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Found 7 results

  1. I need some help here. I've been trying for a long time to figure out how to transfer from the active Army to the USAF Reserves or National Guard. I've already taken the AFOQT and TBAS and got great scores. Here is the background. I have two kids in EFMP. I need to relocate to a place closer to family but I do not want to give up on the military. I already have 10 years in. I'm currently a commissioned Army pilot. I am a pilot at heart and that is what I'm going to do for the rest of my life. The problem is that my kids need stability and they need to be near family. It's getting to the point where the marriage will suffer. I have read into the regulations and it seems there is a way to do it except for one line that says AD officers will not transfer into a guard or reserve component of another branch. I know there is a waiver for everything. I can get out of my ADSO and active duty through a REFRAD but it would seem that I would have to completely separate from the military rather than do a transfer. I can not afford to have anything more than a month or so break in service. Can anyone help me out? Does anyone know, seen, heard of anyone going from active to reserves in another branch without a break in service?
  2. I'm currently a 2LT on Active Duty in the Army (non-aviation). Although, I'm excited to serve the next three years of my contract, I'm interested in becoming a pilot in the USAF, either on Active Duty or in the Reserves . I'm currently deployed and have had a great experience interacting with the crew of a C5 on the way into theater and my long term goal is to learn how to fly fixed wing. I've also heard there's been a pilot shortage for quite some time. Is it possible to pivot my career into the Air Force and become a pilot? If so, what does that process look like?
  3. The unit is picking up a Navy O-3, now AF O-3, with prior Army enlisted time. AF major board this year. No AF OPR or training reports, won't have either before board. Their options?
  4. With this major shortage of pilots that the AF is currently dealing with, is there any hope of a FWQ course or equivalent ever returning? How about a transfer from Army C-12's? I know this topic has been covered before but info changes over time.
  5. Was interested in becoming an Army Pilot by going through ROTC. Anyone know the process to become a pilot in the Army??
  6. Hey Everyone, There's a wealth of information on this forum but unfortunately this question hasn't been specifically addressed: what is the timeline for someone transitioning off of active duty to get hired at a Guard/Reserve unit for UPT? How far out will the hire someone or hold a slot (I realize mileage may vary depending on the unit)? I'll turn 29 in November 2018. My service commitment ends mid-March 2019 (I can take 60 days of terminal leave mid-January if that matters). That means I'll need to go OTS + UPT without age waivers all in about 8 months ... pretty tight timeline. I've read about the ANG being more flexible with age and stories about Army rotary-wing guys having their aeronautical badge converted thus nullifying the age limit. Regardless, I don't want to count on age waivers, exceptions to policy, etc., to make it to UPT. I figure if I can line a job up at least 6 months out, I may be able to receive class dates that almost seamlessly add up with transitioning out. Am I asking the impossible or is the timeline feasible?
  7. If this is in the wrong forum feel free to move it. I just wanted to get some opinions. I am prior service ANG and have been invited to 4 interviews this year at cargo units and one with the 106th Rescue Wing, but haven't received any invites for FW's yet. I have the option to switch to a local Army National Guard unit and fly the LUH-72 Lakota's or HH-60's. I just turned 28 and I am trying to weigh the pro's and con's of switching services. Anyone familiar with the process or have any input? Anyone know of any units (other than the 104fw and those on the Guardreservejobs website) still accepting packets?
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