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  1. lloydbraun

    Gun Talk

    CDNN has outstanding prices on LWRC guns right now. I just bought a M6 ICA2 for $1499.00. This gun's MSRP is just over $2200, and if you order by tomorrow, they throw in a Ruger 10/22 for free. Total for both guns shipped was $1514.00
  2. For all of you approved VSP prior to completing 10 Yrs of service, start checking with the VA whether you'll actually get the Post 9/11 GI Bill tranfer to dependent benefit. Friend of mine approved in the FY '14 VSP found out after the AF telling him that the ADSC would be counted as "served" that the VA has different rules and will not allow the transfer of benefits to a dependent unless you've got 10 years of service.
  3. I figured that's the way TAP would be. Out of touch government civilians *teaching* me how to get a job. As it is now, I'm going to have to sacrifice post deployment reconstitution or lose leave to attend TAP.
  4. I separate in 88 days. Though I'm deployed right now, I'm trying to accomplish online preseparation counseling so I can focus on moving my family when I get back. Low and behold, the preseparation counseling I am REQUIRED to accomplish is on the Army Knowlege Online site. I have to accomplish this counseling, which by the way, doesn't work on AFCENT computers because of Comm restrictions. So, now I have to call a commercial number from a deployed location to talk to a civilian to work into their schedule to complete their requirements that don't help me one dam^ bit. THIS is why I'm getting out. I can't even separate withough completing some bull$hit requirement that has every road block in place imaginable that does nothing but waste my time.
  5. Thanks to everyone for passing along information. I got the approval yesterday '04 11M 9 Months ADSC waived Are there any limitations on being tasked with a deployment after you've been approved VSP? I think there is a limitation but I honestly don't feel like reading all 169 pages of this thread (or calling TFSC) to find the answer.
  6. I'd consider rolling the dice depending on when the training and in-place date are for this deployment. That's putting a lot of hope that your VSP app will be approved; If not, you're deploying. If you 3-day opt, you set a separation date and I think become ineligible for VSP, except that you applied for VSP before notification and subsequent 3-day opt'ing for this deployment. I wouldn't put it past some head AFPC chode to throw out 365's to nullify VSP apps. Why the are we even tasking 365's anymore, Do we really need that kind of continuity, or is this just more support staff to justify command billets?
  7. tunes, don't let your readiness to file an IG complaint prevent someone else from applying because you think it's pointless. You don't have all the information. I have a UPT ADSC and I haven't been denied yet. I'm betting my ADSC expires before yours does.
  8. Wrong, mine's been through the Sq and Wg, recommend approval at both, referred to BPO, now just today, referred to AFPC Voluntary Separation Pay.
  9. anyone else's VSP application say referred to "AFPC Voluntary Separation BPO"? Mine changed a few hours ago.
  10. ^^^^^Is this even English? I wouldn't trust anything from AFPC right now (or ever, really with their track record over the last 3 years). I'd wait for a complete re-release of 13-130 before I plan anything, or even think about Force Management.
  11. I'm an '04 as well. That's the million dollar question that neither iteration of 13-130 has clarified. I'd like to believe the CSAF and Lt Gen Cox when they say they want to get us timely and accurate information so we can make informed decisions but, this is shaping up to be a debacle. You'd think AFPC has never run a clean VSP/RIF...
  12. lloydbraun

    Gun Talk

    From what I remember, they are telling customers to expect a 4-6 week wait, I'll be home in about 3 more weeks so hopefully it's waiting for me when I get there. I'll post up a full review including wait time, pics of the XDs in the MiniTuck, etc.
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