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  1. Sorry this is so late, but I did end up getting selected for O-4. (Thank goodness) With my furlough notice in hand, now I’m wondering if O-5 is in the cards! 🤣🤣
  2. Ok, so for a continuance, does that mean I’ll end up retiring as a career O3? No more O4 looks?
  3. I wanna say they wanted to see a recent AFCM. But this is all speculation. I learned this after I called for my “post board counseling.” I had asked if anything jumped off the paper as reasons to why I got passed over, and the lady at ARPC said it’s was lack of medal and that referral. She wasn’t on the board, so she couldn’t say for sure.
  4. Oh really? Did I read the code wrong? Are you sure it’s 20 years of commissioned service??
  5. I may have found the answer. Not the answer I was hoping for. ————————— “10 U.S. Code § 631, § 632: O2s, O3s, and O4s (other than Navy and Marine Corps Limited Duty Officers) who have twice failed for promotion shall be discharged. If eligible for retirement, that officer is retired. If retirement eligibility is within 2 years, that officer is retained until eligible and then retired. Retirement or discharge in this manner is considered to be involuntary. 10 U.S. Code § 14504, § 14505, § 14506: Reserve O2s, O3s, and O4s who twice fail selection for promotion shall be discharged. 10 U.S. Code § 14513: Reserve O2s, O3s, and O4s who are removed from active status for failure of selection for promotion are transferred to inactive status if Service Secretaries determine that the officer has skills required for mobilization needs or to the Retired Reserve if the officer qualifies and does not request not to be transferred. Otherwise, the officer is discharged” ————————-
  6. Hi folks, I was planning on retiring in January, but with the current state of affairs, it seems that would be an ill advised move. However, I am in a pickle. I am an AFRES O3 with 19.5 years of service. (8 yrs enlisted) I was passed over for O4 last year because of a lack of recent award, as well as a referral OPR from 2015 for a failed FTF. The career development section in my wing failed to inform me of when the 2020 O4 board was being held, and I again failed to obtain a recent award. (totally my fault, I was very blinded by my upcoming retirement) Now I am afraid that I will be passed over again. My question is this: What are the repercussions for being passed over twice? What AFI can I look in to spell it out for me? I remember seeing something regarding retirement sanctuary, but I can't recall the details. Will I need to pursue a waiver of some kind to stay in? Will I get a 3rd look at O4? Thanks for everyone's help. I hope you are all staying healthy and optimistic during these tough times.
  7. Hey guys, anyone have the contact info for the 167th AS Chief Pilot? Cheers Velo
  8. Does anyone have a good phone number to call to get the final word for all of this? I was able to find out how much I have to transfer, but I’d like to know once and for all if I’d be able to retire before the 4 add’l years would be served. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Well that sucks. Totally my bad for not doing this earlier. I only have about 12 months of MGIB of benefits to transfer. But that definitely could make a difference!
  10. I don’t suppose it matters if I’m a reservist? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I'm in the process of talking with the ALO folks. Thank you though!
  12. Hey all - I've been on hold with the total force call center for 45 minutes now, so I figure it wouldn't hurt to reach out to you fine folks and see if someone here has the answer I need. I understand that if I were to transfer my benefits today, I would have to commit to another 4 years of service. I am eligible to retire in January 2021, and I was wondering if they'd make me extend my service beyond that date?
  13. I would definitely consider it, but I would prefer no more deployments.
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