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  1. Whew okay that makes way more sense. My bad on reading comprehension FAIL. So far as CP jobs at the Deid: Eww, no. Nice folks there however, always very helpful with a thankless job. Cheers, Chuck
  2. AFPC asked?? ...And...”Is being a commander a good job??” (If you’re getting ready to retire, only YOU can answer if you want to go remote to the desert or go quietly into the sunset...) What squadron at the Deid are we talking about anyway? Okay, forgetting the bizarre nature of such questions, yes, Sq/CCs all have vehicles, and all Sq/CCs live in their own dorm room (I had two) with a bathroom, kitchenette, etc., in a Sq/CC dorm - no roommates. Also: booze. It helps. Chuck
  3. What if I told you that the economy is so f’ed and the national debt is so immense that the future of austerity is going to drive force structure and mission changes anyway, as all the services and our Executive/Legislative Branch leaders face the choice of destroying the country with debt (not to mention entitlements), or remaining in far flung missions around the globe? If that doesn’t get you thinking, what if I instead told you that everyone else’s economy is also as f’ed as ours was by the ‘Rona, so nobody (not even China) is any better or worse off respectfully, and everything will
  4. My guess is he’s a fighter WSO who understands as much about Air Mobility as he does about logistics... This is an uninformed idea that nonetheless has potential - if you reframe it for an unmanned platform. Cannibalizing Herks “because we have so many” and turning them into Inside tankers is a non-starter for AMC. Put that brainpower into an unmanned platform requirement and you’re on to something... Chuck
  5. Yikes. Id take them the AFI - it specifically addresses this in discussing stratification. Then at least your O6 has to look you in the eye and tell you that they knowingly ranked you #2 behind a guy that’s already being promoted. Chuck
  6. Yep I’m with you, tweet provided for context only! Cheers, Chuck
  7. Unless she’s an operator who comes in and kicks over chairs, cleans up the joint and deals with the entrenched cadre who’ve “always done things this way...” In that case, all the clerks get their undies in a bunch and the IGs get called. (Seen it firsthand) Can not confirm on this case, just being devils advocate. Given her circumstantial (in the report) connection to a suicide though, I doubt she stays in our AF much past her current assignment. Chuck
  8. Will Roper has been noted in certain circles as being the guy with good ideas, but also as a neophyte when it comes to how “the system” works. Instead of working within, he wants to scrap and rebuild. There’s merit to that. But there’s also the Mil-Industrial Complex to contend with. They have constituency shareholders, and congressional reps in their deep pockets. They won’t change for Will Roper. Your assertion is spot on. Chuck
  9. For ignoring guidance? Or for lying about ignoring guidance...? (Heard it briefed differently, that's all...) Chuck
  10. To be fair, this has been corrected in the AFI. There is definitely a nuance to the report language however. Here’s the guidelines I’ve been given (from an O-9) and what I’ve been using ever since: 1. NEVER strat anyone “top 10% of xxx” - put a number on it. 2. Typically strat only the top 10-15% of your folks. 3. Dont strat as FGOs or CGOs - strats rate folks against groups of Peer rank (xx of xx LtCols, Captains), Peer Job (x of xx Flt/CCs), Peer specialty (x of xx IPs) - in that tiered order of preference. 4. Exception: If you don’t get stratted against the other
  11. Shack. But, but, but... distributed operations! MICAP! Landing on dirt strips and beaches and highways! Pit n Go sorties galore for our four ship of F-35s launching out of some wide spot in the road! How will we get them gas, ammo, parts If we don’t have this capability, etc!? If we don’t have/own/operate/control this platform and OPCON we’ll lose against the (insert scary ultra-capable near peer military force and/or next shithole militia dudes on motorbikes with SA-7s and AKs here) ! Always entertaining what comes out ACC/AFSOC/Army when it comes to this topic - if they could just
  12. The CNO is considering it because the POTUS is considering it. The guy can tell which way the wind is blowing, and knows this POTUS gives not one shit about interventions from his seat down to that level, especially in the Navy - already been demonstrated. Chuck
  13. We’re working on it.... There won’t be a sea change overnight. The change will be generational. It’s a guerrilla war ongoing inside the MAF. Takes longer than you’d expect and there’s a lot of resistance - mostly by senior level and GS management. There’s also a significant portion of most MAF communities who want to do nothing more than ILS to a full stop and pad airline applications. Malaise can be contagious, especially when the economy is good. Furthermore you have a significant portion of Star-wearing leadership (And this their minions as well) which values EXPOSURE over E
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