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  1. Just seeing if anyone has ever heard of it. With all the rumors of Reserve involuntary mobilization, curious if IMAs are any more or less likely to be mobilized involuntarily.
  2. Anybody ever heard of AF IMAs being involuntarily mobilized for deployment?
  3. whatup123

    Promotion and PRF Information

    You're going to try and go to the Guard or Reserve after being twice passed over on AD? Doesn't a unit have to get a huge waiver to hire you after that?
  4. Not sure if this is legit. Saw an MFR signed by JJ stating no separations/retirements til Nov 16.
  5. whatup123

    Palace Chase info

    Johnstown, talk to your reserve recruiter. Sounds like they need to submit the completed 1288 (read all 3 endorsements filled out and signed). I think the PC loop isn't closed til this is done... I believe what this means to you is you may be approved from SAF PC, but the PC office can't close the loop til your Reserve assignment is populated.
  6. whatup123

    Pre-Separation Physical

    Anyone had any experience with a pre-separation physical? What does it entail?
  7. Anybody have any experiences with TMO regarding their final PCS? Do they really hold to their no further than one's home of record clause?