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Did I shoot myself in the foot?

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Feeling super bad about this one. Had an interview with a fighter squadron not too long ago and the topic of vaccines came up because I asked about it. I am not opposed to the Covid-19 vaccine but I just haven't gotten it yet. Figured I would receive it if I could hopefully get hired. It seemed like this thought process was not well received and now I am losing a lot of sleep. Should I have kept my mouth shut about this and should I go and get the vaccine now so this isn't an issue anymore?

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Lesson #1: Never pass on the opportunity to STFU on controversial subjects

Lesson #2: I would get the vaccine both on the merits of being vaccinated against a deadly disease, and also because it's a requirement of employment in the military, so you might as well knock it out ahead of time if you're able to.

Try not to lose sleep because the interview is over and there's nothing you can do to change the outcome at this point most likely. Hopefully whatever was said isn't a factor in hiring one way or the other, because it won't be an issue if you do get hired. Uncle Sam will make you get the vaccine if you haven't had it already, and you said you're not opposed to it, so problem solved.

Good luck!

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Agree with Lesson 1 (while still a candidate), but partially disagree on Lesson 2, unless units are asking vaccination status as a form of weeding out, then by all means go get the jab.

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