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  1. Reported confirmed this morning.
  2. Just a voice vote...I’d guess this week—perhaps today or tomorrow—but probably not later than next week since the senate goes out of session for Columbus Day week.
  3. https://www.congress.gov/nomination/115th-congress/948?loclr=cga-nomination Just made it out of committee.
  4. I bet you're you're gonna have to do it in correspondence before you can go in residence....didn't they fix this already? Lol
  5. So the candidate/select ratio would change for next years 3849s? Seems like this group is gonna be at a disadvantage for their first and second looks until all the prior selects are filtered out. Why move the goal posts in the middle of the process? Hope people are thinking about this shit and it's not a shoot first aim later. About time they stop anointing people as captains, but why have there been no comms about this if the rumor is true?
  6. VFR800

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    ODSD only comes into play if your STRD is tied (to the day) with someone else...incredibly unlikely.
  7. Look under Officer Promotions on myPers. 27 Mar - 7 Apr are the board dates. They haven't published the milestones list for 2017 yet (can be found on same page), but using this year's timeline, looks like an accounting date of around Oct '16 and PRFs due to MAJCOM around the end of Jan '17.
  8. VFR800

    FAA Medical physical ?s

    Any recommendations for a mil friendly AME in Sacramento/San Francisco area?
  9. VFR800

    CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) info

    False. Some bases have resumed testing (Travis for one)...but good luck getting a testing slot anytime soon as they are booked solid almost 2 months out. Something about everyone rushing to take the ATP test before August because we're all getting RIFed.... FSDO trip should be free, although the paperwork can also be done by a DPE for a fee.
  10. VFR800

    DTS is the devil

    What ever happened to the "Edit All" button on the Per Diem Entitlements Page? I just created a voucher from an authorization built for a deployment...as soon as I adjusted the itinerary dates for the deployment, the per diem rates for all 180+ days went back to full rate instead of the special "3.50" that was in the auth. Anyone have any experience with this? Seems like a pretty common case... Am I going to have to go through every f*cking day and reset the per diem to 3.50 and the lodging to 0?...180 times? There used to be an "Edit All" button at the bottom that would change everything at once...now it's only "Reset All."
  11. VFR800

    First Female Fighter Wing Commander

    This thread is worthless without pics.
  12. "Ridiculously biased" or not...this article is pretty factual. This language is in fact in the budget almost exactly as explained in this article. It is indeed madenning, and the elite media has simply chosen not to report on it...imagine that.
  13. AP & Fox News reporting that over 20 of those killed were from SEAL Team Six http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/08/06/afghan-president-31-americans-killed-in-helicopter-crash/?test=latestnews
  14. VFR800

    Another badass

  15. VFR800

    "No Rank Amongst Lieutenants"

    Well played, sir. Couldn't let this one go unnoticed...