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  1. Much better in my opinion. “Quiet professionals” seemed way too attention whore-ish.
  2. Allegedly, www.optoutprescreen.com is what you'd use. Only reason I say allegedly is that mine still haven't stopped. Hell, my wife still gets them and she passed away over a year ago.
  3. Google DD Form 1351-2. It's the first hit.
  4. I can't speak to the second part of this regarding the Guard, etc. That said, on the first part regarding the funding fee...my honest opinion is that I would be extremely surprised if a claim would be able to be finished in 60 days. It may happen, but it's really luck of the draw. However, the VA will refund your funding fee (after you apply for it) as long as the claim date (i.e. the date you filed) is before the closing date on your house. If you pay the funding fee in cash, you will receive a check. If you roll it into part of the loan, then it will come off the principal amount (but you'll still have the higher payment as a result of the higher original loan amount).
  5. For what it's worth, my AMEX did show the commissary as a grocery store always, not a "warehouse club" etc
  6. My opinion: there's a power struggle going on between large oil producers (Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, etc) and OPEC. Supplies have gone up due to increased drilling/new methods, but OPEC is not wanting to cut production (to try to raise prices), thinking that they can outlast the companies. Oil companies have reduced their exploration and production costs to a break even of around $45/barrel (according to some), which is much lower than OPEC's average (estimated at $55-60). As far as investments, I'm not a CFA, but I would utilize put options on oil company's stocks. I'm thinking we're going to see a pull back in their share prices, due to a squeeze on their profits.
  7. No worries. For reference sake, it's in VA Pamphlet 26-7, chapter 8, pg 8-19. If the veteran has a pending disability compensation claim at the time of loan closing, the funding fee must be remitted as if the borrower was not exempt. Advise the veteran to contact the VA RLC to request a refund if it is later determined that the veteran is entitled to compensation retroactively to a date prior to loan closing.
  8. I used gas and tolls as an authorized expense recently (within a couple weeks). Couldn't tell you if there was a JFTR change though.
  9. I've used Mary Bennett at NBOKC for two loans now and like most on this thread, I can't recommend her enough. She even was able, after I locked at 3.75, to decrease my rate to 3.5% 2 days before closing on my latest loan (closed last week).
  10. www.pebforum.com is a very good and thorough resource for folks going through an MEB. Also, please feel free to PM me with any questions about the process (as I've reached the end of my MEB). Mods, if it's a foul to post a link to another forum, I apologize in advance.
  11. PM me your NIPR and I'll send it to you on Wednesday when I get back to the office.
  12. Where is it located on portal? I tried searching for PMP under the career section but no joy.
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