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  1. Here's my story: Palace Chase approved for 12 months off IDE in-res commitment! It will end up being 9.5 months in reality. I'm a TPS grad F-15E WSO going to U-28 CSO TR billet. Basic Flow: -Wing recommended approval -AFPC recommended disapproval (with incorrect info to SAF/PC) -SAF PC disapproved -I was tagged for 179 non-flying deployment before I could reapply -IG complaint corrected incorrect info and package resent to SAF/PC -Palace Chase approved (but 4 days before proposed separation date) -Separation date amended to 15 Oct.
  2. Do not work/fly for Vertol. Check out their Glassdoor.com rating. There's a reason they're always looking for help...
  3. Win a Champ! $50/ticket or $125 for three tickets. Only 4,000 tickets total, so odds are good. It's a 1946 LSA 7AC Champ that I haven't flown much in recent years due to military moves. I finally found a better purpose for it. Get raffle tickets here. Some friends and I created a non-profit, Vets to Jets, to fund flight training grants for veterans and enlisted folks. The idea is that vets/enlisted have to either make life-changing decisions or pay some high hurdle costs to get into flight training (Post 9/11 GI Bill does not fund private pilot unless at an institute for higher learning).
  4. Personal view: an online MBA is a waste of time. If you need a square-filler for AF stuff, go do ACSC or ERAU or something. If you are mentoring the pups, advise them that the real advantages of a MBA are classmates and on-campus resources. They'll get neither through an online program.
  5. Sounds like there will be soon.
  6. Some food for thought: Back when I was operational, the guy I viewed as the best pilot in my community was a Ops-UPT-Ops type. I see the WIC guys as getting very burned out very fast. I'd like to see retention rates among patches vice the rest of the CAF ...I'm sure somebody has that stat.
  7. Just curious: If you haven't done the ATP written yet, are you planning on paying out-of-pocket (or burning GI Bill) for ATP-CTP or are you expecting an airline to pick that up?
  8. Rated Staff Allocation Plan. RSAP was a cluster because there aren't enough 11/12Fs to go around. Once the FGO assignments were figured out, then second and third assignment CGOs can be dealt with.
  9. RSAP was a cluster this year. I imagine many other gears were waiting for those twigs to be chucked through the system.
  10. Think of the politics. Any Representative who voted for less current year spending at the expense of his home district (even for the "promise" of future year programs) would get eaten alive come election time. These folks get elected every two years, so their goal is short term spending and not long-term gain. Federal law does not allow us to parlay current year savings into future year aquisitions for exactly the reason above. I see no push to change that anywhere on the horizon. The Air Force definitely should strengthen the low-end capability, as those are the conflicts we are a
  11. This is sadly untrue. Saving current year operations (or worse...OCO) funds will not net extra aqusition dollars in future years. Our system exists on the continuous acquisition of new toys and spending all current operations funds.
  12. To do this right: make a corporation and hire a manager. Dudes buy in and buy out (or lease in and out depending on how you want to run it) Y'all make it sound impossible, but this is essentially how frat houses are run. They seem to keep going.
  13. Are you running your stock on a water jet, or something else? For graphics, you might try a vinyl cutter or options where you burn a film with a laser cutter.
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