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  1. TMFan

    New BAH rates are out.

    MOAA makes it very easy to voice your opinion directly to your senators. Took me less than 5 minutes to fill out their form: http://capwiz.com/moaa/issues/alert/?alertid=72342626
  2. Anyone ever do a consecutive overseas tour and request partial release of non-temp storage to be shipped to the second location? I can't find anything in the JTR about it.
  3. Chuck, link doesn't work anymore. Would you mind reposting?
  4. TMFan

    PME and Career advice

    6 months in Monterey would be some of the best time of your life. Then again, I believe some European languages are now taught at DLI East (Washington DC). Still not a bad tour to live in DC and have no responsibility except to learn Spanish. These types of deals normally roll down, vs bubble up. In other words, the dude who originally got this probably could no longer do it so they offered it to the next most qualified candidate (according to the rack and stack). So consider that. Agree with other posters that the small schools are generally the most selective and will stand out more in your record than ACSC.
  5. This is one of those things you want to go straight to the top right away. Find out who the SGH is at your servicing MTF and ask him/her for contact info for your servicing EFMP office.
  6. TMFan

    AFPAK Hands

    If you've already taken the DLAB, have a good score, and want to make yourself *less* competitive for AFPAK hands, don't forget you can retake the DLAB after 6 months. Sandbag it and your 69 will replace your 169 on your SURF.
  7. TMFan

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    I can't believe he hasn't taken it down in light of the negative comments. He really doesn't have any shame.
  8. TMFan

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Just wait until the base decides to have a SIP exercise while you're staying there.
  9. Chang, why are you here? If you are who you say you are, do you really think your words are those of a good leader? Really? Would you follow you?
  10. Unfortunately, I've had to deal with EFMP quite a bit, and still have to deal with it for a non-issue several years ago. Biggest lesson learned--if at all possible, never EVER have your families use the docs at an MTF if it can be avoided at all. Always use Tricare docs on the economy. It's a lot easier to hide their records from the EFMP that way. Any sort of mental health issue is going to you and keep ing you for years. I can't speak to the pregnancy issue, but for your son, you have to ask a couple questions: 1. How badly do you want to go to Ramstein? 2. How much are you willing to pay out of pocket for your son's needed PT and ST? Keep in mind you'll be making a shit-ton of COLA over there. If you want the assignment, start doing everything you possibly can to convince the Air Force that your son no longer needs PT and ST. Pay some docs out of pocket to write it up as such. Go to CVS or Walgreens for this if necessary. Once you get to Ramstein, look for some PT and ST providers on the economy. German kids sometimes need them too, no matter what the USAF thinks. There are probably several spouses in the KMC that are certified in these fields and would love to do it for cash. If you let the system run its course and you crawl through this EFMP shit tunnel, chances are good your son will be denied. USAF will tell you there aren't any/enough PT or ST providers in the Tricare network. It won't matter that you're willing to pay out of pocket. This is assuming the EFMP paste eaters aren't too lazy to look into it before stamping your son denied. Another option is to do it all above board and when he comes back denied, say you want to take the assignment accompanied and get all approved family members added to your orders. Pay out of pocket for your son's plane ticket. He'll be covered under a different Tricare program and you may find that there are in fact eligible PT and ST providers. The trickiest part will be the residency, but I believe others on here have found workarounds. You might also check if he'd be eligible for the DoDDs schools, though I know some people that have sent all their kids to German schools for FREE. Good luck. Send me a PM for more info.
  11. If he is with First Command, you can be sure he is not pushing it for the right reasons.
  12. TMFan


    Great info. Just to clarify, my comments on the SOFA issue are an attempt to address only the criminal jurisdiction element. I assume that's what di1630's concern was.
  13. TMFan


    Keep in mind the stamp is only a means of quickly and conveniently identifying those with SOFA status. The legal basis for the SOFA protections would be contained in the SOFA itself. Should it come down to it in some sort of judicial process, the stamp would mean very little. Both governments would look at the SOFA itself and who it identifies as being entitled to protections.
  14. TMFan


    According to the NATO SOFA, yes (in NATO countries). The SOFA defines a dependent as "the spouse of a member of a force or a civilian component, or a child of such member depending on him or her for support" and I don't see any stipulation that the dependent has to be on your travel orders to enjoy the benefits of the SOFA. Source: http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natolive/official_texts_17265.htm Depending on your assignment and location, you and your dependents might also enjoy diplomatic status under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
  15. This could be easily doable. The EFMP process is risk averse to the point of absurdity. And the presumption that a bunch of mindless bureaucrats care more about the health of your dependent than you do is insulting. Most likely, they can't even find your gaining location on the map. Once you arrive, you'll likely find that there are thousands of American expats in country that are in no way connected to the US government and therefore without Tricare, etc. How are they surviving?! Your non-command sponsored dependent will have more benefits eligibility than you might realize. Read the Tricare documents closely and examine them from a mindset that your family is on vacation to the gaining country. I know of someone that was in a very similar situation. PM me for more details.