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    CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) info

    I also got my ATP Single Engine & CFI Single Engine with Gordo - he goes 100% by the book, so if it's in the PTS, it's in the checkride. That being said, he is a retired Phantom Phlyer so he speaks our language and tailors his act accordingly. Well worth the trip to Jasper - great instruction, great equipment and a fairly adminstered checkride.
  2. Nuke77

    Group Commander Feedback and Advice

    Great post, g2s!
  3. Nuke77

    KC-46's Name Selection

  4. Nuke77

    Gates vs. the Air Force

    Was there ever any question that Gates had a chip on his shoulder WRT the AF? Hiring Skeletor (Schwartz) was tantamount to "cutting off your nose to spite your face." Great leadership, dick.
  5. Nuke77

    MC-12 Crash in Afghanistan

    Glad to hear that you guys are all safe.
  6. Nuke77

    MC-12 Crash in Afghanistan

    When I was wrapping up my MC-12 tour, some of the EFIS-equipped MC-12s from Balad were being transferred to the Army, so unless you have intimate knowledge of this mishap, I wouldn't rule out the possibility. Army flies with mixed crews as well.
  7. Nuke77

    Seeing a Chiropractor

    My two cents: 1) Don't igore it. I understand you may be walking a fine line between semi and permanent DNIF here, but consider this: until you get a qualified doc to look at it (and perhaps an MRI), you have no way of knowing exactly what is going on in there. My MRI was pretty eye-opening. It's not going to get better, but I can manage it. 2) Consider all your treatment options. Something to consider as an alternative to Chiro: I have the standard BFM neck, and it got to a point where I couldn't function. I rolled the bones with my flight doc, whom I trusted. After a few months of PT didn't really help, it was suggested I try "dry-needling," which is a clinical version of accupuncture. Turns out there was a PT Doc on base who was qualified. 3 sessions later and Voila! Worked like a charm. Worth looking into. 3) Document, document, document. If you are going the covert route, realize that when and if you want to collect VA Disibility, you're probably going to need some documentation. My med records show a "history of non-debilitating neck pain as a result of flying." Again, trusted Flight Docs. Nuke
  8. Nuke77

    USAF Budget Cuts

  9. Before you rush to judgement, it's important to point out that he was once a "freelance classical music and opera critic for the Washington Post."
  10. Nuke77

    USAF Budget Cuts

  11. Nuke77

    Palace Chase info

    Thanks, NOLA. I'll take any and all advice on the transition. I'll put TAMP on my radar for sure. What else do I need to be looking for?
  12. Nuke77

    Palace Chase info

    Palace Chase approved. 11F with ANG job, asking for 6 mos. off of ADSC (from ACP no less). SQ/CC, WG/CC and Porch all concurred. A boldface applies...the boldface is: EJECTION HANDLE - PULL
  13. Nuke77

    MC-12 Liberty info

    The wing stress issue is not the result of aerobatics, it's from flying the airplane at or very near gross weight in lousy weather twice a day for years on end. Add in some clumsy inexperienced types pranging in a few landings and flying too fast for conditions and voila...overstressed wings. We need to let the barrel roll incident go - it was debriefed to standards two years ago.
  14. Nuke77

    Headset questions

    Clarity Aloft, or as a cheaper alternative, Halo. Both are in-the-ear style and allow you to wear sunglasses & ballcaps without any interference. Not equpped with a single mil plug, but you can buy an adapter on the cheap. Absolutely love 'em.