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  1. Any E worth a damn wouldn't ask (especially not tell). Any O worth a damn wouldn't be above doing the task AND would offer (but would not be told by an E).
  2. Millite NVG FL-5 NVIS I was issued the FL-5 (no longer works) and I bought the Millite. Both work great for cockpit use; I prefer the Millite over the FL-5. I carry a whitelight Surefire in my pocket for pre/post flight stuff. To add to it all, I sometimes wear a headlamp around my neck to have an easy access red or white light when walking to an aircraft with no power on it yet. Not sure if this meets the intent; the headlamp is powerful enough to accomplish pre/post flight stuff so one could easily ditch the flashlight in the pocket.
  3. Ya second dream big's response. I lived in Governors Gate and got used to the commute. I'd find a roommate or two if you can and make a little extra $$ from your BAH. You can find nice houses in and around Milton, but few apartments worth living in are available in Milton. Whiting is a good base once you learn how to deal with the Navy.
  4. Here are some that I have had in the last few months while in FL: Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Yuengling Kona Brewing Pipeline Porter Some other favorites: Weihenstephaner Uinta Brewing Kings Peak Porter Uinta Cutthroat Moose Drool Lots out there.
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