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    Promotion and PRF Information

    'tis better than being a seaman.
  2. Spaceballs

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I was passed over as well as a nav with no issues either. We also had a pilot passed over with no problems. The non-select counselor said it was because we "didn't have a push for a leadership position on the PRF". When we told her that flyers don't have leadership positions as LT's, she said "well the other jobs do". I guess being a flight commander over three people as a 1Lt is more important that two years of undergrad and all the associated training to get us mission ready. Anyway, I asked the question and I was told we are not getting back-promoted. We are rolling a year back into the 2010 year group. I haven't been able to get a straight answer on when we will pin on, but my best guess is 1 January. I'm still trying to find this out for sure. It was a horrible process to begin with and you know how Force Support is...there's one person who knows their job and I can't find him.
  3. Spaceballs

    No parachutes on heavies

    Landings at the wrong runway don't count. Sorry...saw the c-17 sig. Couldn't help myself. I completely agree. The chances that we would ever use our chutes in the 130 community is extremely slim, but they're nice to have. For true heavies that fly much faster though, I'm not sure they are as useful.
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking into getting a tablet for some GA flying. I know there are a bunch of awesome apps, like Foreflight, for the Ipad, and I saw the post on here about the new Naviator app for the Android platforms. Most of everything I have seen has been positive for the apps, but do either of these really drive the purchase of a specific tablet? I will be primarily using it for private flying and that's my main reason for wanting to buy one. As of now, I'm looking at the Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet and any of the various Ipads. Of course I want the new one with the retina display and a 64gb hard drive, but the price is pretty steep. Do you guys have any recommendations on which tablet to go with for this use?
  5. Spaceballs

    Tablet recommendations for civil flying

    Awesome, thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it.
  6. Spaceballs

    Where to find pilot board dates

    Awesome, thanks a lot!
  7. I'm sure this has been posted before, but I can't seem to find it. Where can I find the active duty pilot board dates?
  8. Spaceballs

    Where to find pilot board dates

    That's where I've been looking, but it still has the last board as the next board. It says at the bottom to contact the flying board for up-to-date info, but it doesn't say how to get in contact with the flying board.
  9. Spaceballs

    HC-130 Info

    Is there any word on when Moody might go J's?
  10. Spaceballs

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Worthless masters > WIC Pt Test > Deployments Finance gets bronze stars What's the AF coming to?
  11. Spaceballs

    Questions on the GI Bill (Tuition Aid)

    I currently have the MGIB and I'm looking into advancing my ratings. I currently just have my PPL, but I'd like to get a commercial rating and pick up an instrument along the way. I've been reading a lot on the VA website and random postings I found through google, but it's pretty confusing. Does anyone have experience in the best way to use the GI Bill toward flight training? What I've gathered is that the MGIB will pay a higher amount, but it will only pay 60%. Then the Post 9/11 will pay a set amount, but it covers the entire training up to that point. My goal is to get my instrument rating this summer, commercial by the end of the year/early 14, and eventually a CFI. I'd like to use the GI benefits as efficiently as possible so I don't break the bank. I have a Part 141 school nearby, which I'm in contact with and they said they have a lot of people use their GI Bills there. Over $200/hr for an ifr-rated plane with an instructor is just incredibly pricey. I paid $65/hr for the plane and $15/hr for the instructor in college when I got my PPL. Unfortunately there isn't a college nearby that I can enroll in to extend the benefits and get the required hours due to that. Thanks!
  12. Has anyone completed any advanced education and sent their transcripts to AFIT? According to their website, you just send your transcripts to their address or e-mail address and they will update your record on vMPF. It's been a few weeks now since I sent my stuff over and nothing is updated. I did get an e-mail the day after I sent the transcripts saying AFIT had downloaded my transcript. What kind of time frame have you guys seen for them to update it?
  13. Spaceballs

    How long does it take for AFIT to update education?

    Alright, thanks guys. Yeah, it's down until later this month I think. I'm not too familiar with what that affects. I'll just wait until it's back up and I'll shoot them an e-mail if it isn't up by then.
  14. Spaceballs

    Drone Pilots: We Don’t Get No Respect

    As a person with drones on my list for my next assignment, I don't think drone operators deserve the Air Medal. Drones definitely have their place and make a huge difference, but the drone operator is never in any danger. They never see true combat. I think the new medal has its place for drone and space operators, but I don't think it should be nearly as prestigious as they made it. It should be a much lower medal being nowhere near the purple heart or the Air Medal. Just my two cents.
  15. Spaceballs

    Appealing a promotion board

    I had two training reports and a blank duty history. There is an appeal process I'm going through, but I'll already be put in for the ABZ board by the time I find out how the SSB went. Does anyone know how much an ABZ promotion affects your career? If I have to go to that one and I get picked up, is it going to look bad for trying to put in for schools, cross-training, or especially the major board? What about a lt col board?
  16. Spaceballs

    Appealing a promotion board

    I'm not a bomber guy. I'm on an AMC platform. All the bomber guys I know got picked up except for a couple. I'm going to try appealing the board as quickly as I can once I find out what happened to my training report.
  17. Spaceballs

    Appealing a promotion board

    I think I found the problem. A training report was never done from the FTU. I graduated in the beginning of April and the board met in July. Unless I'm going crazy, a training report should have been completed and sent in to th board. All I had that went to the board was an osb, prf, asbc training report, and Pensacola training report.
  18. Spaceballs

    Appealing a promotion board

    In my opinion yes. People at the top of their classes shouldn't be passed over when people who wash back in training get selected.
  19. Spaceballs

    Appealing a promotion board

    I'd like to say what airframe it is, but I don't want to release it publicly like this just for the confidentiality of the other guys in it. The big thing for me is that I am totally fine getting passed over for others who are better than me and deserve it. I am absolutely not ok getting passed over while people who washed back in flight school are selected. If you wash back and graduate at the bottom of your class, you should not be promoted over guys at/near the top of their classes in Pensacola and the FTU. Promotion Boards are based on performance. Retention Boards are for career fields. Also, the reply about <30 days for seeing your PRF. We were called into the training sq office to see it(and sign something I thought) the day it was sent in. Just more to appeal it on? Right now, my "justifications" for appeal are that we believe something administratively went wrong based on every single person in the schoolhouse being nonselected and that I saw my PRF less than 30 days from the submission. I'm trying to think of how to justify asking my sq/cc to take it up the chain. Saying "wash backs made it and I didn't" doesn't really sound good enough.
  20. Spaceballs

    Appealing a promotion board

    That's great info. Thanks a lot. I'm going to talk to my sq/cc first thing Tuesday morning about what happened and I'll still go through these steps either way. If something was screwed up, this process should catch it. Thanks!
  21. Spaceballs

    Appealing a promotion board

    No. There is a 100% nonselection with at least one FTU. I know because I am a part of it. Almost everyone that dropped this airframe was in the top half of their classes out of Pensacola. That is why we believe there is some sort of mistake that occurred. We are hoping it was a paperwork issue, maybe an incomplete package or something.
  22. Spaceballs

    Civil Involvements

    I graduated ROTC in '09 and the only rules were that your civil involvements had to be reported before getting on scholarship. . If you got accepted into ROTC, then your prior stuff should be fine as long as you didn't/don't lie to them. Anything that happened while you were in ROTC was on a three strike policy. We had a guy get a pilot slot who was arrested twice in college. We had another guy go to ENJJPT who was arrested once and showed up to PT drunk another time. In my opinion, ROTC upt applications are all about two things: PCSM score and commander's ranking. Get your grades, do well and be active in ROTC, and you will open a lot of doors. That's the advice I would give myself if I could do it all over again.