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  1. Nice I’m guessing we probably know each other since it’s both are second time applying. Probably graduated UCT around the same time. I know a lot of good BUFF dudes though. Congrats on your selection though man I hope you crush it at UPT.
  2. I’m aware & yeah 1 point on the pcsm my B. But that’s why I asked what your other stats were. GO LOR prob makes a big difference but I’ll never get one of those I don’t know any GOs. My friend that got selected last year knew a two star that did his and got picked up. What airframe are you from?
  3. I’m confused how you got selected over me my scores are better and I’m also a CSO second time applying. What was your airframe? Strat? LOR? Age? Just trying to piece together why I didn’t get selected.
  4. Not a GO I don’t know any just our Wing/CC which is an O-6. And yeah I don’t want to sound salty but I def feel like I got shafted. Alas there is nothing I can do and it is what it is. I’ll apply again for a third time next year and start looking into ANG/AFR. Honestly pretty salty about the whole deal and want to give AD the big ‘ol middle finger. I’ve been in 13 years total with my E time and I’d just like them to throw me a bone.
  5. I’m in a rated field and a non-select I thought that would be the case for me but nope. I emailed Chris this morning and I was simply not selected. Just outside the cut he said. Which is mind boggling judging by the amount of non-rated people chosen. It just doesn’t make sense they’d take someone with 0 airmanship and military flight time over someone that’s already proven & capable. I just don’t get it. My stats are E-3 FTU I-Nav, 1K+ hours, 96P/91PCSM, PPL, 3 deployments and they chose a non rate over me. 🥴
  6. Yeah I’m also shocked. 😂 Extremely frustrating & disheartening. I am currently an E-3 Navigator so that falls under the “CSO” field. So I only applied for pilot. Literally chose this position over F-15 WSO out of NAV school because I thought it would be the quickest route to pilot. Second time non-select last year my AFOQT scores were P-74 PCSM - 76. Im willing to bet I was selected but not released by my functional.
  7. Well looks like I’m a non-select. FWIW I’m a current E-3 FTU Nav 1,000+ hours, 96 pilot, 91 PCSM w/ppl #2 WG strat. AD can get bent. Time to start rushing Reserve/Guard units.
  8. If anyone has access to the list and wouldn’t mind seeing if I’m on there shoot me a PM please. Base is now closed until Friday and who knows when they’re gonna send the list out.
  9. Could mean either one if you were a non-select he wouldn’t get the PSDM. However they could’ve just not sent it.
  10. I’m not sure by what RPA2021 said he gave the numbers of how many selects so that makes me think they see the entire list.
  11. Nope mine is still closed & I still haven’t heard anything. I text my CC and he hasn’t seen anything. If my base opens tomorrow I’ll be flying so I won’t hear tomorrow either. 😅
  12. At least someone here is above bribing... 😂
  13. I’m at Tinker so we’re supposed to get another snow storm tonight/tomorrow along with the sub zero temps. Taking a serious beating for the mid west. Lol
  14. What base are you at? I’m in the same boat at this rate my base may also be closed Thursday too.
  15. Congrats!!! Gives me hope I’m a Pilot-96 PCSM-91 w/ PPL My base is closed again at least until tomorrow so MPF isn’t pushing anything out.
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