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  1. AmpXLZH

    US KC-135 Down - Kyrgyzstan

    Both pilots were good friends of mine. Definitely a sad time for Fairchild, Tankers, and the Air Force. Rest in peace friends.
  2. AmpXLZH

    US KC-135 Down - Kyrgyzstan

    135's do not have parachutes.
  3. AmpXLZH

    US KC-135 Down - Kyrgyzstan

    Extremely sad day for the my tanker bros. And an especially sad week+ for aviation. :beer:
  4. AmpXLZH

    MC-12 Crash in Afghanistan

    First time in my career where I personally knew one of them.... sobering moment. Him Him to the entire crew :beer: :beer:
  5. AmpXLZH

    Tops in Blue (TIB) - WTF?

    It might be the British beer talking, but F*ck 'em and their jazz hands.
  6. AmpXLZH

    Military retirement under attack

    Panetta: Any retirement changes won't affect serving military "People who have come into the service, who have put their lives on the line, who have been deployed to the war zones, who fought for this country, who have been promised certain benefits for that -- I'm not going to break faith with what's been promised to them," Panetta said
  7. AmpXLZH

    Air Force Reinstate Captain Selection Boards

    Just read my conratulations email for being "selected" for Captain today... I guess I fit into the AF's criteria for the respectable rank of Captain!
  8. AmpXLZH

    C-17 Down on Elmendorf

    Prayers go out to the Crew and Families
  9. AmpXLZH

    Pirate Boomtown - thoughts?

    Honestly I think that Russia is the only country that has a pair of balls and deals with these pirates right. Send them in the middle of the ocean in an inflatable raft and as you are leaving pop the damned thing... Everyone is thinking it but they acted.
  10. AmpXLZH

    I Hate Reflective Belts

    It looks like on the checkout page you can choose between paypal or credit card.
  11. AmpXLZH

    I Hate Reflective Belts

    I am not sure how long you would be able to get away with wearing this literal 'GARB' sure would be funny though. http://www.belts.breflective.com/retroreflective-belts-rainbow-2in.php
  12. XL 09-07 Drop Toners Only RC-135 Offutt KC-135 Fairchild E-8 Robbins 3 C-17s Charleston, McChord, Travis MC-12 T-1 FAIP UAV Creech C-5 Martinsburg WV (Gaurd)
  13. AmpXLZH

    Pets in the military (dogs, cats)

    I second all of what was said about Continental. I have shipped my beagle a couple of times and they did a good job all around. My dog's flight was delayed and they gave her water and fed her with the food that I left on top of her cage. The main thing to remember is to get the Live Animal stickers and a good cage. Continental's website has all the info you need to know.
  14. AmpXLZH

    (Broken) wrist problems

    I have one of those cysts also. For those that had it corrected what was the recovery time after? And anyone know how long I would be dnif after doing somthing to get rid of it (either surgery or needle)?
  15. AmpXLZH

    Desktop static displays

    http://www.flyboys.com/fb-t38set.html These may work.