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  1. Good military/aviation books

    It was done in this thread a few years ago, but I’ll put in a plug for “Bleeding Talent” by Tim Kane. Kane is a USAFA grad, was in intel officer for a few years, and then a successful entrepreneur. His ideas for revamping how the military handles things like assignments, promotions, and evaluations are very interesting. He basically wants to put market forces in how the military handles people, which he argues would result in less bleeding of talent in the officer ranks.
  2. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Is Vance the only base with grounded T6s?
  3. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Good lord, the AF is desperate. This in no way will help production (more likely to hurt it - more washouts) and will result in worse retention. And that’s just the numbers side of it, not even touching the host of problems posed by enlisted ACs. Who in God’s name is steering this ship?
  4. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Since when did we have a problem with the pool of candidates? We don’t have a production problem. It’s a retention problem. Enlisted would be less retainable than officers. Its not as if we are having problems stocking the UPT pipeline.
  5. Test group to Skip the T6?

    The AF is putting all of its efforts into “fixing” non-problems, while doing absolutely nothing to fix the actual problems. The actual problems: crappy QoL, excessive queep, useless non-flying 179/365 deployments, an asinine performance and promotion system, PC culture replacing aviation culture, and non-competitive pay. The AF has made only token efforts, at best, to address any of this issues that are crippling the AF. The fake problem: UPT. We don’t need a UPT overhaul. We don’t need a watered down UPT. Of course UPT could use some tinkering and updating, but you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Pilot training, IMO, is one of the few things we are getting right. So of course the AF’s “solution” is to make UPT a cluster-F and destroy the best undergrad flight program in the world, all so they can churn out hordes of chickshits to replace their best pilots. These kind of changes will only hurt retention even more and the AF will continue to hemorrhage its experienced pilots while replacing them with masses of off-brand fake pilots who will get people killed.
  6. Looks like they went the absolute cheapest way possible with this. According to the law, the services could offer CP anytime between 8-12 YOS, and it would be 2.5-13x base pay. It also said the services could use it to incentivize certain stressed career fields. And of course our innovative leaders, in the midst of a rentention crisis, elected to offer the minimum 2.5x multiplier at the longest 12 YOS time, for every single career field in the AF. I get not offering it at 8 YOS for pilots, since it would run concurrently and add only a few months to your ADSC. However, $18k is not going to make a difference at all in a pilot’s decision making. It would have wise to offer pilots closer to 13x at the 12 YOS mark. Another swing and a miss from management.
  7. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    The problem is they haven’t tried retention yet. If I have to read another stupid article about the AF offering a “massive” bonus increase, I’m gonna die. They keep touting that $455k bonus without saying that it’s over 13 freaking years, when you’ll be working for half of your base pay for the last 5 years of that contract... yeah, what a deal. Push the bonus up to $100k/yr if you care about retention, AF. Because we all know all of the QoL initiatives are complete bullshit and will not happen.
  8. T-38 Down @ DLF

  9. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    No, we actually didn’t. One of our guys killed a dude on his own. “We” didn’t have “our guys” do jack shit. Please, for the love of God, don’t ever be a commander of anything. I cannot stand narcissistic leadership that convinces itself that it must solve all problems with asinine micromanagement and mass punishment. Your mentality of “having to do something” causes one to make irrational and emotional decisions that do much more harm than good. Real leaders are much more thoughtful and intelligent than this. This type of leadership has much more to do with the pilot retention crisis than any other single factor. Incidents like these happen when you have 100k people in your organization. You don’t punish the 99.999% when 0.001% screw up. Unless you’re a dumbass. Then go right ahead, this Lt Gen will probably just secured his fourth star for this brave stand.
  10. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    I’m not saying you’re wrong about Liquid because I don’t know him, but the attitude he showed with those posts was the same kind of toxic BS that is driving people out in droves. Maybe he is a “good dude”, but I sure wouldn’t want him as my boss. There are a lot of “good dudes” that the AF absolutely ruins by convincing them to do what it takes to be part of the management club. That’s when they stop living in reality and say and do shit that drives us crazy (N/N checkrides for talking about airlines). I hear the crap that leaders say, and I just say to myself that I will never be able to do that with a straight face. But these “good dudes” sold their souls to the devil and actually believe the shit that comes out of their mouths. It’s like they have no idea how we see right through the bullshit. And just what in the hell is with the AF’s irrational fear of the airlines? So many managers don’t want to acknowledge the airlines, or come up with some bullshit to tell us about why it would be such a bad idea to be an airline pilot. They imply we aren’t patriotic if we we discuss being an airline pilot. I think they’d rather me talk about joining ISIS. Instead of ripping on or ignoring the airlines, freaking show me some positive change. Show me just why in the hell should I stay in the AF.
  11. Does that 43.8% number include the 1-2 year bonus takers? My feeling is that many of the 1-2 year takers are already in non-UPT ADSC commitments, so they took the free money. If so, that number is even worse than it appears.
  12. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Yeah I don’t really care about being anonymous. I mean, my home station ICAO is listed in my profile... 552 ACW, OG/CC, Tinker AFB, OK. Col Richard Land. He said what he said in front of all the officers in the group. He’s not hiding how he feels.
  13. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    That’s great and all that they genuinely care, but whatever changes they think they are making aren’t making it down to the squadron level. Until Big AF starts actually holding commanders accountable for making their communities better, nothing will happen. We recently had an OG call in which the OG/CC had a container where people could drop anonymous questions that he could answer for them in his speech. There was only one question. The note quoted the Chief of Staff’s memo that said the AF needs to get rid of additional duties, then noted that additional duties have been increased recently in our group rather than decreased, and asked why this community isn’t following the Chief of Staff’s guidance. The OG responded by giving a lecture about how we are all officers first, and we should be happy to help out by doing any additional duties that we are assigned. And if this pilot has a problem with that, they can let him know, and he will PCS him elsewhere. Until caustic leaders like this are fired from their jobs, nothing will change.
  14. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    “The Air Force’s pilot shortage largely stems from a massive hiring wave in the commercial airline industry, which sees the military as fertile recruiting ground. In an attempt to stay competitive, the Air Force has recently upped its monthly flight pay and offered massive retention bonuses of up to $455,000. The Air Force is also trying to improve pilots’ job satisfaction. But it hasn’t been enough.” What a bunch of propaganda. First of all... $35k/yr to 24 YOS is not a “massive bonus”, when you consider that for four of those years you’re working for half pay and losing massive amounts of money by losing 4 years of airline pay/seniority. Secondly, the AF is trying to improve our job satisfaction? Haha, right. The only thing I’ve seen is them talking about doing that, while doing everything they can to keep screwing us over. Has anyone here actually seen the AF actually do a thing to make our jobs better?
  15. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    So is this a voluntary or forced recall? If it’s voluntary, I don’t see how they’ll get more than a few guys. If it’s non-vols... I don’t think I want to be in a flying unit with dudes who are forced to be there. There are so many problems with that.
  16. Leadership at the 'Deid

    This. I get tired of hearing that phrase to describe the same old bad leadership. I don’t care if someone was a “good dude” before they get to the DO level. Let’s see how they are when they have something to lose. Let’s see if they’ll fight up or fight down, once they start becoming part of that Big Blue Club (BBC). For most leaders, once they start deepthroating, they become addicted to BBC.
  17. I recently volunteered for a UPT assignment after receiving an email from group leadership saying they were looking for volunteers. I told my Sq/CC I was thinking about it. Before volunteering, I emailed my functional to ask some questions about the assignment (timing, ADSC obligation, etc.). The functional asked how interested I was. I said I was, and would think about it. She said to let her know if I wanted the assignment. I emailed her back a couple days later, saying that I was volunteering, and that she should hear about it through my chain of command soon. I emailed my Sq/CC and let him know I wanted to volunteer. He said ok. Well, today he pulls me aside and says I really pissed off OG leadership. They think that I went behind their backs to get the assignment and didn’t use the chain of command. They thought I should have asked my questions to them. I always thought that it was the job of functionals to keep you informed about assignments, amongst other things, and be there to answer questions. That’s exactly what I did. I still kept my chain of command on the loop as I was thinking about it, and when I made the decision. Now I’m slightly worried that my OG will bone me over, even though my functional said I’m g2g for the assignment. Did I do anything wrong? Is this something I could go to the IG with if they screw me over now?
  18. AFPC functionals and leadership

    Like ThreeHoler said above, you could crossflow into another 11R airframe pretty easily. That being said, I would still attempt to solve this problem right now by pushing for a different assignment. There are plenty of aircraft out there with more than one PDS.
  19. Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    I want the family with me for the TDY. I’m just curious if I will be able to get a non-A given the size of my family and the size of the RND TLFs.
  20. Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    Well, I have 5 kids, two of them teenage girls (I know, I’m crazy). I gotta think there’s an AFI not forcing 7 people in a 1 bedroom TLF.
  21. Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    TDY enroute to PIT soon... do they offer non-As if you have a certain number of dependents?
  22. Promotion and PRF Information

    How is that any different then the situation now? Strats and awards (to a lesser degree) are the only things that the board cares about, anyway. The rest is fluff.
  23. Promotion and PRF Information

    I think it should be easier than that. No fluff in OPRs. Just strats. Give all of your people a positional strat, rank strat, and CGO/FGO strat. Do it annually to replace OPRs. I have never understood why only the top 15-20 percent get strats when we promote 90-95 percent to Major and 60ish percent to Lt Col. #80/100 Captains should be good enough for Maj. And it lets that individual know that while he/she will make Major, he/she has to make improvements to make Lt Col. This is a much better thing that to lump together the bottom 80-85 percent who don't get strats. And then no time-wasting bullets.
  24. Is there public data out there by airframe? I'd like to see a breakdown if it's there.