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  1. I also have a CSD of 19 Feb at Vance...but I’m not sure that that’s right. 19 Feb 2022 is a Saturday. I asked Mr Hornburg about it and he said that’s strange but that’s what his schedulers gave him. Guess I’m waiting for my RIPs to know for sure.
  2. Still radio silence for me. Mr Hornburg said most of the assignments got loaded last week and it could take a few weeks for them to be processed. That is way later than I expected to hear to be honest, now I’m really curious what mine will be.
  3. Negative for me. Trying to wait as patiently as I can. Constantly bugging my CSS to check if anything has changed.
  4. @Dirty12 @Weav what @URT21Select said is correct. If it is loaded, it’ll show up under projected training. As a note, it shows up on the CDB on vMPF, but does not show up on my SURF. I’m not versed enough in AF systems to know why but that’s what is currently showing for me
  5. Haven’t gotten a RIP, but my MFS is 1 April according to my CDB
  6. Thanks man. That’s very possible. I didn’t start out in the buff so I may be a tad older than you think, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, I appreciate the love and hope you find that UPT spot in the future!
  7. The scores are not all that matter, as evidenced by other people getting picked up with lower scores than both of us. Technically I have a higher PCSM so yours aren’t “better” as you say. #1 strat, GO LOR
  8. UPT select. Second time applying. 91 pilot/92 PCSM/ 80+ hours & PPL Prior rated CSO
  9. I’m in the same boat. Base is closed and unfortunately my CC is deployed so he’s on the opposite time zone as us basically....I might be waiting a bit. Not sure which one is the real reason I haven’t heard though
  10. Well, it’s official. CC notification is 16 Feb and public release is 23 Feb per the Rated Assignments page...whoever called Tuesday was spot on.
  11. @Weav I may be mistaken, but I think the number can be found on the website you check your PCSM score, but I am not 100% sure about that
  12. @URTHopeful2021 that’s a bold statement...Barksdale isn’t THAT bad haha. I only applied for UPT as I don’t have a ton of interest in URT personally. This is my second time applying so fingers crossed.
  13. Glad to hear some movement is happening. Very similar family situation...my wife checks these forums more frequently than even I do. I’m applying from Barksdale. We had 5 people apply from here as well.
  14. This is very true haha. Somewhat of a second class citizen to pilots, but important all the same. The previous poster covered most of the information that I would share, but another thing that you need to consider is how infrequently and/or competitive those particular airframes are to get. I'm currently a nav who graduated from UCT last year (looking into UPT in the future) and I can say from the numerous drop nights that I saw, the Bone and MC in particular are not so common. If a class is lucky enough to get one to drop, it usually is literally just one. The F15 almost always has at le
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