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    The difference is that General Olds was told to shave it after he was home. Nobody stopped him as he was stepping to his jet to tell him that his mustache was out of regs. The author is missing the point...standard Edit for pro-noun clarification.
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    AFI 36-2618 5.1.4. Demonstrate, inspire, and develop in others an internalized understanding of Air Force Core Values and The Airman’s Creed. Know and understand the Air Force Symbol. We get water boarded with this type of kool-aid. I try to just go to my circle.
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    Yeah. That, and it was the Chief of Staff of the Air Force who personally told him to shave it off. Not some admin clerk NCO with a hard on about the Air Force song and sock colors. Some of the most effective leaders I have served with in the Air Force have been SNCOs, but I must have missed the AFI that now requires the most misguided, poorly developed and ineffective SNCOs to leap to the front of the "leadership" train. I'm assuming it's an AFI, because that seems to be the only force that provides vector in today's Air Force. Every single one of these buffoons works for a senior officer. Where the hell are they? WHO are they? I guess in the absence of real officer leadership, it's not surprising that someone else is stepping into the void. But frankly, the net result is making the entire Air Force look like a three ring clown act. I guess this is the inevitable result of building "leaders" through online PME.
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