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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys/gals, Thanks for taking some time to review my situation and offer inputs.. much appreciated: - I am a 6-yr Air Force Capt in a HD/LD SOF career field looking to apply to ANG UPT positions (anyone that will take a look at me, but ideally fighters) - I can separate in late 2018 (at 29 yo), but will be within 3-4 months of turning age 30 at that time - Thanks to some help from medical contacts, I'm approved for a FC1 physical (albeit with a couple medical waivers for eye issues) Some of the hurdles I'm tracking.... - Will likely need a prior commissioned service waiver as well as an age waiver IF (big if) I am hired - I have a very old PCSM score (from college days) that was "renormed" from a 90 to a 59... worth retaking the TBAS? I have an 85 AFOQT Pilot and 9 flight hours. - Due to my small career field, I'd rather not 'open the kimono' to my bosses to keep from burning bridges or being cast away... so I'm looking to explore opportunities without leadership support. Questions for the experts out there: 1. Given my age and prior commissioned service, am I even remotely competitive for an ANG/AFRC UPT slot? 2. Can I/should I reach out to units and apply for slots now in order to compete for a CY19 slot? 3. Anything out of the ordinary that I can do now to improve my fighting position and help my chances? Most importantly... Immediate family considerations and personal reasons have reaffirmed my desire to join the flying community. I have done my best to search for similar posts / situations on this board, but haven't found much to go off of. Thanks again.
  2. A few questions regarding the FAC-A qualification Is there a course or qualification in the AF that a non-fighter qualified pilot can attend? Will a pilot have to be tied to a traditional FAC-A airframe (A-10, F-16, etc...)? Is there a way a pilot from another airframe can become qualified to operate as a FAC-A i.e. AC/MC/HC-130, HH-60, CV-22, etc...?
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