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  1. Not as important as getting a line number. I was advised by airline guys when I was leaving AD to get a line number ASAP and the 20 years would figure itself out. I thought I was smarter than them and waited until I was over 14 years TAFMs to hit submit on my apps. Turns out I should have listened. With the COVID stuff and exempt orders, I could be on mil leave for 8 years straight, so I could have gotten out right at 12, hired on terminal, and still hit my 20. Be ready to interview with your availability date as the earliest realistic you could show for training on terminal leave.
  2. If you have a job lined up, have built a job transition money buffer, and are otherwise ready, six months is plenty. If you just want out and are pulling the handle while hoping for the best, six months is pretty short if you have a family to feed.
  3. It's ok, just identify as both a male and a female when you fill out your app. Now you're in on both sides of the 50% quota. Actual race and sex discrimination in an attempt to fix perceived race and sex discrimination...
  4. Smokin

    Gun Talk

    Just another sign of the path our country is on, the Harris administration just filed a friend of the court brief in favor of warrant-less search and seizure. It blows my mind that anyone could read our Constitution and even remotely recognize our current government as being derived from it other than the most basic structure. https://www.wsj.com/articles/supreme-court-considers-police-leeway-without-warrant-11616620768?page=1
  5. That is awesome! How long did the rebuild take you? '66?
  6. I thought the exact same thing when I read that article. I was told the same thing as him. In UPT I was "cocky and talked too much" and in MQT "I wasn't confident enough and never talked". It is amazing that until I read his story, I never realized that my instructors were not providing me valuable feedback to find the middle ground but were, in fact, just being racist.
  7. Do tell... Can't just drop a bomb like this and walk away like nothing happened...
  8. But can they grow their way out of the mishap problem? An aggressive bonus could keep experienced guys around to help train younger pilots which would help prevent some mishaps. Instead, they're going to save their budget dust and produce more pilots with that money to replace those apparently acceptable losses.
  9. "Less than 1 in 100" includes less than 5 in 10000 and also includes zero. Zero is roughly the chance that I think I have of dying of COVID in the next decade. I will eventually get the vaccine for the same reason I get the flu vaccine, which I also think that I currently have a roughly zero percent chance of dying from. The flu and COVID both suck, but I'm way more likely to die from a car accident than either virus, so we need to reasonably evaluate the risks. For the military population, the chance of death from COVID is virtually zero, which makes me think that there is something more
  10. I never thought I'd say the Army is doing something better than the AF, but my Army friends are quarantining in their house before and after the deployment. Why the AF thinks its a good idea to put 18 year old airmen in solitary confinement for two weeks is beyond me.
  11. Plus the guidance that you'll still be expected to quarantine if you are exposed even after the vaccine. And they're still quarantining troops prior to deployments, even with 100% vaccination AND the virus already established at the destination. Tough to think of a better example of the brass doing something that actively hurts the military members and the mission simply so they can say 'look! we're doing something'.
  12. If COVID is so deadly, shouldn't we be giving the vaccine to people that will actually die if they get the virus instead of a group of people that are all generally health and generally cannot have co-morbidity issues? It seems to me that it is extremely irresponsible, to the point of being borderline criminal, to give the vaccine to the military before the general population.
  13. Gas stations may be out, but with anytime there's a chance for bad weather my truck tank gets filled. On a full tank, I'm good for 500 miles, plus the additional many miles I could get if I really needed to by siphoning the gas out of my boat, mower, etc. When I can do that with an electric truck, count me in. Until then, I'll stick to burning dinosaurs.
  14. One thing to think about if the airlines are your primary retirement plan is your aircraft currency. If you are currently flying and have the potential to stay flying without IDE, that would set you up best for the airlines. If you accept IDE and get a non-flying staff job, your recency in any aircraft will be pretty limited. Obviously if you get a flying command or a flying staff, that's another thing entirely. Most of the majors want to see current aircraft hours, so if there is a potential that the IDE could take you out of the jet for the rest of your career (or even the last year of y
  15. I would bet that as Clark said, this is a self-protection insurance measure from the future admin. That way the SecAF can immediately say "Ma'am, we're already on it, I have the fun police scouring the AF as we speak." In general, if you're going to get a punishment, better to be from your immediate commander than from his boss's boss.
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