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TDY Gouge - Nebraska


Lincoln, NE - Flew into LNK, got a TMP vehicle from the NENG C-12 drivers (Thanks guys!). Only halfway decent hotel we found on Google was the Holiday Inn Downtown. It was acceptable, but in the middle of renovations. Come to find out there is an Embassy Suites two blocks away (Corner of P and 11th St). Will be staying there next time. As for bars and restraints, Lincoln is a college town, so lots of options. You gotta try the Old Chicago's 'World Beer Tour' (West P St across from Holiday Inn). Had 30+ kinds on tap, and another 100 or so in bottles. If you're looking for some great steak, check out Misty's (Right accross the st from Embassy Suites on N.11th St) which is also a microbrewery. The Haymarket district is supposed to be where all the nightlife is, but we didn't make it down there this time. Oh BTW, the average year round temp in Lincoln is 51*F. It was -21F when we landed. Bring your long johns!

Omaha, NE - Stayed off base first night (right out the gate) at a Best Western -- "The White House" -- not bad, but certainly nothing great.... Downtown Omaha is a about a 10 minute drive from Offut and HIGHLY recommended --head towards the "Old Market" district (any one at Base Ops, WX, etc can hook you up with the basic and easy directions)... hit the Upstream microbrew pub for good beers and great food.... also recommend the Underground bar and the Dubliner... many other good bars and restaurants within the district... Offut has u-drive-its available, and surprisingly, the high hook-up is on-base.... 55 kickin' suites (ask for the suites)are available in their on-base billeting and they are highly recommended as a top-choice... the only better option you may want to ask for first is to get to the Embassy Suites located right in the Old Market district downtown -- well within stumbling distance of the goodies... Omaha turned out to be a pleasant surprise and a great town -- enjoy! ~Some good entertainment options for all: First and foremost, the Dundee Dell. 5007 Underwood, Omaha (cross streets 50th and Underwood, just north of Dodge St). A little off the beaten path, but well worth it. Cigar friendly, and they have the best selection of Single Malt Scotch in the entire U.S. No boast. Last count was 337 different labels--not bottles, labels. Usually 2-3 deep in each. Outstanding staff, great atmosphere, excellent web page for additional info. Tell Pat (the owner) that Hollywood sent you. www.dundeedell.net Second, McKenna's Blues, Booze, and BBQ. 7425 Pacific, Omaha (just west of 72nd and Pacific). Near Aksarben, Omaha's big sports complex. The best BBQ I ever ate, and I've had a bunch. Excellent live music every nite, and excellent McKenna's brews. www.mckennasbbb.com Third, David's Briar shop, with 2 locations to serve the cigar hunter. Top notch selection, affordably priced. At least they used to be, I PCSd outta there about 6 years ago. www.davidsbriarshop.com. Fontenelle Hills Apts was a freaking Palace! If you are PCSing into Offutt and need a place to live definitely check out these Apartments, they are the nicest anywhere in town and for the price much larger. The only downfall is in the winter when it snows they are hard to get out of. So if it snows stay home and sleep.

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