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  1. Hey guys....got a buddy heading to Vance on a short notice PCS (moving in either December or Jan). He will be bringing a wife and 3 kiddos. The oldest will start kindergarten next year. He isn't a flyer so short commute for early go's not as big of a deal vs coming in as an IP. Any gouge on neighborhoods to look at, avoid, etc? Any other info updated info on the area is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Like others have said we were told we would get 4 slots FY20 (I believe) followed by 14 in FY21.......
  3. Wait....can we discuss this instead of uniforms for a second? Is this seriously being considered?
  4. Because sadly the reserves has a crop of leaders that came off AD who are still looking to make a lot of rank in the reserves.
  5. Well in my little reserve world I was just told that we are "required" to wear the OCPs over the tan bags now.....even if the crew wants to wear bags....
  6. Well that depends.....are they current on the most up to date Green Dot training?
  7. Looked it up this morning and for anyone else wondering......It is an ART bonus of $18k that is separate from the current 25% incentive bonus currently in place. It requires you to be past your UPT commitment and less than 24 YAS. Supposedly the 25% is going away very soon to be replaced with whatever your locality pay is so in my case, I am getting a ~7% cut from what I am making right now (our locality is 17.65% and I am not eligible for the ART bonus due to my UPT commitment)....I'm surprised they limited the ART bonus to guys outside their UPT commitment because my UPT commitment has 0 impact on whether I stay and ART or go airlines where-as another $18k/yr would entice me to stay around more when it's on top of the permanent raise....
  8. Eh well sounds like it won't be an issue filling slots (sts) but if for some reason there is a push to get a C-17 there let me know and I'll do the homework to see if we could get one in/out of there without making national headlines...
  9. Any links/ info on the ART bonus? Is it separate from the 25% we are getting as a "retention" bonus or is the 18% the permanent raise to the 558 pay tables they have been talking about for 6.69 yrs now?
  10. I missed the ball on this one....what's UPT-H again?
  11. So true man.....small data point but A1 just swiped all of our "open" full time positions and voila are now reporting us from "less than 50% manned" to fully green on full time manning....
  12. Has anyone heard if they will be completely phasing out the green bag as well? Seems like the tan is already on the way out but hearing both sides for the green...
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