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  1. The Tunnel To Towers Foundation is donating $100,000 to help pay off Raguso's mortgage and is using all additional proceeds to help pay off his family's remaining mortgage if you feel inclined. Tunnel To Towers is an amazing organization that helps Fire Fighters and their families, more info can be found at their website below. Link for donations: https://www.crowdrise.com/donate/project/t2traguso/tunnel2towers Link to foundation website: https://tunnel2towers.org/
  2. saber4p

    CSO drop nights

    From what I understand, I don't have a whole lot of info or first hand accounts. Just the hearsay around the students from what they are telling the studs that drop it.
  3. saber4p

    Taxes, the Deficit/Debt, and the Fiscal Cliff

    Anyone know/have experience on how this will effect the defense contractors hiring process? Northrop, Lockheed, Jacobs, etc?
  4. saber4p

    CSO drop nights

    18-06 F-15E x2 E/A-18 x1 HC-130J x2 AC-130U Nav x1 AC-130U EWO x1 RC-135 EWO x3 MC-130H x1 MC-130J x1 EC-130 Nav x1 EC-130 EWO x1 U-28 x2 E-8 x1 B-1 x2 C-130 ANG x2/AFRC x1 Think I got them all, the end slide format was messed up but this is most of them. Most got in their top 5, if not the few others had their top 10. Also found out that the Growler gig is for a 6 year tour
  5. saber4p

    Civilian T-6 IPs?

    The majority (all but ~3) of the T-1 pilots at Pensacola are tan suits. They are definitely some who will reck your entire life and make you re-think every choice in your life, all while the green suit instructor sits there and lets you take it. All are retired mil pilots, while they aren't your grader they are certainly a huge part of our instruction dynamic on the T-1 flight line that seems to work well for us. They even sit in on EPs and tell you what the pilot will be doing and thinking to help you come to a decision better and help train your thought process. You learn a lot of airmanship from them for sure.
  6. saber4p

    CSO drop nights

    Doubt it, probably one and done from what we've been told. My guess is he'll go to the B-1 after, but F-15's are an option too
  7. saber4p

    CSO drop nights

    Well it finally happened, they dropped the Growler out of the school house 1x EA-18 Growler/Whidbey Island 1x KC-135 Nav/McConnel 2x B-52 WSO 2x B-52 EWO 3x F-15E WSO 1x HC-130 AK ANG 1x C-130H MN AFRC 1x E-8 Nav 2x AC-130W Nav/Cannon 2x U-28 CSO/1x Hurlburt 1x Cannon 1x MC-130H/Kadena 1x EC-130H EWO/DM 1x RC-135 EWO 1x B-1B WSO
  8. Yep, we're rumored to get two Growlers this fiscal year. We'll see what happens, not holding my breath
  9. saber4p

    Thanks from Houston

    From what I saw on social media, the 106th NY unit airlifted their helos in C-17s from the Newburgh NY guard, then they all staged at the air port at College Station where the 106th's HCs met up with more supplies
  10. saber4p

    CSO drop nights

    The EC J was another guard, so 3x guard total
  11. saber4p

    CSO to Border Patrol

    Wondering if anyone has any gouge or experience with Border Patrol Aviation. A few google searches haven't given much information as their website isn't user friendly. Synopsis: I recently graduated from Air Force UCT as a qualified CSO. Shortly after graduation I came into some mental health problems and its looking like I'll be honorably discharged. So now I'm looking for a different job. I'be been looking into different aviation jobs that could use a CSO with not a lot of experience, and it's come down to flight planning or possibly Border Patrol. Pretty interested in their sensor operator positions as it's something I would be qualified to do. Some of my questions are: Where are their different air craft located? Could only find information on the South West region. What's the difference in an Air Inderdiction Agent(AIA) and Air Enforcment Angent (AEA)? Interdiction looks like strictly pilot, so does that include the sensor positions, or would that be lumped into the AEA? Are they only looking for experienced aviators, or would they be interested in a young winged dude looking to grow? Any information would be awesome and appreciated, thanks all
  12. They also added that if you are over 26 when you check in to Pensacola you are able to live off base
  13. saber4p

    CSO drop nights

    17-01: 4x F-14 WSO 2x B-1 WSO 1x MC-130H EWO 1x MC-130J CSO 3x B-52 EWO 1x B-52 WSO 1x AC-130W CSO 1x RC-135 EWO 1x RC-135 CSO (Guessing will be nav) 1x C-130H NAV Guard 1x MC-12 CSO Guard
  14. saber4p

    CSO drop nights

    Nah not me, just the first one that's ever dropped out of the school house, thought it was pretty noteable They had a lot of people fall into their class. Two who had babies, one who was on medical hold and got cleared, one who had to have his security clearance checked, one who had family stuff, and one who had failed an elim check and got back in the program.They would have been only 16 people without those guys
  15. saber4p

    CSO drop nights

    16-13: 5x B-52 WSO 2x B-52 EWO 1x U-28 CSO 1x AC-130W CSO 1x E-3 Nav 3x F-15 WSO 16-14: 1x B-52 EWO 2x B-52 WSO 4x F-15 WSO 1x AC-130U Nav 1x AC-130U EWO 1x EC-130 Nav 1x EC-130 EWO 1x HC-130J CSO (DM) 2x B-1 WSO 2x U-28 CSO (1 to Cannon, 1 to Hurby) 1x C-130 MN ANG 1x EC-130J NAV PA ANG 2x E-3 Nav 1x E-8 Nav 1x RC-135 Nav 16-15: 1x AC-130J CSO (Hurby) 1x AC-130U Nav 2x B-1 WSO 4x F-15 WSO 2x U-28 CSO 2x RC-135 EWO 1x RC-135 Nav 1x B-52 WSO 1x EC-130 Nav 1x EC-130 EWO