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  1. 5 FAIPs in one class?! Damn son!
  2. Tunes3

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Are oil line chafing and ISS sequencing still issues as well?
  3. Guard, Reserves and Internationals purchase a slot for their folks in each training course. These spots are pre-programmed by AETC so their people make it through the pipeline with minimal downtime between courses. This saves a lot of $ with man-days, per diem and moving costs while providing the units with a predictable flow of personnel.
  4. Tunes3

    SOS/ACSC information

    Use google chrome, I did this on my Mac last month. Also, read the discussion board for the hint that will keep you from punching the computer after hour 6.9.
  5. Isn't this kind of like all of the UPT bases having their own IFF? Then they changed their minds and centralized it again. I don't see how this is feasible, there are barely enough resources for current studs here. LSI and MX can't give us more and the current evaluators are pretty busy w regular IP checks and 89 rides. This should be a fun exercise in futility until they change their minds in 6-9 months.
  6. Scheduleing shouldn't be a problem, we never had 12 hr days. We were always done flying by sunset (no night quals). Your scheduler can work with you a bit, students don't trip turn, but you might double turn on occasion. Studying/chairflying might be an issue. Some guys in my class were taking Masters classes at the same time and did just fine, others struggled through. If you have never flown the T-6 or struggled in formation, the kiddos might be a lot of added stress.
  7. XL track 14-03 6 T-38s (1 Guard) 1 Helo 18 T-1s (4 Guard/Reserve)
  8. Laughlin Track 13-14 5 T-38s- all active 2 UH-1s- active 18 T-1s- includes 4 Guard/Reserve
  9. Brewskis, I started in April. My class had several families with pets and they were all able to live off base with no hassle. Expect single guys/gals will have to live in dorms, though if you have a dog/cat, they may make an exception.
  10. Whats the best way to find furnished houses around Randolph? Looking more for the family type, not the standard bachelor PIT Pads.
  11. Tunes3

    CGO PME undergoes transformation

    I think this will be a slightly painful transition for some of us, but I am hoping this will start bringing back an emphasis on new Lts and Capts focusing on primary duties like flying planes instead of Masters and SOS by correspondence. If they are trying to send everyone through this program, places like my base that require correspondence and a Bac+ before they will send you in res can get back to letting copilots learn their F-ing airframe. I am actually glad to see this even though it means I'll have to endure 3 extra weeks of pain.
  12. Tunes3

    Traditions when leaving a squadron

    I have not seen the tradition in active squadrons, but we did something similar at XL. Once you finished your last ride in T6s, you turned your Flight patch upside down and when you finished your last flight in pilot training, you flipped your class patch.
  13. Tunes3


    This may be a dumb question, but who gets to fly the SCA? Is it a process like AF One or is it as simple as putting it on your ADP?
  14. Brabus, I'll be on Maui for a week prior to Oahu. Do you have favorite dive spots or dive shops over that way? We'll be staying on the North shore of the island. My husband is a very experienced diver; I've only got 10 or so myself. Thanks for the info!
  15. Nyone know of any good spots to SCUBA on Oahu, or do most people just freedive around there?