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  1. Ugg. First time back in over a year and I screw it up. Sorry I cut that link off the post. Just trying to figure stuff out after being out of the BO game for awhile.
  2. There is no time to think in FT. If you think, you die.
  3. which makes her a perfect fit! Ever been to any of the places the military has "stored" toxic waste?
  4. Now I kinda want to stay there overnight on a Friday, just to walk around with them on to see if anyone stops me. Uggg. The things I find entertaining nowadays.
  5. You all are not thinking from a Manpower perspective. They made this change. We are happy. We will get used to it for a month or so. Then, they will quietly change the rules back, possibly even more restrictive than before…and adding on a mandatory and minimum punishment (LOR, act) for even minor infractions, so they can expand the potential candidates for the next RIF. Now, I don't really believe that, but boy, wouldn't that be something?
  6. Like so many discussions about the current flag policy, this conversation is not really about the flag, but about how swell Mandela is or is not. The US code that defines when the flag is flown is not enforceable by any real teeth anyway, otherwise all the dunk d-bags at sporting events who ignore the Anthem and flag would be in jail, and when I was at a parade in my hometown recently, I would not have been the only person within eyesight that stood, took my hat off and put my hand on my heart. FWIW, I wish the rule would be changed, I don't think it should be used for anyone except an American. Who the topic of conversation is has no bearing on that. Kinda like my feeling on the topic has no bearing on the rule. Savage Catch-22. But since we are debating it…sure he was a socialist, violent youth, fighting against a violent government, he settled down when they gave him 26-ish years to think about stuff. He suffered, improved, and ended up doing pretty darn good stuff for lots and lots of people. Which is more than I can say for a majority of our US statesmen, and they will get the flag at half mast using the US Code referenced above. Viewing it like that, I would say that honoring Mandela with lower the flag is not really indicative of the huge impact he had on the world. However, I am a citizen of the US, not the world, so screw that, the flag is only for us. The good, the bad and the ugly. For better or for worse.
  7. What's worse than a barrel of dead babies? A barrel of dead babies with one eating his way to the top.
  8. What's the hardest thing about eating vegetables? The wheelchairs. Why was Helen Keller such an awful driver? She was a woman.
  9. Whats the difference between a navigator and a homosexual? Homosexuals have a future in the USAF,
  10. Yeah, I know, and it is tragic. I don't think the true cost will be known for awhile though.
  11. No way! Once a general retires, they are immediately banned from all communication with current generals! There are no retired generals lurking around the Pentagon in cool "advisor" positions. lol, that would be pretty impressive though. "Yeah, I was drinking with current General X, Y and Z, and they all say the POTUS is a tool", matter of fact, I have it on tape just in case someone thinks it's gossip!, since it was said at my house, please don't hold them accountable." I bet they just retire, grow mullets and sit on their porches drinking PBRs . (OK, that may just be what I am going to do!)
  12. As long as everyone up the chain is fine with the 2d and 3d order effects of this change, so be it. Ever since I enlisted in 1991, I was told about how great it is that the Air Force is a "family". It MORE than just going to work, it's people that will fight to the death next to you, it's people that will support you, even if you are flawed, it's people that are worth the extra effort from you. It's not "just a job". I totally bought into that, and really, it worked for me for years. It has been a sad, sad, transition. Many of the policies put in place now are basically making us a sanitized, civilian style workplace. That is fine. I can follow orders. I will also not be playing in any more of that mandatory fun that used to actually be…fun. Holiday parties? Unit events? Esprit de corps? Those types of things that are above and beyond my assigned time at work are reserved for people/institutions that care about me and that I care about, like a family. Will I be hanging out with good friends from work after duty hours? Sure, but not at the Club, not in the squadron. The new USAF that is afraid to let people interact as the flawed humans they are are simply going to create a culture of clicks and small groups…all being politely professional at work, but with no actual substance to their relationships, no true desire to see their community as a whole succeed, just to survive the work day…make sure to keep those feelings in…don't want to show your true self, if for no other reason that someone may take a minor offense to it. Really, it's all good. I can adapt.
  13. I totally agree with the "scale" aspect of your post, but I think it's missing a very important aspect. It's also about CYA. They know they can't fix it, they also know "fixing it" is not what really matters, all that matters is they LOOK like they are trying to do something, and then quietly praying that it happens on someone else's watch.
  14. I must have heard the briefings wrong. I was told that there is absolutely no difference in a person based on their sexual orientation, and that it is a demographic that should not factor into anything relating to work. Sooo...now there is work time set aside specifically to celebrate the thing that is not supposed to matter to anyone except the individual (because sex is private and only matters what happens behind closed doors). Then again, my beef with all this is a loosing battle anyway. I keep trying to get them to do a sudsy booth at the Asian Heritage Month party, and it keeps getting shot down. Guess having accurate parties is not a priority...but hey, it's a party. Any excuse to shut down support functions is good in my book.
  15. Well that sucks. How are the World of Warcraft guys going to find wives now?
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