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  1. Same here. I've heard this from several people but never seen any actual proof this happened. Google reveals nothing either. Until proven otherwise....false. Getting ahold of him is another story....
  2. Iran & Iranian Shenanigans

    Join on their wing and help escort 'em in!
  3. CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) info

    If you were going to give a friend lessons to get his PPL, what ground school would you all recommend? i'm gonna go do a couple flights w a CFI to get the maneuvers down again, but I don't really have time to teach him ground school from scratch. Obviously I'll recommend SheppardAir for the written test prep, but you've still gotta learn the knowledge...esp for the PPL. King ground schools? Anything else? Also, what have you all used for a syllabus when giving instruction?
  4. PME and Career advice

    Anyone find the list online yet?
  5. PME and Career advice

    Folks are starting to get calls from their leadership....list (should) officially be released tomorrow.
  6. PME and Career advice

    Not that I'm surprised......but I haven't seen anything today. Anyone else?
  7. The line to get a part time guard or reserve job is a mile long at all the Viper units I've talked to. I can't believe they'd give one to the part time guys....especially with the way the airlines are hiring now.
  8. F-16 Crash At Tyndall

    Anyone seen a name publicly released yet?
  9. Wait....so everyone is getting this e-mail? I thought it was just me as I'm an eligible who hasn't taken the bait with 3 weeks to go.
  10. The hater of all things airlines just became an airline expert?
  11. USAA

    When my auto policy went up for renewal in March, USAA went up about $50/month (to almost $400/month for 3 cars including a 17 year old) for no reason at all (no accidents). Called Geico, and they were about $130/month cheaper. USAA couldn't match. I hated dumping USAA as we've always had great service, but when Geico's cost was 2/3 of USAA's, switching was a no-brainer.
  12. What? Posted from the NEW Baseops.net App!
  13. Send me a PM with your background info, and I'll give you his e-mail. Warning....it's been a few months since anyone I know has been able to get ahold of him. Not 100% sure he is in business still.
  14. I wouldn't limit them to just missileers...more like all shoe clerks in general.
  15. Yokota AB info

    Understandable, given how focused you are on getting that airline job.