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  1. PPM Move Question

    I was in a similar situation and moved my stuff about 6 mos before my actual PCS date. When I turned it all in, they didn't care. I even had a full weight ticket from when I moved, but had an empty weight ticket from a couple days before (because I lost the original empty one) and they didn't even question it.
  2. Little Rock info

    Thanks for your life story. At the end if you didn't get a non-A they will reimburse you up to what it would have cost to stay on base. You'll get Meals/Expenditures per diem either way, but it will be significantly less if you don't have a non-A. Finance may want to see a copy of the lease, but what they NEED to see is a receipt for the amount you paid each month in rent from your rental company.
  3. Buying a house

    Anybody purchased a house or applied for home loans recently and have any advice on which bank is currently offering the best rates? I've heard Bank of Kansas City was really good a few years ago, any idea if they're still competitive? Also found this gem from Bergman, posted back in 2006, a good year and a half before the huge fallout:
  4. BX renovations.....a waste or worth it

    ...And the haircut place always cuts my hair too short. And I only use the dry cleaner for uniforms because when enlisted people take their stuff there I have to wait forever. And the speed limit on base is too low. And I just hate the terrible inconvenience of all the additional services offered to me. Not to mention nobody at the bowling alley can actually bowl...
  5. HC-130/MC-130

    He is from one of the last classes at Randolph. Not sure about a recent change, but I'm pretty sure I didn't misunderstand as he was pretty heated about it until they told him he'd still be going to Kadena. Perhaps there is more to the story that I didn't catch. I'll try to get in touch with him and let you know. edit: all the Japanese bases look the same
  6. HC-130/MC-130

    I've got a buddy who just showed up to Kirtland for Talon EWO training about two months ago. He's TDY here, and when he showed up they told him that all brand new Navs/EWOs go to Shadows - regardless of what the orders say (he also dropped Talons). He's also headed to Kadena, and they told him to expect about a three month delay to his original planned arrival at Kadena because of the back up of the Shadows. He also said he's working six days a week right now to catch up after the sim was broken for a week or two. Should be all in house for the -130W specifics - no formal program is set up for them at Kirtland, only the -H and -P/N, and soon the -J.
  7. An unspeakable loss. God bless those heroes and their families. Anybody have any insight as to why a chinook would have been used in this kind of raid? Not being a helo guy, it makes sense to me that something smaller would normally be used for those types of missions?
  8. CV-22 out of UPT?

    I know a guy who is PCSing to Mildenhall after he finishes his time at Kirtland. Total luck of the draw - his flight partner is going to Cannon.
  9. Having done an undergrad in engineering, I feel your pain on not wanting to continue to a masters. If you decide MBA is the route you want to go, decide if you want one from a real school or an easy online MBA. If you want the more difficult option, I recommend taking the GMAT - as mentioned above, most schools that anybody has heard of require it - and applying for the semester you start active duty. That way, you will be active duty when it comes time to pay for the classes and will be able to use TA. Most of the schools are very accommodating to military, so just google "distance mba programs" or whatever program you're looking at, and you'll find all kinds of options. I've heard that some schools as heavy as Duke can be done completely online (or with a minimal in house component), but they can get pretty expensive, others drop the cost down to TA. Beyond that, enjoy your time off, before you move to a town in the middle of nowhere and start pilot training. Travel and visit friends, enjoy free time, and spend money you don't have - you'll save a bunch in UPT.
  10. Bin Laden dead!

    Google maps already has it pinpointed. Search "Obama bin Laden's compound Abbottabad Pakistan". A few block from a police station, airport, movie theater. And the Pakistani government had no idea? He was supposedly in there for over six months. Also reported that one UAV involved was RQ-170 Sentinal drone, and two helos, one of which had maintenance issues and crashed, but no injuries.
  11. Bin Laden dead!

    Yeah. Which is probably why it was CIA or some spec ops group.
  12. Bin Laden dead!

    Yeah, gotta be sure if you're gonna announce that. DNA tests and everything. Hell yeah!
  13. Bin Laden dead!

    Perhaps it has something to do with the security level increase at all bases... Edit: CNN just said it has nothing to do with Libya, which would have been my first guess after Gadahfi's son was killed by NATO strike. Edit 2: now trending on twitter: bin laden has been confirmed dead.