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  1. SPiF

    ANG to AFRES Questions

    Went ANG to AFRES. Biggest hurdle was getting the wing to get off their rear and finish processing the 1288. There was some other medical shenanigans needed by the AFRES that the ANG hadn't documented, but the AFRES recruiter handled it for me. Still needed to go through a recruiter, even though I had a gaining unit with a position number.
  2. SPiF

    That Cyber Thread

    I ended up only getting the unit to pay for some of my certs before I punched, the rest I paid for myself.
  3. It's part of the AFPC Secure suite of apps. You just log into the AF Portal and you can search for it as one of the available sites. It'll let you search by all reserve vacancies, TR, IMA, or AGR.
  4. You may want to look at the IMA program as well. All the billets I've seen are non-flying, and it's a lot easier to schedule your days in 1-2 blocks/year and be done with it. Looking at RMVS they've got a decent slate of 11X positions all over.
  5. SPiF

    That Cyber Thread

    Or the reserves (Go IMA!). Made the jump from AD a few years ago, don't regret it for the quoted reasons and I still get to contribute to the mission. Every time I miss being AD my unit is more than happy to offer me days so I can remind myself why I punched...
  6. SPiF

    VA Loans

    Just closed with Trident last week. Called around to several different banks, and no one could beat their rate + lender credit. Especially as we decided to do 0% down with the low interest rates right now. Biggest takeaway for me is that, within about 20 minutes of emailing with some questions, Marty was giving me a call back to talk rough numbers (which were really close to on the money by the time we closed). We're up in Seattle where the housing market is really hot and they were able to quick turn on anything we needed, which ended up being the difference in getting our house. Bonus points for hiring military spouses. Highly recommend, and would use again/recommend to family.
  7. SPiF

    Online MBA-Who ya enrolled with?

    I started doing an online MBA from the University of Texas - Dallas, which also allows you to switch between in-residence or all online classes. Ended up moving next to the University of Washington when I left AD for the reserves, switched to the in-res program. Fully agree that the classmates/on campus resources make the loss of the online convenience worth it.
  8. Here's a good link: http://www.arpc.afrc.af.mil/Home/HQRIO.aspx They're all posted online under the reserve vacancies section of AFPC Secure.
  9. Depends on your question. Left AD for a TR ANG job, transitioned to an AFRES IMA gig a few months ago. Honestly, I prefer it a lot more to the ANG. It's working within an AD unit but at least I get paid on time now.
  10. SPiF

    That Cyber Thread

    Now that's wardriving!
  11. AFI 36-2115 para 1.7 talks about what you're looking for wrt the reserves. My guard unit does this all the time (overages), but the ANG is currently allowed to be at 110% manned with overages. The catch I've found in manning my shop is that it's hard to get both overage and over grade. But, all officer spots in the ANG are Major slots. Reserves may be different, as I know they have officer slots up to the Capt level.
  12. HOR move applies when you separate. I went Palace Front last year, and they paid what it would cost to move to my HOR (I moved about 3x further away). I had 7 years' AD. I believe there's a line around 12 years where they'll pay to move you anywhere in CONUS as you've been away from your HOR long enough, but I wasn't nearly close enough to it so I didn't pay much attention to it. And the dates can be before your orders by a certain amount. I did a full DITY and shipped my stuff (via UBox, didn't trust the Gov't to not screw me over on shipping/storage with their carrier) before my "first movement" date by about 2 weeks. Finance Guy probably knows the exact delimiter, but they paid out for me.
  13. LinkedIn. They offer free premium membership for military for at least 12 months. Do a search for "military recruiter" or even "recruiter" for the location or companies you're interested in. I've gotten 2 jobs (one they reached out to me, one I reached out to them) and a few serious sets of interviews through it. Probably the only useful info I got out of TAP.
  14. SPiF

    That Cyber Thread

    As a former AD (now Reserve) 17D and working for a big cloud provider at my day job, there is plenty of interest to provide services to the DoD. Biggest hurdle is that what keeps our costs down is the ability to essentially share that computing power with multiple customers (as well as a lot of non-US citizens doing dev/build/mx) which the DoD cloud service provider regs keep choking on. The regs are also in constant flux, which makes it hard to plan a business case for $XXXM+ in investment to folks who have very little concept of why the regs are written the way they are. DISA (as 17D_guy mentioned) is the big broker, and many of the regs are still written with traditional enterprise networks in mind. Some concerns are valid, some aren't, which defeats a lot of the cost savings. But, I think the next 18-24 months will show a lot of progress as the various branches start pushing DISA to compromise a bit more. And yes, we do have outages just like your traditional base server farms. The difference comes in the redundancy model that cloud offers and there are various pricing options to help with that. Of course, multi-region/multi-service outages can happen with things such as zero-day attacks, human error, bad rollover configs, etc..
  15. SPiF

    Separation Pay and State Taxes

    I did just that. Got a W-2 for my AD pay, and a W-2 for my ANG pay. It was classified as a Reserve Component W-2, so I would think it's the same process for the Reserves. My AD W-2 showed my previous state of residence, TX, while the ANG one showed my new state, WA.