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  1. I think i'll be shadowing my boss and learning what everyone does in the tower, rapcon and airfield management. I'm going to be one of 2 officers in the flight for a couple months so I think i'll be getting hot and heavy into the personnel management aspect of things...just a guess. I don't need it to get into the career field, I think it's just a screening tool to see if me and the other 2 folks have the skills necessary to be a controller. I think the whole disorganization thing stems from one gov't agency trying to coordinate with another gov't agency. Maybe they'll just forget about it...actually, now that you remind me, i'll have to find out if any of the other folks have heard anything about it (since i've been out of touch email wise for about a month). The base is really nice, when compared to Laughlin, or any pilot training base for that matter. The area is pretty nice too...like any other town, it has it's nice parts and it's bad parts. I'm liking it much better than Dyess and Laughlin!

  2. I will get controller certifications, so I'll be able to control from time to time; but i'll mostly be the guy in charge dealing with more of the management of the airfield aspect of things. I will have to control from time to time to keep certifications, though.

    By the way...thank you and everyone else for reading this stuff. I don't know who else is reading it, but you sir, are a very dedicated reader of my drivel!

  3. Klamath Falls is in the southern part of the state more or less right in the middle as far as east-west goes. Looks like a nice area, and if there isn't any skiing around where we are, there's always california and washington pretty much right there!

    So far no more checking! <knock on wood>

  4. Haha, pecker checker...every so often people get randomly chosen to perform a drug test (pee in the cup, yadda yadda yadda). Well, someone has to be there to ensure that they don't cheat and pour some other liquid in the cup. We, as casual students, get the dubious distinction of being the checker...hence the name!

    Yeah, it really is a bummer that so many of our flight are going away. Just found out today that one of the other guys that had a major medical issue will not be continuing (collapsed lung). 4 gone out of 14 originally...it's a shame, but I guess that's the way it goes. We're all keeping positive attitudes about the whole thing.

    I keep hearing from everyone I talk to that Oregon, Washington, et al is gorgeous for a good portion of the year. I'm really looking forward to going up there! Plus there's skiing!!

  5. I'm really looking forward to going up there and experience a part of the country I haven't been to yet.

    As far as the others that were on CR: 2 of them so far have gotten kicked out (one was having flying issues and the other was puking) so that sucks for them, but they're taking it well. The rest of them are still waiting on the word from the man. Had our reservist from McChord AFB having issues now, too. He's supposed to do an 89 ground eval tomorrow or sometime in the near future so that's no bueno.

    I'll keep yall updated on things!

  6. Yeah, they've been hooking 89 rides for the little stuff that will hook you immediately: basically safety of flight stuff. They are not unsafe inherently, just getting slow on final and things like that.

    Yep, 2 years. I think it's mainly air traffic control stuff...not positive, though. I'm sure there's some airfield management stuff in there somewhere, but as soon as I find out, i'll let ya know!

    For casual duties, last week I got to shred some paper; today and tomorrow I get to sell tickets for a BBQ going on downtown on saturday. Probably mundane stuff usually, i'm actually hoping that if they put me to work that i'll get to work the RSU or something worthwhile.

  7. Sure, it's Airfield Ops...I don't know a whole lot about it, but it seems like i'll basically be in charge of the airfield and all that entails: ATC, maintenance of the field (lights, etc), services to transient A/C, baseops, etc. This is what i've gleaned from the reading i've done so far; I could be way off. Hopefully i'm somewhat close to what it actually is.

  8. Thanks for all your support while I went through this whole ordeal called UPT. It's an awesome feeling to have support behind you and people rooting for you, especially when you don't even know them!

    You're dead on about the family friendly aspect and still being around planes...not to mention much less stressful (I assume). From what little i've read about Airfield Ops, it sounds pretty neat.

    Thanks again for your support and i'll keep ya updated on the new career path!

  9. No, nav and ABM aren't available because my academic average is below 93, which is what they want to go to those. I was thinking that same thing. I even asked if it was possible to try out pilot training in Pensacola...which they quickly said no (what I expected).

  10. Thanks guys! EPQ is an emergency procedure quiz (I think that's what it stands for) over a variety of different pubs and the stuff in them: the dash 1, the 11-248, etc. There are only 20 questions on it and the test bank consists of several hundred questions (from what I hear). You can miss 3 before you fail it. I've consistently missed 4 or 5, which sucks.

    Excellent tip about the BRI! I just did that today waiting to PASS the EPQ and fly again.

    Thanks again for the words of encouragement!

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