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  1. CSO drop nights

    Doubt it, probably one and done from what we've been told. My guess is he'll go to the B-1 after, but F-15's are an option too
  2. CSO drop nights

    Well it finally happened, they dropped the Growler out of the school house 1x EA-18 Growler/Whidbey Island 1x KC-135 Nav/McConnel 2x B-52 WSO 2x B-52 EWO 3x F-15E WSO 1x HC-130 AK ANG 1x C-130H MN AFRC 1x E-8 Nav 2x AC-130W Nav/Cannon 2x U-28 CSO/1x Hurlburt 1x Cannon 1x MC-130H/Kadena 1x EC-130H EWO/DM 1x RC-135 EWO 1x B-1B WSO
  3. Yep, we're rumored to get two Growlers this fiscal year. We'll see what happens, not holding my breath
  4. Thanks from Houston

    From what I saw on social media, the 106th NY unit airlifted their helos in C-17s from the Newburgh NY guard, then they all staged at the air port at College Station where the 106th's HCs met up with more supplies
  5. CSO drop nights

    The EC J was another guard, so 3x guard total
  6. CSO to Border Patrol

    Wondering if anyone has any gouge or experience with Border Patrol Aviation. A few google searches haven't given much information as their website isn't user friendly. Synopsis: I recently graduated from Air Force UCT as a qualified CSO. Shortly after graduation I came into some mental health problems and its looking like I'll be honorably discharged. So now I'm looking for a different job. I'be been looking into different aviation jobs that could use a CSO with not a lot of experience, and it's come down to flight planning or possibly Border Patrol. Pretty interested in their sensor operator positions as it's something I would be qualified to do. Some of my questions are: Where are their different air craft located? Could only find information on the South West region. What's the difference in an Air Inderdiction Agent(AIA) and Air Enforcment Angent (AEA)? Interdiction looks like strictly pilot, so does that include the sensor positions, or would that be lumped into the AEA? Are they only looking for experienced aviators, or would they be interested in a young winged dude looking to grow? Any information would be awesome and appreciated, thanks all
  7. They also added that if you are over 26 when you check in to Pensacola you are able to live off base
  8. CSO drop nights

    17-01: 4x F-14 WSO 2x B-1 WSO 1x MC-130H EWO 1x MC-130J CSO 3x B-52 EWO 1x B-52 WSO 1x AC-130W CSO 1x RC-135 EWO 1x RC-135 CSO (Guessing will be nav) 1x C-130H NAV Guard 1x MC-12 CSO Guard
  9. CSO drop nights

    Nah not me, just the first one that's ever dropped out of the school house, thought it was pretty noteable They had a lot of people fall into their class. Two who had babies, one who was on medical hold and got cleared, one who had to have his security clearance checked, one who had family stuff, and one who had failed an elim check and got back in the program.They would have been only 16 people without those guys
  10. CSO drop nights

    16-13: 5x B-52 WSO 2x B-52 EWO 1x U-28 CSO 1x AC-130W CSO 1x E-3 Nav 3x F-15 WSO 16-14: 1x B-52 EWO 2x B-52 WSO 4x F-15 WSO 1x AC-130U Nav 1x AC-130U EWO 1x EC-130 Nav 1x EC-130 EWO 1x HC-130J CSO (DM) 2x B-1 WSO 2x U-28 CSO (1 to Cannon, 1 to Hurby) 1x C-130 MN ANG 1x EC-130J NAV PA ANG 2x E-3 Nav 1x E-8 Nav 1x RC-135 Nav 16-15: 1x AC-130J CSO (Hurby) 1x AC-130U Nav 2x B-1 WSO 4x F-15 WSO 2x U-28 CSO 2x RC-135 EWO 1x RC-135 Nav 1x B-52 WSO 1x EC-130 Nav 1x EC-130 EWO
  11. CSO drop nights

    16-11 drop: 6x B-52 (5 WSOs, 1 EWO) all to Barksdale 2x F-15 MC-130J to Cannon C-130 WV guard U-28 to Cannon 2x B-1 Dyess 2x RC-135 EWO AC-130U EWO to Hurlburt
  12. CSO drop nights

    16-10 drop: B52 EWO barksdale U-28 cannon x2 U-28 Hulburt AC-130U hulburt EC-130 Nav 2 guard c-130's EC-130 EWO F-15 x3 MC-130J mildenhall MC-130J Cannon RC-135 Nav B-52 WSO B-1 dyess
  13. CSO drop nights

    Class 15-13 drop 2x B-1 3x B-52 2x Ec-130 EWO 3x Rc 135 EWO 2x F-15E Rc- 135-Nav AWACS U-28 HC-130j AC-130U J-star Didn't catch the locations
  14. Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    Just came back last week actually. Its a pretty cool experience. I'm in ROTC but had some guard guys in our groups. Some of the tests they go through are: -Flight Doctor Physical -Urine Test/Blood Test -Chest X-Rays -Dental Check Up -Hearing Test, blood pressure -Depth Perception Test – Don’t let anyone psych you out, this seemed to happen a lot, as everyone seems to know someone who got sent home for it. Just take your time, if there is an issue they will let you know, if they don’t, don’t worry. -Red Lens Test, color blindness, and a few other eye tests of the sort. -Extensive Eye Exam (this includes dilating your eyes) -3-4 Hour Psych Exam – which is just a concussion test on steroids Lot of hurry up and wait, so I'd bring a book or something. But everyone there is super nice and great to deal with. They all just want to help you out and see you do well. Like I said before, don't let anyone psych you out. They'll let you know if there are any issues, if they don't say anything, I wouldn't worry. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me
  15. New AFROTC Scholarships for CSO and ABM

    there were only 33 nation wide that got it, I was lucky enough to get one