "thanks", but you guys are the one's earning the Kudo's now and I am glad my daughter is part of it with you. BTW, there are a lot of us "old Army guys" around...we get to read the forums now and remember that a lot of it is the same old stuff, just a new day.
  6. I'm an old(somewhat) Vietnam Era Army officer who has had the privilege of watching my daughter grow into her dream of flying by first getting her PPL in High School, then getting commissioned a 2lt in the USAF with a pilot slot after a great college run, doing IFS, UPT and FTU and loving every minute of it and now finally returning after her first deployment last week from the desert. My hat is tipped to all of you young pilots(and the rest of you like me)who do what you love and make this country safe for the rest of us. Our family is blessed to have been a part of this journey so far, meeti
  7. Would it be possible to let us know what this guy tracks and maybe in the end gets assigned? I am way to interested in seeing if what goes around, comes around.
  8. Isn't this important enough to be put under it's own "Topic heading" so it would stand out to all that are interested? Just a thought and someone with more knowledge than me would have to do it.
  9. What I am looking for is the size of the small patch (I thought it was called a moral patch) worn on the left sleeve of the flight suit...usually says something related to ones college or some colorful saying. I am trying to order one for my daughter who is a pilot and I need to know the size. Thanks for your help.
  10. Could someone please pass the popcorn....
  11. You know...you're right about that on second thought Spoo. I think a persons GPA is indicative of a few things though, maybe leadership isn't one of them. It does make me wonder why all of our service branches seem to put a premium on the high ones as well as the civilian world and also my experience in dealing with people who have just above a "D" scholastic average and those with a "B-" and above. Not trying to flame anyone here, just trying to understand the mentality of accepting sub-par performance.
  12. Wow...this gives me a great deal of confidence in the kind of leadership we have going into our military.
  13. rcwelch


    Good luck on your classes on Monday...how long will you be there?
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