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  1. If your football team can't sell tickets by winning games, maybe they'll sell tickets with absurd PR stunts. The sad part is this doesn't play into the advancement of women's equality as they think it does. I have no doubt the school used her simply because she is female. In my mind, that is the opposite of equality. If a guy just uses a girl, that guy is judged by women to be a bad person, but if a school uses a girl, apparently that's laudable and hailed as an achievement. I wonder if it was actually called as a squib kick (prior to the kick). If you're going to set a milestone by having the first woman kick a football in a D1 school, you know that it is going to make headlines, ESPN, and other highlight reels, and you would want it to look good. A squib kick to the 35 does not look good. A 15 year old JV kicker could do that.
  2. The real question is not if there was illegal voting and vote manipulation (I doubt if any sizable election has ever been 100% accurate and correct since the days of the Athenian democracy) but was on a scale that could have affected the outcome. Since so many states were so close, it is a worthwhile discussion to have. I voted for Trump and I am obviously not happy that he lost. I have seen enough evidence to convince me that there was some voter fraud (see first comment and a Fox News article that listed multiple voters that were listed as having voted by name that died prior to 2018) , but so far no evidence that it was on the scale that some have accused. As is normal in our republic, especially lately, it is necessary to tune out both extremes. Was there a massive liberal corporate conspiracy to steal the election? Probably not. Was every single vote that was counted legal and legit? Certainly not. So the left should stop claiming that voters are being disenfranchised by the millions by looking into voter fraud. Similarly, the right should stop claiming that millions of votes were changed by some computer program unless they have some real tangible evidence.
  3. How about the profound silence of increasing the concealed carry on base? The Navy awarded those that responded and talked about how they ran unarmed toward an armed shooter. Should that not have caused them to think "why did our sailors have to run unarmed towards an armed shooter?" I fly with a 20mm gun that shoots 100 rounds a minute and live bombs going to the range. I'm trusted not to go crazy and go bomb or strafe the base and/or the nearby city, but can't be trusted with a concealed pistol before or after the flight.
  4. Disagree. I've never met Pres Trump, but based on what I have seen of him I don't think I would like him personally. But I agree with enough of his politics that I would campaign for him if I somehow had a reputation that would help his campaign. Being a good person and being a good politician are unfortunately two different things these days.
  5. McCain was not well liked. As mentioned, the fact that his fellow POWs would not talk to him should tell you everything you need to know.
  6. Skeptic is better and I don't think it is pedantic. I think "denier" was very carefully and intentionally chosen. The chart posted shows a correlation, but not causation, and is actual evidence against your thesis that man is the cause of global cooling/warming/climate change/whatever-it-is-this-week-so-that-we're-not-wrong. If man were the chief cause of global climate change, it shouldn't have changed much before our industrial revolution. My point with the scientific method is simply that climate change cannot be truly tested and that virtually all predictions have been wrong. If I come up with a hypothesis , make a prediction, and that prediction does not come to pass, I have to re-evaluate either my data, methods, or my entire theory. Instead, climate scientists make predictions, are proven wrong, and then pretend their prediction never happened or just push the dates a couple years down the road. Yet they still want to cripple our economy and lifestyle to 'fix the problem'. IF climate change is primarily man-made, which I'm not convinced, then technology advances got us into this problem and technology advances will get us out. The way we advance is to continue a robust economy. Look at England prior to electricity. Moths were changing color because there was so much coal soot in the air. It was an environmental nightmare. Was it fixed by governmental regulations that you can't use your coal fired pot belly stove to cook and heat your house? No, it was fixed by electricity not governmental regulations. Like beer, a free capitalistic economy advancing technology is the cause of (if you are correct), and the solution to, our problems. On a related note, correlation is not causation: https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations
  7. "Deny" is a loaded term in political arguments as often when it is used, it is used in the same context as Holocaust Deniers, thus giving the moral upper hand to the party that places the label. It is an irresponsible term to use for this reason as well as to say that I am "denying" something also implies that it has been proven. People who make a positive claim in an argument are the ones responsible for proving it. If I say Bigfoot exists and you say he doesn't, it is not your responsibility in the argument to search every square inch of the planet to prove he doesn't exist. It's my responsibility to prove he exists. As has been said above, the best possible argument is a loose correlation. Instead, people who believe humans are the cause assume that it is true based on the "science" when it is absolutely not science. The scientific method is the heart of science and it is impossible to apply to global warming. Additionally, every attempt to apply just a part of the scientific method by making predictions based on observations has failed every time. Remember Al Gore after Katrina when he said that Katrina was the start of a huge wave of super storms that will destroy our coasts over the next decade? The next decade had almost no significant hurricanes in the US. Same with professional scientists predicting the disappearance of glaciers in Glacier National Park. There were signs in the park predicting the disappearance of the glaciers by 2020. Those signs were quietly taken down last year and the glaciers are still there. This isn't science, this is politics pretending to be science.
  8. Smokin

    Gun Talk

    For a sub-compact, the mini-tuck would also work. I have the supertuck for my Springfield XD and just got the Reckoning for my XDS. Not sure what to think about the Reckoning quite yet, I may end up swapping it out for the mini-tuck as the supertuck I have is great. The Supertuck distributes the weight well and is as comfortable as is reasonable for a holster. Spend the extra on the horsehide if it's available. I wear at 5:00 so the end of the grip ends up directly behind my spine; find my shirt catches and prints the least there.
  9. It was a computer program running a computer program vs a pilot running a computer program. The results are so predictable a 5 year old could have told you who would win. Simulators are not real airplanes. The AI would not have the data in an airplane it had in the sim; perfect performance modeling of both jets, perfect data on adv airspeed, alt, g, distance, heading, AA, etc. Probably even knew exactly what flight control inputs the pilot was making before they would have been apparent visually. A laser and a camera doesn't get you that data. The entire thing was done with the stated purpose to give confidence in a drone wingman for future fighter pilots. A cagematch in a sim does not do that, so the stated objective was not possible to meet. The entire thing smacked of purely a publicity stunt.
  10. Having been stationed both in Europe and Asia, I would have to completely disagree from the point of view of the people being stationed overseas that Asia would be better. For national security, maybe, although Russia isn't the Russia Hillary would have had you believe with the reset button. And if the Korean War heats up again, the last thing we need is more people there to get slimed on day 1.
  11. I don't have numbers to back it up, but just by my experience we have a record low 90 day lookback overall for fighters combined with a record low total experience. That in and of itself is something to be very concerned about. Even the first assignment guy who deployed twice and may have 800 hours, how many sorties does that equal for him when half that time was spent in a in a CAP or a wheel? Deployed experience is good for a pilot, but one deployed 6 hr sortie doesn't always replace the 4 sorties the same hours would represent, especially if that sortie was 6 hours of turning while doing very little. Then take the average first assignment dude who probably has less than 200 hours (or the brand new guy who just showed up from the B-course with all of 69 hours) and fly him at half the RAP rate for a couple months due to this near standdown for COVID while many of the experienced IPs have jumped ship and you have a recipe for disaster.
  12. We have lost a lot of fighters in a couple months. The trend alone should give all pilots a serious self-examination as to how ready you are for the next flight regardless of the cause of the mishaps. I'm sure some safety guys could pull some data, but I can't remember a worse 4-5 month period in my career. A correlation of mishaps with the speeding up of the pipeline would be worth looking at as well. Prayers for this pilot's family and friends.
  13. torqued hit on my concern of long term implications of all this anti-police riots. The number of people who are interested in joining the police force right now has to be virtually disappearing. That means the police force is going to have a drastically reduced applicant pool, which is going to decrease the average quality of the individuals hired, which is only going to increase incidents like this. I also wonder if some of these current incidents like Minneapolis and Atlanta are a product of this same decreased pool following the Ferguson riots. If you hire people who otherwise would only be able to get a minimum wage job, and then give them authority and a gun, you're going to have big problems. I'm not talking about most cops right now, but if the nation continues on the current path, this is what we're going to end up with.
  14. Email this afternoon from NGB today, blatantly political. Threw the current Floyd issue in with Trayvon Martin (jury found the man that killed him not guilty in case people forgot). Not only blatantly political but also threw out the standards of justice in America by assuming that all the victims he listed were actual victims. Floyd jury hasn't even been called yet, but, reading between the lines, 'the cops are obviously guilty of racism driven murder'. There is a difference between sympathy to an alleged victim's families and community and ignoring the world's best justice system in the name of .... justice.
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