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RIQ/RFC is at Randolph, but I digress, semantics. I don't know your personal situation, if you're coming from another AFSC or if you're brand new, so: Brand new accession: You will PCS to Rand

I was there last year in August. It was really laid back overall. I think I had an event like every other day on average(first month every 3-4 days, and towards the end every day usually). Flights/sim

I'm here right now. Academic Scheule is busy at first but quickly falls off. Like Wraith said, get the gouge from the class ahead of you and your good to go. You are free to go as you please. Only rea

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On 7/17/2018 at 8:09 PM, Mustache Sally said:

Hey guys, I'm looking to get some updates on this thread.  How long would a reservist/guardsman expect to be in the schoolhouse?  I've heard everything from 4 months to 9 months--what's the current timeline?  Has the dipshittery surrounding the "required" use of DoD lodging been squashed?  I'd stay off base anyway and gladly throw the JTR in their faces.  Are there any decent apartments for unaccompanied folks to live?  My husband won't be able to join me and I'm not interested in roommates.  Thanks. 

None of their business if your husband is actually with you. I would just say I’m married and I’m staying off base. Seeyaaaaa. You would be “following” their retarded illegal policy. 

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