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  1. So, if the Majors are gonna do all the flying, who is gonna do all the other bullshit “necessary” to keep the squadron running?? Wait, aww shit.
  2. Is it me or are these gimmicks to keep people in getting more and more ridiculous? http://www.airforcetimes.com/story/military/2016/08/09/432000-bonus-air-force-may-nearly-double-fighter-pilot-retention-pay/88464154/ Shouldn't that be a sign that there's something inherently wrong with the way you run the Air Force if it takes $432K to keep somebody flying? I wish they'd address the reasons people choose to leave instead of just blaming the airlines. Bonuses are just a Band-Aid fix to some deeper problems which leadership seems to just want to ignore. Thoughts?
  3. "take our word for it" F*ck that. They're just going to pull the rug on those kids come the three year mark, and play the "need of the Air Force" card. But hey, thanks for working really hard in RPAs under the premise of our false promises. They're still trying to convince people to do that. Apparently it would be "detrimental to my career" to remain an 11M.
  4. Dude, I don't even have the minimum ATP hours. People feel the need to constantly remind me that "there are plenty of RPA opportunities on the civilian side!" and "it's the future of aviation!" I just don't want anything to do with these things. Get me outta here!!
  5. Yes, non-vol'd to RPAs as a young copilot when unit was "deactivated". Had not been in the squadron a year yet. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a good plan to me. I mean you guys are going from the fight on ISIS to patrols and training in the Pacific - sucks.
  6. Are these UPT to RPA assignments supposed to be a 3 year controlled, or are they planning on keeping them there?
  7. What about all that Servicing the President, Leadership 101? I think you've already thrown yourself upon the sacrificial alter. You make a shitty martyr. But hey, as you have so stubbornly argued, it can't really be that bad. When you figure out you had no idea what you got yourself into, just remember: attitude is everything.
  8. Just seems like a lot of effort wearing out aircrews and planes for not a lot of effects, based on what magnetfreezer was saying. Happy to hear that bud. I share that sentiment that the flying is what makes all the queep worthwhile, but I don't get to fly anymore. I realize I'm a grouchy, cynical asshole.
  9. People are pissed at you because you're discrediting all the complaints everyone has, and assuming the root of the problem is just an "attitude" issue. What are you basing that opinion on? You've already made it known that you're not in RPAs yet. Did you even talk to anyone before volunteering for this? Are you suggesting that if people stopped hating being non-vol'd from manned and just simply started loving the work they're forced to do, then the community would magically turn around? Your ignorance on the situation is astonishing. I applaud you on your positive outlook, but please spare us your wisdom on the situation. I think you earned this one Scotch.
  10. And some of the individuals who made it to Major in RPAs... really scraping the bottom of that barrel. I'm sure everyone knows 1 or 2.
  11. True. I guess in typical Air Force fashion, none of us are getting to do what we signed up for. Pretty moronic of the Air Force to put supersonic bombers overhead only to have them loiter awaiting targets. Guess we can just add it to the list of f*ck ups.
  12. No perceived necessity? I'm pretty sure B-1s are dropping the majority of the ordinance in the fight against ISIS. Seems pretty worthy to me. Don't get me wrong, I f-ing hate deploying, but that's because I hate my job. At least these guys are doing what they joined to do. That's the point of being a bomber pilot, right... to bomb stuff? Sure you need a life at home, I'm not discounting that, but I'd take the 6:12 cycle over shift work. I know I'm coming across as an a-hole, but isn't fighting the purpose of the military?
  13. B-1's are on a 6 on 12 off cycle right? I'm ignorant but that doesn't sound unsustainable to me.
  14. Oh wow, thank God. All our problems are going to be fixed now that you're here. Whew guys, no need for further discussion. Thanks everyone! Yeah I foresee Congress authorizing a CAP increase as soon as the Welsh reports manning is "pretty darn good". The ISR demand is insatiable and ground commanders are always asking for more coverage. I'm just hoping that I'll already have orders in hand by the time that happens. If not there's just going to be a huge manning black hole from which there is no escape.
  15. Apparently these were legitimate gripes they gleaned from the CPIP. The easiest boxes to check, so the leadership can say they're addressing the "problems" the community is facing. Some quick pencil whipping without doing anything meaningful to fix glaring problems. Absolute bullshit and a slap in the face to anyone who's earned actual combat hours.
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